Juvenile Nonfiction

Civil Rights in America, 1865-1980

Author: Ron Field

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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An engaging range of period texts and theme books for AS and A Level history. This book examines the theme of Civil Rights in America between 1865 and 1980. The long struggle for black equality and full citizenship is traced from the period of reconstruction after the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The rights of other minority groups such as Native Americans, Chicanos and Asian Americans are also given full consideration, as is the 'rights revolution' of the Cold War period, which involved the campaign for women's rights and the development of Gay rights. Drawing on a wide range of primary and secondary sources.

Class, Race, and the Civil Rights Movement, Second Edition

Author: Jack M. Bloom

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: History

Page: 368

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Race, Class, and the Civil Rights Movement is a unique sociohistorical analysis of the civil rights movement. In it, Jack M. Bloom analyzes the interaction between the economy and political systems in the South, which led to racial stratification. Praise for the first edition: "A unique sociohistorical analysis of the civil rights movement, analyzing the interaction between the economy and political systems in the South, which led to racial stratification. An intriguing look at the interplay of race and class, this work is both scholarly and jargon-free. A sophisticated study."–Library Journal "This is an exciting book combining dramatic episodes with an insightful analysis.The use of concepts of class is subtle and effective." –Peter N. Stearns "Ambitious and wide-ranging." –Georgia Historical Quarterly "Excellent historical analysis." –North Carolina Historical Review "Historians should welcome this book. A well-written, jargon-free interpretive synthesis, it relates impersonal political-economic forces to the human actors who were shaped by them and, in turn, helped shape them . . . . This refreshing study reminds us how much the American dilemma of race has been complicated by problems of class." –American Historical Review "A broad historical sweep . . . . Skillfully surveys key areas of historiographical debate and succinctly summarizes a good deal of recent secondary literature." –Journal of Southern History "Bloom does a masterful job of presenting the major structural and psychological interpretations associated with the Civil Rights Movement. . . . It will make an excellent general text to welcome undergraduates and reintroduce old-timers to the social ferment that surrounded the civil rights movement." –Contemporary Sociology
Social Science

Freedom Facts and Firsts

Author: Jessie Carney Smith

Publisher: Visible Ink Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 408

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Spanning nearly 400 years from the early abolitionists to the present, this guide book profiles more than 400 people, places, and events that have shaped the history of the black struggle for freedom. Coverage includes information on such mainstay figures as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks, but also delves into how lesser known figures contributed to and shaped the history of civil rights. Learn how the Housewives' League of Detroit started a nationwide movement to support black businesses, helping many to survive the depression; or discover what effect sports journalist Samuel Harold Lacy had on Jackie Robinson's historic entrance into the major leagues. This comprehensive resource chronicles the breadth and passion of an entire people's quest for freedom.

America, History and Life




Category: Canada


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Provides historical coverage of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. Includes information abstracted from over 2,000 journals published worldwide.

Labor in America

Author: ABC-Clio Information Services

Publisher: Abc-Clio Incorporated


Category: Reference

Page: 307

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American Issues: Since 1865

Author: Irwin Unger



Category: History

Page: 410

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A collection of primary documents in which participants and observers express their opinions and make observations on events and issues of the day. Readings span the American past and deal with political, cultural, and economic problems.
Biography & Autobiography

American Women Civil Rights Activists

Author: Gayle J. Hardy

Publisher: McFarland Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 479

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Provides brief biographical sketches of women civil rights activists in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and includes listings of bibliographical sources for each woman