Creations of Fire

Author: Cathy Cobb

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 475

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he history of chemistry is a story of human endeavor-and as er T ratic as human nature itself. Progress has been made in fits and starts, and it has come from all parts of the globe. Because the scope of this history is considerable (some 100,000 years), it is necessary to impose some order, and we have organized the text around three dis cemible-albeit gross--divisions of time: Part 1 (Chaps. 1-7) covers 100,000 BeE (Before Common Era) to the late 1700s and presents the background of the Chemical Revolution; Part 2 (Chaps. 8-14) covers the late 1700s to World War land presents the Chemical Revolution and its consequences; Part 3 (Chaps. 15-20) covers World War I to 1950 and presents the Quantum Revolution and its consequences and hints at revolutions to come. There have always been two tributaries to the chemical stream: experiment and theory. But systematic experimental methods were not routinely employed until the 1600s-and quantitative theories did not evolve until the 1700s-and it can be argued that modem chernistry as a science did not begin until the Chemical Revolution in the 1700s. xi xii PREFACE We argue however that the first experiments were performed by arti sans and the first theories proposed by philosophers-and that a rev olution can be understood only in terms of what is being revolted against.

Creation Fire

Author: CAFRA (Organization)

Publisher: Inland Womensource


Category: Poetry

Page: 371

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For review see: Ruby Simmonds, in The Caribbean Writer, vol. 6 (1992); p. 140-142; Glyne Griffith, in Bulletin of Eastern Caribbean Affairs, vol. 17, no. 3 (July-Sept. 1992); p. 49-52.
Comics & Graphic Novels

The Shadow Vol 1

Author: Garth Ennis

Publisher: Dynamite


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 144

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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! In the storyline 'The Fire Of Creation', it's 1938 and The Shadow returns in a tale of blazing action and deadly intrigue, as a night of carnage on the New York waterfront plunges the mysterious vigilante into a conspiracy involving the fate of the world itself. As storm clouds gather across the globe, American Military Intelligence meets with a certain Lamont Cranston, determined to beat a host of spies and assassins to the greatest prize of all... but what that might be, only the Shadow knows. Collecting the first six issues of the hit series written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Aaron Campbell, featuring Garth Ennis' script to issue #1 as well as a complete cover gallery featuring art by Alex Ross, Jae Lee, John Cassaday, Ryan Sook, Howard Chaykin, and more.
English poetry

Love's Fire

Author: Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī (Maulana)

Publisher: Jonathan Cape


Category: English poetry

Page: 108

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A collection of re-creations of poems taken from Rumi's Rubaiyat. Religious in inspiration, the poems are about love and its phases - longing, fulfilment, loss, mourning and final union. The author won the 1985 Christmas Humphreys Prize for his book A Journey in Ladakh.

The Fire of Creation

Author: J. J. Van Der Leeuw




Page: 144

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This is a new release of the original 1925 edition.

Creation Under Fire from Within the Church

Author: Robert E. Franzen B. Th

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 354

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This book picks up where the Creation vs. Evolution debate leaves off for the Christian. Without rehashing the debates, this book moves forward with what the Bible says and what it does not say about the subject of creation! This book will equip you in answering today's pressing questions, with the simplicity of God's Word. This book also sounds the alarm to the Body of Christ on one of Satan's most successful lies ever perpetrated on humanity by exposing a dreadful theory called "uniformitarianism" and how it has infected the Body of Christ. Why does what we believe about origins matter? This book brings answers to tons of tough questions and sets the story straight. We invite you to see these answers uncovered from the Bible alone! Dr. John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research ( Commends on a job well done and says, "Our modern church is plagued by compromise, with Christian leaders intimidated by the pronouncements of some scientists, who incorporated wrong thinking into the Biblical worldview. They should read this thoughtful and well researched book." Rob Franzen and his wife reside in central Virginia with their six children. Rob is a 1992 graduate of Zion Bible Institute in Barrington, Rhode Island, and earned his Bachelor of Theology from Christian Life School of Theology (CLST) in Columbus, GA. Rob has ministered as an evangelist, missionary evangelist, and associate Pastor over the past 20 plus years. Rob has traveled over two dozen foreign countries seeing many salvations and wonderful miracles and healings by the Grace of God. As a minister he has a fervent love for the truth of God's Holy Word and for evangelism. He ministers with a strong prophetic anointing of the Holy Spirit, which will ignite Fresh Fire in those who hear.
Young Adult Nonfiction

Smokeless Fire: The Hidden Creation

Author: Diaz Law

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction


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There have been generations and lifetimes which have passed by where people wondered if there was life other than humankind within this vast, mysterious universe. Civilizations and communities from all over the world narrate and pass down different stories, myths and legends to their descendants yet no one really knows what’s out there. Well this book will reveal that which not many people know, and those that do know have only heard about it. Very, very few have seen it but with proof we know they are real. Do you want to find out what this hidden ‘alien life’ is or do you want to stay oblivious to the fact that there are others out there?

