BMW 700 Limited Edition 1959-1965

Author: R.M. Clarke

Publisher: Brooklands Books Limited


Category: Transportation

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The BMW 700 was a much under-rated car that has to some extent been overlooked when writing about BMW's history. Built from 1959 to 1965, its life is captured here in period road and comparison tests, new model reports and introductions plus historical articles, full specifications and performance data. Models covered are the Sports Coupe, Convertible, Saloon, Rennsport, Luxus, CS, LS & RS.

BMW E30 - 3 Series Restoration Guide

Author: Andrew Everett

Publisher: M-Y Books Limited


Category: Transportation

Page: 175

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A practical restoration manual written by journalist and E30 enthusiast Andrew Everett. Covers E30 models: 316, 316i, 318i, 320i, 323i, 325i, 325e, 324d and 324td, 318iS, M3 & Alpina in saloon, convertible & touring forms. Professional advice also is given on buying a good used model E30 for restoration.
Technology & Engineering

BMW E30 - 3 Series Restoration Bible

Author: Brendan Purcell

Publisher: Brooklands Books


Category: Technology & Engineering

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It is amazing to think that time has passed by and that the second BMW "3 Series" has achieved such status that it warrants this special book on its 21st anniversary. Maybe it is due to the sheer longevity of its design, its ability to satisfy the keen driver or its iconic status - but, whatever it is, there is no doubt that the E30 is one car from the past that will stay with us into the future. It is a pending classic and prices for well kept models have started to escalate; furthermore, there is a core of well cared for cars out there requiring basic attention by their dedicated owners. As a result, there has never been a better time for a book of this sort. By focusing on the common faults which crop up repeatedly and by giving detailed, simple instructions regarding repairs, this book will be uniquely invaluable for owners who wish to try their hand at their own maintenance, especially those who may previously have been prevented from doing so by a lack of technical know-how or specific knowledge.

Lotus Elan - A Restoration Guide

Author: Gordon Lund

Publisher: Brooklands Books


Category: Transportation

Page: 198

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The story of restoring an Elan +2 and Elan Sprint to concours edition. Advice on how to purchase a suitable car for restoration plus detailed practical information on preparing bodywork, trim, chassis, suspension, wheels, hydraulics, engine, electrics & wiring etc. 24 Chapters, plus appendices, give information on chassis changing, body restoration, including Elan +2 sills, rebuilding the Lotus/Ford Twin Cam engine, electrics including fitting a new loom, insight to tuning and running in, Elan developments, a remarkable Elan +2 Estate, rebirth of an accident damaged Sprint.
Antique and classic cars

Encyclopaedia of Classic Cars

Author: Rob de la Rive Box

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Antique and classic cars

Page: 292

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The complete encyclopedia of classic sports cars with informative text and over 750 color photographs.
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Category: Commercial products

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Sports & Recreation

Alpine Trials & Rallies

Author: Martin Pfundner

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 96

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The very beginnings of today's great sport of rallying
Automobile racing

Motor Sport

Author: William Boddy



Category: Automobile racing


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