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Baseball in the Garden of Eden

Author: John Thorn

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 365

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A history of the rise and fall of baseball in America challenges popular beliefs about the game's evolution while revealing how it reflects popular culture, citing the roles of such contributing factors as gambling and religion.
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Baseball and Lesser Sports

Author: Wilfrid Sheed

Publisher: Harpercollins


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 298

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A collection of essays about baseball and other sports includes reflections on sports legends Ted Williams and Joe Dimaggio, along with thoughts on such topics as soccer riots, celebrities gone bad, and obscenely high salaries
Literary Criticism

Baseball Mythology in August Wilson's Fences

Author: Verena Bär

Publisher: GRIN Verlag


Category: Literary Criticism

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Seminar paper from the year 2011 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 1,3, University of Bayreuth, language: English, abstract: Wilson said that he “started [his play] Fences with the image of a man standing in his yard with a baby in his arms” (qtd. in DeVries 25). This first picture developed into the Pulitzer Prize winning story of Troy Maxson, a fifty-three-year-old, black garbage collector in Pittsburgh. The play starts 1957 and ends 1965 with the death of Troy. In the play we get an insight into Troy’s life with his wife Rose, his sons Cory and Lyons, his brother Gabriel and his best friend Bono. Troy has to face a lot of challenges. First of all, he has to live in a racist society which denied him to live his dream of being a baseball player. Wang says that “the tragic dimension of the play is delineated by the conflict between characters’ tenacious pursuit of their dreams and an environment which works adversely to prevent them from realizing their dreams” (Wang 63). Furthermore, Troy has to work at a garbage department. His hard job gets him just enough money to nourish his family. Also, in his family he has a lot of problems to deal with, especially with his son Cory, who wants to become a professional football player, but also with his wife Rose. The reason for his problems with Rose is that Troy has an affair with another woman, Alberta, and impregnated her. So, the story of the life of Troy Maxson is a story about racism, friendship, segregation, family, love, shattered dreams, rejection and of course baseball.

Elvis Presley Passed Here

Author: Chris Epting

Publisher: Santa Monica PressLlc


Category: History

Page: 332

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This amazing portrait of the bizarre, shocking, weird, and wonderful moments that have come to define American popular culture is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed James Dean Died Here and Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here. A third collection of the locations where the most significant events in American popular culture took place, this offers a fully illustrated encyclopedic look at the most famous—and infamous—pop culture events, providing historical information on more than 600 landmarks as well as their exact locations. Included in the wacky and fantastic listing of landmarks and events are the Los Angeles park where Elvis Presley and his entourage would organize spirited touch football games against other celebrities, the birthplaces of Coca-Cola and the corn dog, the place where Ben Franklin flew a kite, the hotel where Rob Lowe's scandalous sex tape was filmed, Quentin Tarantino's video store, and the location where Tennessee Williams wrote A Streetcar Named Desire.
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Baseball Anecdotes

Author: Daniel Okrent

Publisher: Harpercollins


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 356

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Two respected sportswriters take a look at baseball's incredible capacity for exhilarating triumphs, heartbreaking losses, amazing blunders, and awe-inspiring feats
Political Science

The American Game

Author: John Dunham Kelly

Publisher: Prickly Paradigm


Category: Political Science

Page: 175

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"It is easy to mistake the United States for an empire. But as John D. Kelly explains here, the American approach to global relations is best understood as a competition--one in which the United States, through the reshaping of economic theory and the global economy itself, imposes its own rules on a game played to win. How and where the United States implements these rules can be tracked through complexities in diplomacy and business. But Kelly here cleverly uses the quintessential American game of baseball to show how the United States maintains and advances its dominance over other nations. A thought-provoking read, The American Game could well revolutionize our understanding of the United States' influence on global politics and economics."--Publisher's website.
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Great Moments in Baseball

Author: Tom Seaver

Publisher: Birch Lane Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 339

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Records the great moments in baseball with anecdotes from the sport's greatest players and a history of baseball's memorable events
Bible games and puzzles

Bible Baseball No. Two

Author: Howard A. Fischer



Category: Bible games and puzzles

Page: 64

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The Baseball Hall of Fame 50th Anniversary Book

Author: Gerald Astor

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Baseball

Page: 356

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Presents historical photographs and original essays on Hall of Fame players by nine of the country's finest baseball writers.
Sports & Recreation

The National Game

Author: John P. Rossi

Publisher: Ivan R Dee


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 243

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An expert overview of baseball over the past 175 years, showing how the game has reflected and contributed to changes in American society over that time.


Author: Edward J. Rielly

Publisher: Abc-Clio Incorporated


Category: Reference

Page: 371

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Alphabetically arranged entries discuss baseball in relation to American society, covering issues including race relations, gambling, movies, and drug abuse.
Sports & Recreation

Baseball Players and Their Times

Author: Eugene Converse Murdock

Publisher: Mecklermedia


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 352

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Profiles twenty-one ordinary baseball players during the period between the two world wars
Sports & Recreation

The National Pastime: A Review of Baseball History

Author: Edited by John Thorn

Publisher: SABR, Inc.


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 92

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Back in 1982, the Society for American Baseball Research was still young, barely a decade past its founding, and had grown to some 1600 members. One of their number, a "defrocked English Lit guy poking around in journalism," suggested to the board of directors that SABR, and the world, might benefit from a publication along the lines of American Heritage, only about baseball. Before long that member, John Thorn, found himself at the helm of the newly christened periodical, The National Pastime: A Review of Baseball History. The very first issue included names we think of today as luminaries in the field of baseball history and analysis: Harold Seymour, Lawrence S. Ritter, Pete Palmer, David Voigt, Bob Broeg, and more. Over the years the significance of that flagship issue has only grown, while the inventory has dwindled. SABR is pleased to present a replica edition here, with the addition of a new preface by John Thorn, now the official historian of Major League Baseball. This issue includes: Nate Colbert's Unknown RBI Record by Bob Carroll Nineteenth-Century Baseball Deserves Equal Time by Art Ahrens Dandy at Third: Ray Dandridge by John B. Holway How Fast Was Cool Papa Bell? by Jim Bankes The Field of Play by David Sanders Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting Marty McHale by Lawrence S. Ritter Remembrance of Summers Past by Bob Broeg The Merkle Blunder: A Kaleidoscopic View by G. H. Fleming A Tale of Two Sluggers: Roger Maris and Hack Wilson, by Don Nelson Baseball's Misbegottens: Expansion Era Managers by David Voigt The Early Years: A Gallery by Mark Rucker and Lew Lipset The Egyptian and the Greyhounds by Lew Lipset All the Record Books Are Wrong by Frank J. Williams Goose Goslin's Induction Day by Lawrence S. Ritter The Great New York Team of 1927—and It Wasn't the Yankees by Fred Stein Modern Times: A Portfolio by Stuart Leeds Books Before Baseball: A Personal History by Harold Seymour, Ph.D. Ballparks: A Quiz by Bob Bluthardt Runs and Wins by Pete Palmer Baltimore, the Eastern Shore, and More by Al Kermisch David and Goliath: Figures by Ted DiTullio Double Joe Dwyer: A Life in the Bushes by Gerald Tomlinson
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