Before Mars

Author: Emma Newman

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Hugo Award winner Emma Newman returns to the captivating Planetfall universe with a dark tale of a woman stationed on Mars who starts to have doubts about everything around her. After months of travel, Anna Kubrin finally arrives on Mars for her new job as a geologist and de facto artist in residence--and already she feels she is losing the connection with her husband and baby at home on Earth. In her room on the base, Anna finds a mysterious note, painted in her own hand, warning her not to trust the colony psychiatrist. A note she can't remember painting. When she finds a footprint in a place that the colony AI claims has never been visited by humans, Anna begins to suspect that she is caught up in an elaborate corporate conspiracy. Or is she losing her grip on reality? Anna must find the truth, regardless of what horrors she might discover or what they might do to her mind.

Life on Mars

Author: David A. Weintraub

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: Science

Page: 336

View: 536

The search for life on Mars—and the moral issues confronting us as we prepare to send humans there Does life exist on Mars? The question has captivated humans for centuries, but today it has taken on new urgency. As space agencies gear up to send the first manned missions to the Red Planet, we have a responsibility to think deeply about what kinds of life may already dwell there—and whether we have the right to invite ourselves in. Telling the complete story of our ongoing quest to answer one of the most tantalizing questions in astronomy, David Weintraub grapples with the profound moral and ethical questions confronting us as we prepare to introduce an unpredictable new life form—ourselves—into the Martian biosphere. Now with an afterword that discusses the most recent discoveries, Life on Mars explains what we need to know before we go.
Juvenile Fiction

Last Day on Mars

Author: Kevin Emerson

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 352

View: 103

“Last Day on Mars is thrillingly ambitious and imaginative. Like a lovechild of Gravity and The Martian, it's a rousing space opera for any age, meticulously researched and relentlessly paced, that balances action, science, humor, and most importantly, two compelling main characters in Liam and Phoebe. A fantastic start to an epic new series.” —Soman Chainani, New York Times bestselling author of the School for Good and Evil series “Emerson's writing explodes off the page in this irresistible space adventure, filled with startling plot twists, diabolical aliens, and (my favorite!) courageous young heroes faced with an impossible task.” —Lisa McMann, New York Times bestselling author of the Unwanteds series It is Earth year 2213—but, of course, there is no Earth anymore. Not since it was burned to a cinder by the sun, which has mysteriously begun the process of going supernova. The human race has fled to Mars, but this was only a temporary solution while we have prepared for a second trip: a one-hundred-fifty-year journey to a distant star, our best guess at where we might find a new home. Liam Saunders-Chang is one of the last humans left on Mars. The son of two scientists who have been racing against time to create technology vital to humanity’s survival, Liam, along with his friend Phoebe, will be on the last starliner to depart before Mars, like Earth before it, is destroyed. Or so he thinks. Because before this day is over, Liam and Phoebe will make a series of profound discoveries about the nature of time and space and find out that the human race is just one of many in our universe locked in a dangerous struggle for survival.

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Author: William D. Compton

Publisher: DIANE Publishing



Page: 415

View: 982

When the crew of Apollo 11 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on July 24, 1969, Americans hailed the successful completion of the most complex technological undertaking of the 20th century: landing humans on the moon and returning them safely to earth. This document records the engineering and scientific accomplishments of the people who made lunar exploration possible. It shows how scientists and engineers worked out their differences and conducted a program that was a major contribution to science as well as a stunning engineering accomplishment.

The Eye of God: Before the Big Bang the Kings Created

Author: Robert Dunning

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


View: 274

Before the Big Bang occurs, heavenly teams work together to establish the parameters of space, create time and mass, and determine the answers to complex questions. But when the leaders learn space of a demonstration project is about to collapse, each takes the failure personally especially Heyl, a rising star plucked from the King’s subjects. Many in the Realm aligned themselves with Heyl anticipating the day when he should replace Micha as the most powerful one in the Realm except for the Kings. Heyl places the blame for the failure on one of the members of the Council of Seven. In spite of this they allow Heyl to continue to coordinate the Project. But when interruptions and sabotage cause delay, only time will tell if Heyl and his minions can outwit the Kings and transform the destiny of the world. In this fascinating story, a rising star sets out on a dangerous and uncertain quest to depose the Kings as the universe waits to be created.

Kneel Before Mars

Author: Michael Hexenhammer

Publisher: Amazon



Page: 100

View: 616

Masked men and women with mysterious powers fight evil on a Martian controlled planet.