Biography & Autobiography

Close Encounters of the Furred Kind

Author: Tom Cox

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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Have you ever moved house, over a distance of 350 miles, with four cats? If you haven't, and are thinking about it, I'll give you some advice: don't. If you really must move, try to get the cats to arrange their own transport. Focus on yourself instead. You'll have plenty to think about as it is, and the cats will only get in the way with their sarcasm and hairballs. I moved from Norfolk to Devon with four cats and it felt like such an impossible ordeal, part of me believes that I actually died somewhere along the way and am now living in some kind of afterlife: very much like real life, but a little slower moving, and with slightly clearer air. "That's just the West Country," I've been told, but I can't be 100% certain.

Historic Tales of Sylva and Jackson County

Author: Jim Buchanan

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: History

Page: 128

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Before the coming of the four-lane, Jackson County was an insular community defined by geography--wedged in between the Great Smokies and Blue Ridge escarpment, bisected by thousands of miles of streams. The people who settled the area tended to be tough as pine knots but also tended to be salt-of-the-earth. This book offers tales of a time of transition in the area, when arguments over whether someone should opt to have an electric wire run to their home weren't far separated from quibbling over Internet service providers. Inside are tales from logging camps, fields, gardens and lonesome game trails and stories of challenges faced with the unique sense of mountain humor. Local columnist Jim Buchanan tells tales of bear hunts, cool springs and creatures great and small.
Juvenile Fiction

Dark Fire

Author: Chris d'Lacey

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

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With the Earth on the brink of recolonisation by dragons, David Rain is sent on an important mission: to seek out and destroy a trace of dark fire, the deadliest force in the universe. But with success could come a terrible price, the sacrifice of a beloved clay dragon. How much does the life of one small dragon count, when the alternative is the birth of a darkling...?
Sports & Recreation

Secrets of the hunting pros

Author: North American Hunting Club



Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 232

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The End of a Trail

Author: Divyabhanusinh

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Nature

Page: 268

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This is a study of the cheetah, now extinct in India, through the ages of Indian history. The product of a decade of extensive research, this is the only work which traces the history and ecology of an animal species from the pre-historic period to recent times. Using a range of sources, fromprehistoric cave paintings to oral testimony, it provides a comprehensive account of the animal's interaction with man through the ages, charting its path to extinction and exploring the possibility of its reintroduction in India.
Performing Arts

The Times TV and Video Guide

Author: David Quinlan

Publisher: B. T. Batsford Limited


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 896

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Comprehensively updated from the 1998 edition, the 1999 Guide includes over 7000 movies covered in depth, selected by the TV Times' own David Quinlan. Sharp critical review is backed up by a five star rating system from outstanding to poor. Each review includes running time, country of origin, release date, color or black-and-white production, and up to six of the major stars who appear in the film. Every film is also assessed for its suitability as family viewing. The ideal film companion for all the family from Britain's most acute and trustworthy film critic
Performing Arts

Science fiction

Author: Phil Hardy



Category: Performing Arts

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Author: Rick Minter

Publisher: Tempus Pub Limited


Category: Humor

Page: 158

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Mascots help their clubs, their fans, and their communities. This book tells their remarkable stories—of heroic deeds, embarrassing moments, squabbles, and even tales of love, jealousy, and revenge. It gives a glimpse of the drama and the plotting that make mascots part of today's football folklore.