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Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

Author: Michael R. Carrell



Category: Business & Economics

Page: 599

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Providing a realistic picture of actual collective bargaining and labor relations situations drawn from the authors' considerable experiences, this distinctively up-to-date introduction contains separate chapters on benefits, wage issues, discrimination laws, and international labor relations, and integrates many recent examples throughout to support discussions. Text provides an overview of labor relations, details the collective bargaining process, and describes the labor relations process in action. For labor relations professionals and others requiring a practical overview of current trends in labor relations.

Fairweather's Practice and Procedure in Labor Arbitration

Author: Owen Fairweather

Publisher: Bna Books


Category: Law

Page: 833

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For more than two decades, this volume has assisted parties, representatives, & decision makers by revealing the methods arbitrators use to solve the practical & procedural problems they encounter. Packed with information, the Fourth Edition guides you by documenting & analyzing arbitrators' pertinent rulings--& by discussing the courts' actions in judicial review. You get complete coverage of key topics including: * submission of a case to arbitration * suits to compel or to stay arbitration * selection of the arbitrator * challenges to arbitrability * the hearing, evidence, rules of evidence, witnesses, contract interpretation, & burden of proof * remedies awarded by arbitrators * due process considerations, fair representation obligations, standard of review, & vacation * arbitration & the enforcement of statutory rights * arbitration in the non-collective bargaining setting.
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Labor Law

Author: David E. Strecker

Publisher: CRC Press


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Whether you are a supervisor, a business owner, or an HR professional, it is essential that you understand the laws and rules governing how one treats employees and interacts with unions. In a comprehensive and accessible format, Labor Law: A Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act provides a practice-oriented foundation on labor law. The book sheds light on one of America's most important laws and one which is also, perhaps, the most misunderstood. This book presents an overview of labor and employment laws such that managers may understand their rights as employers as well and their employees' rights. It covers an introduction to the topic of labor and employment law as well as a brief history within the United States. Other chapters deal with unions and union relations, collective bargaining agreements, grievances, labor arbitration, unfair labor practice proceedings, and strikes and lockouts. The author does not focus on complex regulations and convoluted case law, but distills them to reveal the essence of the NLRA and how it works. As important as it is, at times labor law can seem counter-intuitive. Written by a highly experienced labor lawyer, this book contains concise explanations in an easy-to-use format. Clearly delineating a process that can be fraught with traps for the unwary, it supplies a quick reference that can be used in a crisis situation to understand the parameters of what you can and cannot do.
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The Labor Relations Process

Author: William H. Holley

Publisher: Cengage Learning


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As recognized arbitration experts around the world, the authors of THE LABOR RELATIONS PROCESS, 10th Edition bring nearly a century of combined experience with the labor movement, labor relations, and collective bargaining to this popular text. Packed with real-world examples and quotes from practitioners in the field, THE LABOR RELATIONS PROCESS, 10th Edition explores labor's history from inception to current and emerging trends, touching on government, white-collar, and international contexts for an unmatched perspective of the topics. Chapters include in-depth analyses of the relationship between management and labor, including key participants in the processes, and the rights and responsibilities of each. Labor agreements, collective bargaining, contract administration, arbitration, and other critical issues and processes highlight the complex, exciting nature of organized labor, and introduce students to the many professional opportunities available to them today. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Labor Arbitration

Author: Charles J. Coleman

Publisher: Cornell University Press


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Prepared under the direction of the Committee on Research of the National Academy of Arbitrators, focuses on English-language works from the US and Canada. Following a substantial chapter summarizing the principal court cases in the US, organization is in two sections: books and monographs, and articles and proceedings. The subjects of grievance mediation and fact-finding are included in the bibliography due to their close relationship to mediation. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR