Better Presentations

Author: Jonathan Schwabish

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Reference

Page: 272

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Whether you are a university professor, researcher at a think tank, graduate student, or analyst at a private firm, chances are that at some point you have presented your work in front of an audience. Most of us approach this task by converting a written document into slides, but the result is often a text-heavy presentation saddled with bullet points, stock images, and graphs too complex for an audience to decipher—much less understand. Presenting is fundamentally different from writing, and with only a little more time, a little more effort, and a little more planning, you can communicate your work with force and clarity. Designed for presenters of scholarly or data-intensive content, Better Presentations details essential strategies for developing clear, sophisticated, and visually captivating presentations. Following three core principles—visualize, unify, and focus—Better Presentations describes how to visualize data effectively, find and use images appropriately, choose sensible fonts and colors, edit text for powerful delivery, and restructure a written argument for maximum engagement and persuasion. With a range of clear examples for what to do (and what not to do), the practical package offered in Better Presentations shares the best techniques to display work and the best tactics for winning over audiences. It pushes presenters past the frustration and intimidation of the process to more effective, memorable, and persuasive presentations.
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Presentation Patterns

Author: Neal Ford

Publisher: Addison-Wesley


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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Presentation Patterns is the first book on presentations that categorizes and organizes the building blocks (or patterns) that you’ll need to communicate effectively using presentation tools like Keynote and PowerPoint. Patterns are like the lower-level steps found inside recipes; they are the techniques you must master to be considered a master chef or master presenter. You can use the patterns in this book to construct your own recipes for different contexts, such as business meetings, technical demonstrations, scientific expositions, and keynotes, just to name a few. Although there are no such things as antirecipes, this book shows you lots of antipatterns—things you should avoid doing in presentations. Modern presentation tools often encourage ineffective presentation techniques, but this book shows you how to avoid them. Each pattern is introduced with a memorable name, a definition, and a brief explanation of motivation. Readers learn where the pattern applies, the consequences of applying it, and how to apply it. The authors also identify critical antipatterns: clichés, fallacies, and design mistakes that cause presentations to disappoint. These problems are easy to avoid—once you know how. Presentation Patterns will help you Plan what you’ll say, who you’ll say it to, how long you’ll talk, and where you’ll present Perfectly calibrate your presentation to your audience Use the storyteller’s “narrative arc” to full advantage Strengthen your credibility—and avoid mistakes that hurt it Hone your message before you ever touch presentation software Incorporate visuals that support your message instead of hindering it Create highly effective “infodecks” that work when you’re not able to deliver a talk in person Construct slides that really communicate and avoid “Ant Fonts,” “Floodmarks,” “Alienating Artifacts,” and other errors Master 13 powerful techniques for delivering your presentation with power, authority, and clarity Whether you use this book as a handy reference or read it from start to finish, it will be a revelation: an entirely new language for systematically planning, creating, and delivering more powerful presentations. You’ll quickly find it indispensable—no matter what you’re presenting, who your audiences are, or what message you’re driving home.

The Presenter's Toolbox

Author: Eric Bergman




Page: 50

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This toolbox provides a series of models to help you develop clear, concise content for virtually any presentation challenge you'll face. It will save you time. It will improve your effectiveness. And it is constructed on the assumption that the best approach to building any presentation is to develop slides last, not first, in the content development process. Most people don't remember the evolution of visual aids, but PowerPoint was created in 1987 to mimic the horizontal format of 35-mm slides. At the time, 35-mm slides cost anywhere from thirty-five to seventy-five dollars each to produce-i.e. to get from designer to audience. They were called "speaker support slides" because that's what they did. They supported the speaker. Slideware programs like PowerPoint, Cricket Presents, Keynote, Prezi, SlideRocket, Haiku Deck and Google Slides were never created as content development tools. When PowerPoint was conceived, people always finished their content before a single slide was developed. Yet most people today would never think of preparing a presentation without spending significant time (and probably too much time) at a slideware program. When slideware is used to develop content, the finished product is often too much information and too many slides. The speaker now supports the slides, instead of the other way around. The result? The next time you're at a presentation, look around. Is the audience engaged and leaning in to listen? Or are they disengaged and tuning out to text? "The Presenter's Toolbox" offers an alternative to developing compelling, effective presentations. With it, you now have a choice. The tools here will help you shape your strategy and develop clear, compelling content. You'll shift your resources-your time-from spending hours putting slides together to focusing on audience needs and strengthening your strategic focus. And, because you'll probably use fewer slides during your presentations, you'll increase the chances of achieving your personal, professional and/or business objectives. The tools here will help you focus on creating a win for both you and your audience. This is the foundation on which communication excellence is consistently constructed. And once you become comfortable using the tools in this box, you'll wonder why you ever developed a presentation any other way.
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Presentation Thinking and Design

