Between a Mother and her Child

Author: Elizabeth Noble

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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The Number One bestselling author of The Reading Group will capture your heart with this heartrending yet magical exploration of love, loss and family *A Richard & Judy Book Club Pick* For Maggie and Bill it was love at first sight . . . One impulsive wedding later and with the arrival of three perfect children, Jake, Aly and Stan, the Barrett family seem to have it all. Until the day their world stops turning. When Jake dies suddenly, they're swept away on a tide of grief that fractures Maggie and Bill's marriage. She and the children are left clinging to the wreckage of their family. And they need help, because in her grief Maggie is in danger of losing Aly and Stan too. Enter Kate, housekeeper, companion and shoulder to cry on. She's here to pick up the pieces and fix what isn't completely broken. But can Maggie trust Kate? And why is Kate so keen to help? When Bill falls for another woman, Maggie realizes she will have to fight to put her family back together - but will they still want her? 'A moving story about love, loss and family ties' Good Housekeeping 'Poignant and realistic, you could be teary-eyed by the end' OK 'A great writer. You'll be rooting for Noble's protagonists as soon as you meet them' Daily Mail **Elizabeth Noble's gloriously uplifting new novel, Letters to Iris, is out now!**

The Mother and Her Child

Author: Salman Akhtar

Publisher: Jason Aronson, Incorporated


Category: Psychology

Page: 194

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The Mother and Her Child: Clinical Aspects of Attachment, Separation, and Loss, edited by Salman Akhtar, focuses upon the formation of an individual's self in the crucible of the early mother-child relationship. Bringing together contributions from distinguished psychoanalysts and child observational researchers, it elucidates the nuances of mothering, the child's tie to the mother, the mysteries of secure attachment, and the hazards of insecure attachment. These experts also discuss issues of separation, loss, and alternate sources of love when the mother is absent or emotionally unavailable, while highlighting the relevance of such ideas to the treatment of children and adults.
Classroom management

Managing Children's Behaviour

Author: Sheila Riddall-Leech

Publisher: Heinemann


Category: Classroom management

Page: 217

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Covers both the theory and practice of behaviour management from birth to adolescence. Written as a guide for students, it should also be useful to primary teachers, classroom assistants, workers in social care and playworkers. Section 1 covers child development, influences on children's behaviour and explores reasons why unwanted behaviour can occur. Section 2 offers practical strategies for managing behaviour. Useful case studies and sources of further information are included.
Government publications

School-age mother and child health act, 1975

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Public Welfare. Subcommittee on Health



Category: Government publications

Page: 878

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God in Our Midst

Author: Christopher H.K. Persaud

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 465

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Are we approaching the end of history, as we know it Are we approaching the end of history, as we know it? Wars and rumors of wars! The ongoing conflict in the Middle East! Pestilence and natural disasters! Threat of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare! Unmitigated hedonism and immorality! Hitherto unparalleled blasphemy and sacrilege! Is there any hope for mankind? Journey with the author as he relives experiences in which he is convinced God played an important role. Research with him as he examines the reasons for so much suffering in the world. Analyze with him, a Book that he claims has the answers to all of mankinds problems, and that reveals where we are heading. Allow him to introduce you to the one Person who can make all the difference as you prepare to confront the inevitable . . . deciding where you will spend eternity!

Breast Feeding and Sexuality

Author: Mara Mabilia

Publisher: Berghahn Books



Page: 139

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In this study, the author examines the cultural and social context of breast feeding among the African Gogo women of the Cigongwe's village in Tanzania.

The Bridge to Light

Author: Frederick Dawodu

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 502

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The purpose of this book is to bridge the gap between the adolescents and adults in relation to societal needs that tally with the positive awareness in life.

Parent-Child Interaction

Author: Hugh Lytton

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Psychology

Page: 364

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This work is largely based on what has been a mammoth-one person called it a "heroic" -research project. Both fieldwork and data analyses were laborious and time-consuming, and the work could not have come to fruition without the cooperation of many people. Above all, I owe a debt of gratitude to the mothers and fathers who recognized the importance of such an investigation in building a secure knowledge base concerning human development and who kindly allowed us to come into their homes. The children, at 2 V2, did not have such an appreciation, but naturally I am very grateful to them for the star roles they played in the work. I have to thank all my collaborators for their help in various aspects of the research: Walter Zwirner was statistical consultant to the project, and Pat Olsen and Arlene Grineau were the chief research assistants-! owe particular thanks to them. Others who helped generously with data collection or data analysis (including program writing) were Pat Bachor, Valerie Becker, Rob Black, Doreen Darby, Judy Eser, Con Ferris, Susan Horsley, "Jagan," Ann Johnson, Wayne Miller, Sambhu Nath, Deanna Piwowar, Bruce Roe, Ken Ryba, Laurel Saville, Cecilia Schnurr, Terry Taerum, Debbie Twaddle, and John Wrenshall. Sherry Pitcher kindly prepared the index. Dorice Conway and Reginald Sauve collaborated in the analysis of identical-fraternal twin differences (Chapter 4); Nicholas Martin and Lindon Eaves were chiefly responsible for the biometric-genetic analysis of the data (Chapter 9).

