Bradley Beach Treasures

Author: Bette Blum

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: Photography

Page: 160

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In a cycle of life as regular as the tide, generations of families have summered in Bradley Beach, New Jersey, a unique and historical one-square-mile oceanfront community located between Asbury Park and Belmar. Revel in the joys of the Jersey Shore in this new collection of nostalgic stories contributed by loyal residents of Bradley Beach. Steeped in history and rich in beach culture, Bradley Beach Treasures offers a warm glimpse of life through the 1900s with essays, poems, anecdotes, photographs and memorabilia.

Backroads of New Jersey

Author: John Gilman, Paul Eric Johnson, Robert Heide



Category: Travel


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Beyond New Jersey’s bustling cities and busy turnpikes are lesser known marvels of nature and history, all within easy reach of a traveler consulting this book. Let Backroads of New Jersey guide you to the natural wonders, historic sites, and other secrets of the Garden State, from scenic lake country and bountiful farmlands to woodland forest preserves and the glistening white-sand beaches of a 127-mile Atlantic Ocean shoreline. One of the original thirteen colonies, New Jersey was the site of some of the most famous battles of the American Revolutionary War. Today you can walk in George Washington’s footsteps and revisit milestones of the Revolution at Washington Crossing State Park, the historic Morristown area, and the great Princeton Battlefield. This book’s twenty-nine backroads tours also invite you to experience nature at its most splendid, in the Meadowlands, the Delaware Water Gap, the Great Swamp, and the Pine Barrens region--the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi River. Follow the multitude of seaside routes along the boardwalks and beaches of the Jersey Shore from Sandy Hook in the north to Cape May in the south. Or turn inland and stop at a world-famous diner, buy farm-fresh Jersey tomatoes at a roadside stand, or explore the hidden corners of old, industrial cities like Paterson, Hoboken, and Newark. And don’t overlook the state’s oddities and folklore: Grovers Mill, invaded by Martians in Orson Welles’s infamous “War of the Worlds” broadcast; Flemington, where the Lindbergh kidnapping trial took place; and Leeds Point, birthplace of the mythic Jersey Devil. Whether you’re planning a day trip, looking for unusual destinations, or simply want to learn more about the region, all routes in Backroads of New Jersey will lead you to the true heart of the state.

The Hunt for History

Author: Nathan Raab

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: History

Page: 272

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Nathan Raab, America’s preeminent rare documents dealer, describes his years as the Sherlock Holmes of historical artifacts—questing after precious finds and determining their authenticity—and he shows us what the past can tell us about the present. A box uncovered in a Maine attic with twenty letters written by Alexander Hamilton; a handheld address to Congress by President George Washington; a long-lost Gold Medal that belonged to an American President; a note that Winston Churchill wrote to his captor when he was a young POW in South Africa; paperwork signed and filled out by Amelia Earhart when she became the first woman to fly the Atlantic; an American flag carried to the moon and back by Neil Armstrong; an unpublished letter written by Albert Einstein, discussing his theory of relativity. Each day, people from all over the world contact Nathan Raab for help understanding what they have, what it might be worth, and how to sell it. The Raab Collection’s president, Nathan is a modern-day treasure hunter and one of the world’s most prominent dealers of historical artifacts. Most weeks, he travels the country, scours auctions, or fields phone calls and emails from people who think they may have found something of note in a grandparent’s attic. In The Hunt for History, Raab shares some fascinating stories about his professional exploits: spotting a letter from British officials that secured the Rosetta Stone; discovering a piece of the first electric cable laid by Edison; restoring a fragmented letter from Andrew Jackson that led to the infamous Trail of Tears; and locating copies of missing audio that had been recorded on Air Force One as the plane brought JFK’s body back to Washington. Whether it’s the first report of Napoleon’s death or an unpublished letter penned by Albert Einstein to a curious soldier, every document and artifact Raab uncovers comes with a spellbinding story—and often offers new insights into a life we thought we knew.
Asia, Southeastern

Treasures and Trivia

Author: Lian The-Mulliner



Category: Asia, Southeastern

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Fodor's in Focus Charleston

Author: Fodor's Travel Publications, Inc. Staff

Publisher: Fodors Travel Publications


Category: Travel

Page: 240

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Discover Charleston Fodor's Choice ratings you can trust. Exceptional restaurants, hotels, and sights selected to help you make the best choices. Simple pleasures. Embrace the local scene as you relax with a drink at a rooftop bar, dine on updated Lowcountry cuisine, or visit some of the city's many historic homes and gardens. Boundless activities. Find choices for every traveler, from exploring historic Fort Sumter to hitting the links on nearby Hilton Head.
New England





Category: New England


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Antiques & Collectibles

Price Guide to Flea Market Treasures

Author: Harry L. Rinker

Publisher: Wallace-Homestead Book Company


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 350

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Provides information on identifying, finding, and evaluating flea markets, offers buying and selling tips, and lists current prices for thousands of collectibles

Guide to the World's Greatest Treasures

Author: Michael Bradley



Category: Antiquities

Page: 203

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Every year lost treasures are still being discovered that force us to re-examine our place in the world and even in the universe. Join some of the world's greatest explorers on a treasure hunt, which crisscrosses the globe, from the salt-encrusted shores of the Dead Sea to a remote cave in the Himalayas via the clear blue waters of the Bahamas and the icy cold depths beneath the Atlantic waves.

Guide to the Jersey Shore

Author: Robert Santelli




Page: 213

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For families and singles, this ultimate guide to the Jersey Shore covers everything from beaches and boardwalks to blueberry farms and bed and breakfasts. Completely updated and revised, the guide is divided into nine regions, organized north to south from Sandy Hook to Cape May, and covers all the highlights. Includes a map and an index.