Caveman Chemistry

Author: Kevin M. Dunn

Publisher: Universal-Publishers


Category: Education

Page: 409

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Half a million years ago our ancestors learned to make fire from scratch. They crafted intricate tools from stone and brewed mind-altering elixirs from honey. Their descendants transformed clay into pottery, wool into clothing, and ashes into cleansers. In ceramic crucibles they won metal from rock, the metals lead to colored glazes and glass. Buildings of brick and mortar enshrined books of parchment and paper. Kings and queens demanded ever more colorful clothing and accessories in order to out-class clod-hoppers and call-girls. Kingdoms rose and fell by the power of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal. And the demands of everyday folk for glass and paper and soap stimulated the first round of chemical industrialization. From sulfuric acid to sodium carbonate. From aniline dyes to analgesic drugs. From blasting powder to fertilizers and plastics. In a phrase, From Caveman to Chemist. Your guides on this journey are the four alchemical elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These archetypical characters deliver first-hand accounts of the births of their respective technologies. The spirit of Fire, for example, was born in the first creature to cultivate the flame. This spirit passed from one person to another, from one generation to another, from one millennium to another, arriving at last in the pages of this book. The spirit of Earth taught folks to make tools of stone, the spirit of Air imparted knowledge of units and the spirit of Water began with the invention of spirits. Having traveled the world from age to age, who can say where they will find their next home? Perhaps they will find one in you.

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Author: Barbara Ellen Bowe

Publisher: Liturgical Press


Category: Religion

Page: 196

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Today's world demands an integrated attitude and vision toward all of life--an approach embraced and enhanced by the contributors to Earth, Wind, and Fire. In this scholarly and passionate work members of the Feminist Hermeneutics Task Force of the Catholic Biblical Association orchestrate an approach to understanding a feminist model of creation that is faithful to biblical tradition and celebrates the rich diversity of all creation. Inviting conversation between Bible and theology, feminist scholars and theologians, the contributing writers explore themes such as the significance of embodiment, the integrity of creation, the interconnectedness of humanity with other creatures, the evolutionary nature of creation, and integral connections between creation and salvation, ecojustice and human liberation. Both detailed and holistic, Earth, Wind, and Fire is a compelling, insightful, and reader-friendly approach to the creative artistry of God. Chapters and contributors are: Creation, Evolution, Revelation, and Redemption: Connections and Intersections by Carol J. Dempsey, O.P.; The Priestly Creation Narrative: Goodness and Interdependence" by Alice L. Laffey; Everyone Called By My Name: Second Isaiah's Use of the Creation Theme by Joan E. Cook, SC; Wild, Raging Creativity: Job in the Whirlwind by Kathleen M. Connor; Soundings in the New Testament Understandings of Creation by Barbara E. Bowe, RSCJ; Sabbath: the Crown of Creation by Barbara E. Reid, OP; Creation Restored: God's Basileia, the Social Economy, and the Human Good by Tatha Wiley; The Samaritan Woman and Martha as Partners with Jesus in Ministry: Recreation in John 4 and 11 by Judith Schubert, RSM; All Creation Groans in Labor: Paul's Theology of Creation in Romans 8:18-23 by Sheila E. McGinn; Of New Songs and An Open Window; by Mary Ann Donovan, SC; Being a New Creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) is Being the Body of Christ: Paul and Feminist Scholars in Dialogue by Mary Margaret Pazdan, OP; Creation in the Image of God and Wisdom Christology by Mary Catherine Hilkert, OP; Also includes a Prologue and Epilogue by Carol J. Dempsey, OP, and Mary Margaret Pazdan, OP, a Bibliography, and Indexes.
Human body

Sacred Anatomy

Author: Anthony J. Palombo



Category: Human body

Page: 212

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Fire in the Crucible

Author: John Briggs

Publisher: Tarcher


Category: Psychology

Page: 382

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Argues that there is no single trait of genius and that creative people are no smarter than others, but act on nuances of perception that most others ignore

Birds of Fire

Author: Kevin Fellezs

Publisher: Duke University Press


Category: Music

Page: 299

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Birds of Firebrings overdue critical attention to fusion, the musical idiom that emerged in the late 1960s and 1970s, as musicians blended elements of jazz, rock, and funk. Fusion never coalesced into a distinct genre; many artists and critics disparaged the music as amorphous and hard to define. Kevin Fellezs contends that fusion's much-derided hybridity was its very reason for being. By mixing different musical and cultural traditions, fusion artists sought to disrupt generic boundaries, cultural hierarchies, and critical assumptions. Fellezs develops his argument through rigorous analysis of the music of four distinctive fusion artists. Interpreting the work of Tony Williams, John McLaughlin, Joni Mitchell, and Herbie Hancock, he explores the challenges that fusion posed to generic conventions and considers the extent to which a musician can be taken seriously as an artist across divergent musical traditions. Fellezs concludesBirds of Firewith a look at the current activities of McLaughlin, Mitchell and Hancock; Williams's final recordings; and the legacy of the fusion made by the four artists in the 1970s.