Mad Mothers, Bad Mothers, and What a "Good" Mother Would Do

Author: Sarah LaChance Adams

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

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When a mother kills her child, we call her a bad mother, but, as this book shows, even mothers who intend to do their children harm are not easily categorized as "mad" or "bad." Maternal love is a complex emotion rich with contradictory impulses and desires, and motherhood is a conflicted state in which women constantly renegotiate the needs mother and child, the self and the other. Applying care ethics philosophy and the work of Emmanuel Levinas, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Simone de Beauvoir to real-world experiences of motherhood, Sarah LaChance Adams throws the inherent tensions of motherhood into sharp relief, drawing a more nuanced portrait of the mother and child relationship than previously conceived. The maternal example is particularly instructive for ethical theory, highlighting the dynamics of human interdependence while also affirming separate interests. LaChance Adams particularly focuses on maternal ambivalence and its morally productive role in reinforcing the divergence between oneself and others, helping to recognize the particularities of situation, and negotiating the difference between one's own needs and the desires of others. She ultimately argues maternal filicide is a social problem requiring a collective solution that ethical philosophy and philosophies of care can inform.
Health & Fitness

Breastfeeding Is Lovemaking Between Mother & Child

Author: Rasa Von Werder



Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 332

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Features great scientists, neuropsychologist Dr. James Prescott and Clinical Evolutionary Psychologist Dr. Dale Glaebach. James Prescott says the threat to world peace comes from nations having depriving environments for children and repressive of sexual affection and female sexuality. Dr. Prescott instituted brain-behavioral research, documenting early experiences of mother-infant separation induced varieties of brain abnormalities. Babies should be breastfed and closely nurtured for at least two years for proper brain growth & intelligence, lack of this brings violence, suicide, depression & addiction. Dr. Dale Glaebach explains how patriarchal religious anti-sexualism caused breast-feeding to become "redefined" as an asexual experience, which then causes sexual repression and stigmatization of women. Sexual fears plague a mother's enjoyment, truncating breast-feeding when feelings arise. Evolution has given breastfeeding pleasure the same as sex TO INSURE SPECIES SURVIVAL.

Not All Twins are Alike

Author: Barbara Schave Klein

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Psychology

Page: 133

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Even twins are unique. Most people idealize twins, fantasizing a close, perpetually loving relationship. Yet Klein, herself an identical twin, demonstrates that twins have complicated and intense relationships that range from over-identification or excessive closeness to profound estrangement and conflict. This book is a must-read for twins, their parents, and scholars, students, and other researchers and professionals dealing with mental health and child development.
Literary Criticism

The Women of Pliny's Letters

Author: Jo-Ann Shelton

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 436

View: 707

Pliny's letters offer a significant source of information about the lives of Roman women (predominantly, though not exclusively, upper-class women) during the late first and early second centuries CE. In the 368 letters included in his ten published books of epistles, Pliny mentions over 30 women by name, addresses letters to seven, and refers to well over 40 anonymous women. Many of the references are brief comments in letters whose topics are the activities of Pliny's male acquaintances. Nonetheless his letters inform us about the roles of women in Roman families, marriages, and households, and also record the involvement of women in such matters as court cases, property ownership, religious orders, social networks, and political activities. This book has two aims. The first is to bring these women to the foreground, to explore their kinships, relationships, and activities, and to illuminate their lives by viewing them in the social, cultural, and political environments of the period in which they lived. This book utilizes historical, literary, legal, and epigraphical sources to examine the events, circumstances, and attitudes that were the contexts for the lives of these women. The first aim, then, is to gain insight into the reality of their lives. The second aim of this book is to investigate how Pliny defines the ideal behavior for women. In his accounts of the actions of both women and men, Pliny frequently shapes his narratives to promote moral lessons. In several of his letters about women, he elevates his subject to the status of a role model. The second aim of this book is to use the descriptions provided by Pliny to acquire a better understanding of what behavior was admired in Roman women of this period, and to consider how the concept of the model Roman woman is constructed in Pliny.

