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Whitaker's Books in Print, 1994 (British)

Author: J. Whitaker & Sons, Limited

Publisher: Rr Bowker Llc


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Use this one-of-a-kind bibliographic guide to identify & order any of the more than 600,000 titles available from some 23,000 publishers & distributors in the U.K. Books are listed in one alphabetical sequence of authors, titles, & subjects. A Publishers ISBN Prefix Listing, a Directory of Publishers, & a Book Trade Bibliography are also included.
Library catalogs

Power, Politics, and Print

Author: Barbara McCrimmon

Publisher: Hamden, Conn. : Linnet Books


Category: Library catalogs

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Language Arts & Disciplines

A History of British Publishing

Author: John Feather

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 10

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Thoroughly revised, restructured and updated, A History of British Publishing covers six centuries of publishing in Britain from before the invention of the printing press, to the electronic era of today. John Feather places Britain and her industries in an international marketplace and examines just how ‘British’, British publishing really is. Considering not only the publishing industry itself, but also the areas affecting, and affected by it, Feather traces the history of publishing books in Britain and examines: education politics technology law religion custom class finance, production and distribution the onslaught of global corporations. Specifically designed for publishing and book history courses, this is the only book to give an overall history of British publishing, and will be an invaluable resource for all students of this fascinating subject.

Printed Images in Early Modern Britain

Author: Michael Cyril William Hunter

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Art

Page: 372

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Printed images were widely disseminated in early-modern Britain, yet, by comparison with texts, they have been relatively neglected, even by historians to whom they ought to be of the greatest interest. This volume helps remedy this state of affairs. Complementing the online digital library of British printed images to 1700, it offers a series of essays which demonstrate the many and varied ways in which images can better integrated into the history of the period. Including contributions from many leading exponents of the cultural history of early-modern Britain, it repeatedly underlines how every facet of British culture in the period can be better understood with an appreciation of printed images.

Out of Print

Author: Richard Riley

Publisher: Twayne Publishers


Category: Prints

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The Print in Stuart Britain, 1603-1689

Author: Antony Griffiths

Publisher: British Museum Press


Category: Prints

Page: 320

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This text traces British printmaking from its Netherlandish roots in the London of James I and Charles I through to the later decades of the century. Prints are discussed within the historical framework of Oliver Cromwell, William and Mary, Guy Fawkes's plot, the Civil War, the Popish Plot, the Glorious Revolution and the Battle of Boyne. While the catalogue covers every significant print in the period, the greatest masters, such as de Passe, Vosterman, Hollar, Barlow and Smith, are dealt with in detail. The author focuses on the role and influence of print publishers and sellers, and draws comparisons between the business of printmaking then and now, as well as documenting the careers of the most sigificant publishers.