Blue Sky Mind

Author: Ian Gawler



Category: Meditation

Page: 304

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Your mind has two aspects. Maybe you are only familiar with one -- the active thinking mind with all its attendant emotions. Blue Sky Mind will introduce you to the other half -- the still mind. While meditation does involve getting to know both aspects of your mind better, more particularly it provides a reliable way to become familiar with the still mind. This aspect of the mind is renowned for its innate inner peace and clarity, loving kindness and wisdom. Meditation introduces us to the still mind with direct certainty. It then helps us to function with confidence from its center wherein all the qualities we aspire to as good people are to be found. Blue Sky Mind is intended to be a highly accessible introductory book to meditation, something that everyone will find informative and useful for establishing and deepening their own meditation practice. Ian's first meditation book, Peace of Mind (1987) was one of the first books on meditation published in Australia and was followed by Meditation -- Pure and Simple. Blue Sky Mind combines the best of Ian's first two books with fresh material, guidance and insight into the art of meditation.
Juvenile Fiction

Blue Sky

Author: Brian Kindall

Publisher: Diving Boy Books


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 294

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Blue Sky can climb like an ibex. She was raised in the highest peaks of the Alps by the herd and named for the color of her eyes. They say her father was a fallen alpinist and her mother his beautiful dying dream… and so, as you may guess, she’s somewhat magical – strong and sure-footed on the peaks, and natural as an ibex in this harsh environment of wind, rock, and ice. Until the day she rescues a young alpinist from a stormy peak. The boy looks like her, and he tells her of the mysterious world beyond the crags. Sky longs to follow him. Can a girl raised by ibex in the mountains ever join the world of humans? Blue Sky must first fulfill her destiny with the ibex and find the courage to leave everything she’s ever known. A tale of self-reliance about a girl who finds strength in being who she really is and the courage to follow her dreams. “A fairytale-like story about growing up and claiming one’s place in the wide, mysterious world… readers will be enchanted.” – Kirkus Reviews

Big Sky Mind

Author: Carole Tonkinson

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Philosophy

Page: 416

View: 325

Essays, poems, photographs, and letters explore the link between Buddhism and the Beats--with previously unpublished material from several beat writers, including Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gary Snyder, and Diane diPrima.

Stillness, Insight, and Emptiness

Author: Lama Dudjom Dorjee

Publisher: Shambhala Publications


Category: Religion

Page: 153

View: 339

Meditation is the key to meaningful Buddhist practice, but establishing a solid foundation requires skill and sustained effort. In simple and inviting language, this book shows how to develop a successful meditation practice. In Tibetan Buddhism, developing a consistent and sustained meditation practice is the first step toward discerning the true nature of reality as taught by the Buddha. Lama Dudjom Dorjee encapsulates the Buddha's teaching in terms that are accessible and encouraging for beginning meditators, covering topics from establishing a proper meditation posture to realizing the luminous and spacious qualities of the mind. Chapters discuss •The life of the Buddha •The first turning of the wheel of dharma •The four noble truths and the eightfold path •Proper meditation posture •The nine stages of shamatha, or resting the mind •Common obstacles to shamatha and their antidotes •Benefits of developing shamatha •The subsequent stages of practice, including insight/vipashyana meditation and mahamudra
Health & Fitness

Journey Into Power

Author: Baron Baptiste

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 226

View: 279

A guide to physical, mental, and spiritual transformation explains how to rewire thinking, cleanse diet habits, meditate for truthful living, and do ten-minute tune-ups that boost energy and alleviate stress.

Idealism as a Philosophy

Author: Reinhold Friedrich Alfred Hoernlé



Category: Idealism

Page: 344

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Trauma Informed Classrooms


Publisher: BRILL


Category: Education

Page: 268

View: 487

Trauma Informed Classrooms: What We Say and Do Matters provides readers with the opportunity to critically reflect upon ways trauma is defined, how it can manifest in a variety ways and at different times, and how educators can best support students and families.
Study Aids

Mindfulness for Students

Author: Stella Cottrell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Study Aids

Page: 272

View: 171

Using a unique combination of mindfulness-based techniques and study skills, this book shows students how to apply mindfulness to their studies and everyday life in simple, practical steps. It introduces a wealth of tools and techniques that can be applied to specific study contexts, such as listening in lectures, completing assignments and preparing for exams, and shows readers how mindfulness can help them to manage the stresses of student life more effectively. Chapters are rich in guided activities, meditations, observations and reflections, and full of engaging illustrations. This hands-on guide to mindfulness is a must-read for students of all disciplines and backgrounds who are looking to bring a sense of calm to their lives and give their studying technique a boost.