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Author: Roy Temple House



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The “People Power” Education Superbook: Book 25. Foreign Student - Study Abroad Guide (International Students Study, Travel & Work In Other Countries)

Author: Tony Kelbrat

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


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Many American Presidents were Rhodes Scholars. Is this a coincidence? How about the United World Colleges? There have been wealthy and benevolent people in the past who set up schools and programs because they wanted young people to see other cultures, meet other people and develop a united view of humanity. I was an international student. It wasn’t that big of a deal, going from Halifax, Canada to Gainesville, Florida but I did live in the International Student House on University Avenue near NW 4TH St. with a hundred guys from all over the world where I learned that we’re all the same. Countries are just artificial borders. It was a hassle though to do all that paperwork then have to buy medical insurance on top of it. I say if you got the means and the guts, go for it. The Council On International Educational Exchange (CIEE) offers many travel programs, work exchange programs and discount tour packages to students worldwide. They also offer educational tours abroad for groups of adults.

Mammoth Book Of Sherlock Holmes Abroad

Author: Simon Clark

Publisher: Hachette UK


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In this wonderful anthology of new stories, Sherlock Holmes travels to the far ends of the Earth in search of truth and justice. A host of singularly talented writers, while remaining respectful towards Conan Doyle's work, present a new and thrilling dimension to Holmes's career. Full list of contributors: Simon Clark; Andrew Darlington; Paul Finch; Nev Fountain; Carole Johnstone; Paul Kane; Alison Littlewood; Johnny Mains; William Meikle ;David Moody; Mark Morris; Cavan Scott; Denis O. Smith; Sam Stone and Stephen Volk.
Cold War

Winning the Cold War: Impact abroad of U.S. private information mass media; Impact abroad of special activities of selected private U.S. organizations; Problems and techniques of international communications, September 11, 12, and 13, 1963

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on International Organizations and Movements



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Focuses on role of private business, educational, and trade union organization in fostering positive U.S. image abroad; Classified material has been deleted.
Educational exchanges

Overseas Information Programs of the U.S.

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations. Subcommittee Under S. Res. 74 on Overseas Information Programs of the U.S.



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Literary Criticism

Look Abroad, Angel

Author: Jedidiah Evans

Publisher: University of Georgia Press


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Born in Asheville, North Carolina, Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) was one of the most influential southern writers, widely considered to rival his contemporary, William Faulkner--who believed Wolfe to be one of the greatest talents of their generation. His novels-- including Look Homeward, Angel (1929); Of Time and the River (1935); and the posthumously published The Web and the Rock (1939) and You Can't Go Home Again (1940)--remain touchstones of U.S. literature. In Look Abroad, Angel, Jedidiah Evans uncovers the ?global Wolfe,? reconfiguring Wolfe's supposedly intractable homesickness for the American South as a form of longing that is instead indeterminate and expansive. Instead of promoting and reinforcing a narrow and cloistered formulation of the writer as merely southern or Appalachian, Evans places Wolfe in transnational contexts, examining Wolfe's impact and influence throughout Europe. In doing so, he de-territorializes the response to Wolfe's work, revealing the writer as a fundamentally global presence within American literature.

Books Abroad & at Home

Author: Mennonite Mission Network (Elkhart, Ind.) Books Abroad & at Home





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