Between Winnicott and Lacan

Author: Lewis A. Kirshner

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Psychology

Page: 192

View: 164

D.W. Winnicott and Jacques Lacan are arguably two of the most important psychoanalytic theoreticians since Freud, and, somewhat ironically, seemingly two of the most incompatible. Lewis Kirshner and his colleagues attempt to demonstrate how the intellectual contributions of these two figures - such as Winnicott's self and Lacan's subject - complement productively despite their apparent contrast. Throughout the book, their major concepts are clarified and differentiated, but always with an eye toward points of intersection and a more effective psychoanalytic practice. Furthermore, these contri.
Health & Fitness

A Guide to Child Health

Author: Michaela Glöckler

Publisher: Floris Books


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 480

View: 444

This acclaimed guide to children's physical, psychological and spiritual development is now available in a fourth revised edition. Combining up-to-date medical advice with issues of development and education, this is a definitive guide for parents. This is the book for anyone who has ever wanted a deeper understanding of their children's illnesses, or sought a more holistic approach to children's health. As well as comprehensively covering medical issues, it also discusses parenting techniques, education, spirituality and play -- a truly integrated approach to all aspects of raising healthy children in the broadest sense. The authors have over 20 years' experience treating children at Herdecke Hospital, Germany, which is run using anthroposophical principles. The fourth edition includes updates on treatments for tonsilitis, croup, sunstroke and headlice. The section on vaccinations includes the latest recommendations including measles, meningococcal and HPV. There is also a new section on electromagnetic pollution, including mobile (cell) phones.

Bioethical Decision Making in Nursing, Fifth Edition

Author: James H. Husted

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company


Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 698

FOURTH EDITION NAMED A 2013 DOODY’S CORE TITLE! “This book provides a systematic approach to bioethical decision making, a process that can help clarify situations where right and wrong are not clearly defined. This [is] a valuable book for ethics and theory courses.” Score: 100, ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ —Doody’s More relevant today than ever, Husted’s classic nursing ethics text provides a practical framework to help nurses engage with patients to make difficult ethical decisions. It delivers a systematic approach to bioethical decision making that can help clarify situations where “right” and “wrong” are not clearly defined. An abundance of case studies provides practice in bioethical decision making, with nearly 45 bioethical dilemmas analyzed in detail. The fifth edition has been reorganized and rewritten to facilitate increased readability and to engage readers more fully in learning. It includes two new chapters, Moral Distress and Nursing Practice Intersections: Legal Decision Making Within a Symphonological Ethical Perspective, additional case studies, and abundant tables, diagrams, and graphics that reinforce the text discussion. Instructor resources are also available for adopters of the text. The book is grounded in the concept of “symphonia,” which, within the health care arena, is the study of agreements between health care professionals and patients and the ethical implications of these agreements. It is intended to promote the welfare of both patient and health care provider. The new chapter on moral distress discusses futile care among other causes of moral distress and offers coping techniques for situations in which a nurse has an ethical issue with a standard of care but is powerless to change that care. The other new chapter, Nursing Practice Intersections: Legal Decision Making Within a Symphonological Ethical Perspective, focuses on situations that can be interpreted as either moral and illegal, or immoral and legal. The fifth edition also features a new section on ethical colleagueship, providing support to relieve common dilemmas among health care professionals. NEW TO THE FIFTH EDITION: Reorganized and rewritten for ease of comprehension and increased reader engagement Includes two new chapters, Moral Distress and Nursing Practice Intersections: Legal Decision Making Within a Symphonological Ethical Perspective Provides more tables, diagrams, and graphics to clarify text discussion Provides objectives at the beginning of each chapter Expanded study guide at the end of each chapter Delivers new case studies that are analyzed in depth Includes four humorous scenarios in which the humor easily reveals the obvious from the obscure Addresses ethical colleagueship

Oh How My Soul Cries

Author: Lorna Ann-Marie Bettis

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 184

View: 559

Social Science

Families – Beyond the Nuclear Ideal

Author: Daniela Cutas

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 133

This book examines, through a multi-disciplinary lens, the possibilities offered by relationships and family forms that challenge the nuclear family ideal, and some of the arguments that recommend or disqualify these as legitimate units in our societies.That children should be conceived naturally, born to and raised by their two young, heterosexual, married to each other, genetic parents; that this relationship between parents is also the ideal relationship between romantic or sexual partners; and that romance and sexual intimacy ought to be at the core of our closest personal relationships - all these elements converge towards the ideal of the nuclear family. The authors consider a range of relationship and family structures that depart from this ideal: polyamory and polygamy, single and polyparenting, parenting by gay and lesbian couples, as well as families created through assisted human reproduction.