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Crystal Oracle

Author: Toni Carmine Salerno



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 88

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Oracle card set comprising 44 full color beautiful photographs of crystals, gems and minerals and an accompanying 88-page guidebook with an inspiring and practical message for each card.

Liquid Crystal Oracle

Author: Justin Moikeha Asar

Publisher: U.S. Games Systems


Category: Oracles

Page: 291

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"Liquid Crystal Oracle is an ever-unfolding and enlightening adventure through the Crystalline world. These potent cards will open the doors for you to the Atlantian Earth and introduce the Master Crystal Devas, the Mineral Kingdom's creators, unlocking their ancient and sacred knowledge. The 77 cards and comprehensive 292-page guidebook is a powerful life-changing crystal healing system. Through this oracle, receive the keys to the Crystalline world, discover Atlantian Spirituality, activate the Atlantian Octahedrons of Light, allowing you to connect with the crystals and tap into their wisdom, and heal with over 150 Sacred Trinities and sequences of crystals." -- box.

Terra Luma's Crystal Oracle Cards

Author: Terra Luma Oracle




Page: 90

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At Terra Luma, we gain inspiration through connection, movement, stillness, and solitude. Our interests include crystals, consciousness, numerology, astrology, metaphysics, yoga, and the elements. Co-­founders Audrey Simper and Mackenzie Sullivan have spent the past few years weaving these interests into a humbly concise 54­-card oracle deck and accompanying booklet. We're elated to share our creation with the world. We have witnessed first­hand how illuminating oracle cards are as tools for awareness, introspective growth, and problem solving. We look forward to you further embarking on your own journey of self­-exploration through our hand­crafted deck. Thank you for your support.
Body, Mind & Spirit

Water Crystal Oracle

Author: Masaru Emoto

Publisher: Council Oaks Distribution


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 48

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The Hidden Messages in Water introduced readers to the revolutionary work of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto who discovered that molecules of water are affected by thoughts, words, and feelings, as can be seen in his dramatic photographs of water crystals. As a companion to the book, the Water Crystal Oracle includes forty-eight beautiful water crystal images to enhance your life and balance your well-being in many ways.
Astrology and gems

The Crystal Oracle

Author: Leroy Montana



Category: Astrology and gems

Page: 128

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Health & Fitness

Crystal Yoga I

Author: Roger Calverley

Publisher: Lotus Press


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 412

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The Crystal Mesa can be used in many ways: to assist the inner work of balancing energies, harmonizing mind and heart, clarifying intent and discernment, working with the chakras. The Crystal Mesa can also be a teacher of mystic wisdom, of which it is a sacred storehouse; it also deepens meditation and links its user's awareness to primal energies and archetypes for understanding the experiences which come through spiritual practice.

The Devil's Oracle

Author: Tom F. Dodd



Category: Fiction

Page: 472

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Tom F Dodd's second rivetting thriller: As mankind moves closer to a terrorist confrontation with a dirty nuclear device that has the destructive power of rendering a medium-sized city uninhabitable, clues emerge that propel the police on a hunt for an elusive jihadist. A demonic man who will gladly give his own life in exchange for the ruination of international economic and social stability, he contrives a horrific plan to smuggle an enormous dirty bomb from Africa into a major European financial city. The nuclear device has the potential of creating another Chernoble, in the heart of cosmopolitan Europe, and creating a vast radioactive wasteland that will last for thousands or years. "The Devil's Oracle" is a shocking page turner that is nearly impossible to put down. It is timely in its subject matter, and creates "what if" scenarios that the reader cannot ignore in today's world of terrorist threats and evil deeds.
Body, Mind & Spirit

The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Author: Judy Hall

Publisher: Watkins Pub Limited


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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Crystals have been used for divination since ancient times. Their powerful intrinsic energies can serve as mirrors to reveal your true path and link you to that part of yourself that is all-seeing and all-knowing. Created by bestselling crystals expert Judy Hall, The Crystal Wisdom Oracle will connect you to your higher, intuitive self, and, in the process, give you amazing insights into your past, present and future. The kit consists of a fully-illustrated book containing profiles of the 40 crystals and a beginners guide; a handsomely designed deck; and a crystal, which is kept atop the cards to keep their energy clear. Shuffle the pack and draw a card for an immediate insight. Or, for more in-depth readings, spread the shuffled cards according to one of the four crystal "lattice" designs the author describes, each one suitable for a different type of inquiry: Square (answering "what if?" questions); Hexagonal (how to move forward); Orthorhombic (hidden obstacles and skills); Triclinic (making decisions). Four card suits reflect the vibrational frequencies of crystals (Earthy, Healing, Cosmic, and Integration) and allow you to conduct divinations at various levels, from the material to the spiritual. Superb, specially commissioned photography captures the essence of each of the 40 crystals shown on the cards. Perfect for anyone drawn to the beauty and healing energy of crystals, this Oracle shows you how to call upon them, even in card form, for life guidance and self-knowledge.
Body, Mind & Spirit


Author: Judy Hall

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 312

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Hay House Basics is a comprehensive new series being launched by Hay House. These introductory titles cover core topics in the areas of self-development and mind, body, spirit. Clear and concise, these books aim to de-mystify popular esoteric subjects so that anyone can understand them. They explore the benefits these techniques can have for the reader's life, and provide recommendations and suggested next steps for them if they wish to study the topic on a deeper level. Crystals: How to use Crystals and their Energy to Enhance Your Life is an illuminating guide to working with crystals that will show you how to sense the energy of these precious stones and choose the right ones to support you in different areas of your life – from health and abundance to relationships and career. Learn about the different techniques and exercises that you can use to connect with their powerful energy and discover: • how to cleanse, charge and attune your crystals • how crystals work • how to work with the aura and the chakra system • crystal healing • working with crystals for meditation and expanded awareness • using crystals for self-protection and energy enhancement • how to connect with the crystal skulls and the crystal oversouls • ...and much more! This book takes you through everything you need to know about these beautiful gems and the immense benefits they can bring to your life.
Body, Mind & Spirit

Herbs and Crystals DIY

Author: Ally Sands

Publisher: Page Street Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

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Heal Your Mind and Body and Enhance Your Everyday Life Ally Sands—master herbalist and founder of Aquarian Soul—shares her expertise on healing herbal properties, as well as how to effectively use over twenty different crystals, including amethyst, opal and rose quartz. When these powerhouses are used together, they form a potent combination to relax, energize and help you live a happier and healthier life. Every project—from a passion flower tincture, to a wild flower and crystals face steam, to building a crystal mandala—focuses on improving mental and physical wellness. Whether you are looking to alleviate anxiety, practice mindfulness or enhance your beauty routine, Ally’s unique recipes and crafts will show you how best to harness the incredible power of herbs and crystals.