Author: Ed Gruwez

Publisher: Pearson UK


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Discover the 12 steps to dramatically better presentations ‘This innovative book shows you how to get the thinking right so that your presentations are clear, engaging and impactful. An easy-to-follow process with big results. It has transformed the way my company approaches presentations.’ Dominique Vercraeye, Managing Director, TNS Belgium
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The Non-Obvious Guide to Better Presentations

Author: Carmen Simon

Publisher: IdeaPress Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 135

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What is the real secret to being more persuasive when presenting to any audience? How can you choose the best visuals to enhance your message? What do the best presenters in the world know about reinventing their approach to using slides? This is the guidebook to presentations that you've been searching for. How can you avoid death by Powerpoint? What is the brain science behind why great visuals matter to support your arguments? How can you create more memorable and persuasive presentations? Inspired by working with hundreds of professionals to make their messages more powerful, Carmen Simon brings her award-winning approach to presentation skills to this short guide to everything you need to know to become a Powerpoint master ... including knowing when not to use it.
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Carpe Audience

Author: John-Michael Keyes

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 126

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Harness the Ancient Power of Presentation "Presentation" is the most powerful communication strategy humans have ever deployed. Part storytelling, part performance, part props and part pictures, presenting to an audience is an ancient art. Yet, "Death by PowerPoint" has become the norm. The Ancient Power of Presentation has been lost in blue screens and bullet lists. This book is about regaining your cultural roots. About tapping into the most powerful communication method known to mankind. About relearning the Ancient Power of Presentation. And it uses science to do it. Not some fuzzy anecdotes or squishy feelings. Cold, hard, clinical science. Whether you present in the boardroom, the ballroom, the classroom or the conference room, this book reveals a combination of simple, practical explanations and easy to understand examples. You will gain quick access and rapid insight into making your next presentation a better presentation.
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Author: Nancy Duarte

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 274

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Presents practical approaches for developing an effective presentation, covering such topics as creating diagrams, displaying data, arranging elements, creating movement, and interacting with slides.

IMPACT Presenting

Author: Eric E Molin Mba

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 100

View: 908

Do you hate giving presentations and wish you could look forward to them instead? Are you looking for ways to get your message across in an original and engaging way? Are you tired of saying "OK, next slide..." and want a "wow!" factor instead? Offering a fresh and modern approach to public speaking and presentations this book shows you how to, in 4 easy steps: Overcome nervousness and be more confident on stage, prepare more efficiently, use your slides more effectively, and get audience engagement, buy-in, and action!'Impact Presenting' is an original system for better presentations and public speaking. With fresh ideas, real-life case studies, practical examples, and external links to a multimedia User Experience of videos, in-depth articles and studies, and more, this is not the usual public speaking book!

The WOW Factor – 7 Secrets to Great Presentations

Author: Lori E. Miller

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Self-Help


View: 765

In the WOW Factor – 7 Secrets to Great Presentations, trainer Lori E. Miller provides a comprehensive approach on how to deliver the most effective presentations. Drawing from her years of experience as a professional trainer, she shares stories, offers best practices, and provides various presentation templates that a novice to expert presenter can use. In this one of kind encompassing guide, Miller provides a step-by-step approach on how to present with confidence and credibility, how to structure and deliver effective messages, how to achieve learning outcomes, and how to “WOW” the audience every single time. If you are a professional who has to conduct any type of individual or group presentation, this is the only book you will ever need.
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Better Business Relationships

Author: Kim Tasso

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 978

Business success is reliant on being able to get on with people. No matter what the role in an organization, the ability to influence, persuade, motivate and encourage others to act effectively is vital. Better Business Relationships brings together a wealth of knowledge and practical advice, from psychology and management to communications and sales, in order to provide insight and guidance to both new and more experienced workers alike, who may be dealing with both internal colleagues and external clients and suppliers. As technology advances and automates business processes across industries and roles, communication skills and the ability to form meaningful, constructive professional relationships is at risk of becoming a dying art. With the rise of social media, automation and artificial intelligence, there is worldwide concern that we risk losing the human factors that are needed for individual and organizational success. Kim Tasso provides practical and essential insight on: · Understanding yourself and other people; · Learning how to change; · The fundamentals of good communication, · How relationships are formed and conflict management; · Working with people and teams internally; and · Working with people externally and selling. Better Business Relationships is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their relationships at work and gain a greater understanding of critical social and communications skills required to succeed in any professional environment.
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Painless Presentations

