Juvenile Nonfiction

Because of an Acorn

Author: Lola M. Schaefer

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 36

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Because of an acorn, a tree grows, a bird nests, a seed becomes a flower. Enchanting die-cuts illustrate the vital connections between the layers of an ecosystem in this magical book. Wander down the forest path to learn how every tree, flower, plant, and animal connect to one another in spiraling circles of life. An acorn is just the beginning.
Young Adult Nonfiction

The Acorn People

Author: Ron Jones

Publisher: Laurel Leaf


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 96

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This true story of a boy who must overcome prejudice and weakness to treat a group of special needs children with the respect—and love—they deserve “will give your innards a bear hug. . . . You will read this book with a lump in your throat.” (Lincoln Journal) From Ron Jones, a teacher who started the classroom program that inspired the movie The Wave, comes a memoir about a life-changing summer. Ron expected that his time as a counselor at Camp Wiggin would be filled with sunny days spent hiking, swimming, and boating. But when he arrives on day one, his illusions are quickly shattered. He knew that the kids would be “handicapped,” but he didn’t anticipate having to care for children who can barely walk or see or retain the use of their limbs. At first, the severity of the campers’ disabilities seems too much to bear. But everything changes once Ron gets to know his group—kids who call themselves “the Acorn People” because of the acorn necklaces they wear around their necks. The campers teach him that, inside, they are the same as any average kid, and with encouragement, determination, and friendship, nothing is impossible. “A fantastic and beautiful story.”—Seattle Times “Uncomfortably moving, yet told in surprisingly unsentimental terms. . . . Succinct and tender, it will haunt the reader long after the brief passages have been read.”—Houston Chronicle "Ron Jones' true story of a group of handicapped children at summer camp is one of the most poignant, beautiful and eloquent tales to come this way in a long time."—Flint Journal






Page: 96

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The Study of Philosophy

Author: S. Morris Engel

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Philosophy

Page: 457

View: 383

This 6th edition of S. Morris Engel's engaging and critical work preserves the strengths of the earlier editions D intriguing examples and timely reflections on the major fields of philosophical inquiry (ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology) by some of the most important minds in the history of ideas (Plato, St. Thomas, Wittgenstein) D and expands the discussions of those fields. The new edition also incorporates expanded explorations of contemporary discussions in fields of continental and analytic philosophy, theories of justice, and feminism.

A History of Psychology

Author: Thomas Hardy Leahey



Category: Psychology

Page: 490

View: 408

Covering such recent developments as the founding of the American Psychology Society and the impact of connectionism, the author provides a narrative history of psychology that includes the social, political and philosophical contexts which have shaped psychology and which psychology has shaped in turn. A full chapter on the philosophy of science and historiography as they relate to psychology completes the picture. Detailed timelines appear on the end papers to further readers' understanding of the historical contexts of developments in psychology. Chapter ending bibliographies direct students to further reading as well as providing critical discussion of historiographic materials.
Juvenile Fiction

The Oak Inside the Acorn

Author: Max Lucado

Publisher: Tommy Nelson


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

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A tiny acorn fulfills its destiny by becoming the tree God made it to be, and then it watches the little girl who climbs its branches grow up as well.

Western Philosophy

Author: James Nicholas Jordan

Publisher: Pearson College Division


Category: Philosophy

Page: 492

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Twenty-six hundred years ago, among the Ionian Greeks, there arose the kind of reasoned inquiry after truth that characterizes philosophy in Western civilization. A path with many twists and turns (and desolate stretches as well) is traceable from this ancient beginning to the types of philosophy pursued in the West today. The aim of the present volume is to acquaint the reader with landmarks along this path as far as the end of the Middle Ages, until about 1350, when the Renaissance began its work of shaping the modern era. Western philosophers of the Ancient and Medieval periods have had great influence not only upon later philosophers but also upon the general culture of the West. Politics, religion, the arts, the sciences, the very notions that pass for common sense -- all have been complexly affected, directly and indirectly, by the philosophical methods and findings of Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Plotinus, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Ockham, and others to be examined herein. Some knowledge of these thinkers is essential to any real understanding of the whys and wherefores of Western cultural history. Moreover, because most of the philosophicl issues investigated in modern times first came up in Ancient or Medieval discussions, a grasp of the latter is necessary to a just estimate of more recent discussions and to an avoidance of blind alleys and delayed insights in one's own philosophical reflections. It is also true that the ideas and intellectual careers of Ancient and Medieval philosophers are matters of absorbing interest on their own account. Simply as personalities these thinkers are extraordinary, and their respective contributions toward overcoming the "reign of chaos and old night" are among the noblest of human achievements. - Introductory note.

Nonlinear Algebra In An Acorn: With Applications To Deep Learning

Author: Martin J Lee

Publisher: World Scientific


Category: Mathematics

Page: 92

View: 351

A simple algorithm for solving a set of nonlinear equations by matrix algebra has been discovered recently — first by transforming them into an equivalent matrix equation and then finding the solution analytically in terms of the inverse matrix of this equation. With this newly developed ACORN (Adaptive Constrained Optimal Robust Nonlinear) algorithm, it is possible to minimize the objective function [constructed from the functions in the nonlinear set of equations] without computing its derivatives.This book will present the details of ACORN algorithm and how it is used to solve large scale nonlinear equations with an innovative approach ACORN Magic [minimization algorithms gathered in a cloud].The ultimate motivation of this work is its application to optimization. In recent years, with the advances in big-data, optimization becomes an even more powerful tool in knowledge discovery. ACORN Magic is the perfect choice in this kind of application because of that fact that it is fast, robust and simple enough to be embedded in any type of machine learning program.

Current Opinion

Author: Edward Jewitt Wheeler



Category: Literature


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Indians of North America

Daybreak Star




Category: Indians of North America


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