Author: Lenny Laskowski

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 271

A simple road map to the world of professional presentations What happens when you're asked to give a speech, professionallyor personally? If you get nervous, start sweating, and hope it'sall just a bad dream then you aren't alone, but you need help.Painless Presentations proves that speaking doesn't have tobe painful, or even stressful. A speech is a means to giving great,helpful material to an audience and the speaker is the vehicle toachieve that goal. This simple-to-read book guides those justbeginning their journey into the world of speaking. PainlessPresentations teaches the "Dozen Deadly Dangers" to avoid andmuch more. Explains how to gather information and materials Details the structure of a presentation Describes uses of visual aids and vocal variety Demonstrates how to handle questions Painless Presentations offers wisdom derived from LennyLaskowski's thirty-five-year speaking career, delivering more than2,700 programs to clients in over 178 countries. It will give youno-sweat tips for delivering speeches that win over your audiencesevery time and teaches you that giving speeches doesn't have to bepainful.
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101 Ways to Better Presentations

Author: Elizabeth P. Tierney

Publisher: Kogan Page Limited


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 98

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Do you need to improve an area of your business skills? Do you need a quick source of information? Each title contains 101 ways in which to learn and improve new skills to make you a success at work and at home.
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Author: Vivek Kuchibhotla

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

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The Agency business has been struggling for the last decade and everyone is looking for solutions. In this book you will find 102 different answers. Some are big picture observations. Others are common sense tips. There are thoughtful observations and insightful approaches. Most of all, it is a call to go back to the nuts and bolts of the business in order to find a way forward.
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Better PowerPoint (R)

Author: Stephen Kosslyn

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

View: 569

Giving good presentations is not just common sense. Cognitive neuroscientist Stephen M. Kosslyn shows how to make presentations work better based on how our brains work. Where many books focus on how to create a first draft, Better PowerPoint gives you quick steps to improve one you already have. · 8 key rules that are easy to remember and use · Clear principles about how to design effective slides based on well-established scientific data · Quick steps to sharpen and strengthen your presentation · Easy-to-use checklists guide you through each aspect of your presentation · Chapters are structured to help you prioritize the most effective edits · Memorable examples and illustrations to show what works, and what doesn't · Lessons in what to fix can also help you create better first drafts faster. If you have a PowerPoint presentation that is not giving you the results you want, take advantage of what scientific research can tell you about how your audience is seeing and thinking about what you have to say.

A Quick Guide to Better Presentations

Author: Heather Wright

Publisher: CreateSpace



Page: 46

View: 728

This book is your quick guide to better presentations. In ten short chapters, you'll have the strategies you need to create viewer-friendly presentations and to develop the speaking skills you need to mark you as a professional. Like every other form of business communication, presentations have two purposes: make your company look good. make you look good. This book will refer to PowerPoint(r) presentations but you can extrapolate the guidelines to any presentation format you choose. A format that adds more movement to your presentation or has backgrounds that are more interesting isn't necessarily more accessible or more appreciated by your audience. If you're going to apply the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) to any form of business com-munication, your presentation is the one to pick. The strategies that follow will help you make a good impression and avoid boring your audience, and give you a pattern to follow that will make you a sought after presenter.

A Guide to Better Teaching

Author: Leila Jahangiri

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers


Category: Education

Page: 328

View: 813

A Guide to Better Teaching is a self-help book that provides anyone teaching a college course with a thorough understanding of what it takes to be an effective teacher. Derived from the authors' extensive research, several interactive assessment tools are included that measure levels of effectiveness according to learner preferences. Each chapter is filled with detailed explanations, relevant stories, and action-driven tables that help them in understanding and applying skills. This book aims to enhance teaching skills by offering critical perspectives, practical suggestions, and techniques for improvement. Whether a new teacher, an adjunct faculty, or a seasoned professor, this comprehensive information can be used to analyze effectiveness or the effectiveness of others. The suggestions and the assessment tools are applicable to the entire spectrum of organizational leaders and managers, in education, government or industry whose work requires giving presentations or communicating in a public forum.

Better Posters

Author: Zen Faulkes

Publisher: Pelagic Publishing Ltd


Category: Science

Page: 320

View: 371

Better posters mean better research. Distilling over a decade of experience from the popular Better Posters blog, Zen Faulkes will help you create a clear and informative conference poster that delivers maximum impact. Academics have used posters to share research for more than five decades, and tens of thousands of posters are presented at conferences every year. Despite the popularity of the format, no in-depth guide has been available on how to create and deliver compelling conference posters. From over-long titles, tiny text and swarms of logos, to bad font choices, chaotic colour schemes and blurry images – it’s easy to leave viewers confused about your poster’s message. The solution is Better Posters: a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know – from writing a title and submitting an abstract, to designing the poster and finally presenting it in the poster session. Your conference poster will be one of your first research outputs, and the poster session is your first introduction to a professional community. Making a great poster develops the skills to create publications, reports, outreach and teaching materials throughout your career. This book also has material for conference organizers on how to make a better poster session for their attendees.
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Powerful Presentations

Author: Jöns Ehrenborg

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 119

View: 735

Too often the word ""presentation"" provokes a yawn or a shudder -- in the one who is to deliver it, and in the audience who must suffer it.