Dancing with Horses

Author: Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Publisher: Ja Allen


Category: Horses

Page: 208

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Dominance without punishment, collection without rein pressure, these apparent contradictions are explained as this charismatic new author demonstrates his revolutionary method of teaching and training based upon precisely defined body language. The method, a way of communicating in a visual language understood by the horse, assists the rider to develop a 'presence' and to achieve interaction with the horse. It is classically based and embodies both holistic and spiritual principles. Packed with marvellous colour photographs this book has already been a bestseller in Germany, France, Spain and Scandinavia and will enthral every horse owner.
Biography & Autobiography

The Girl on the Dancing Horse

Author: Charlotte Dujardin

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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*THE TOP 10 BESTSELLER FROM THE MOST DECORATED BRITISH FEMALE OLYMPIAN IN HISTORY* 'Refreshingly honest [...] a highly enjoyable, fascinating read.' Horse and Hound _______________________________________________ "To ride into that arena, next to a sea of British flags and hear the roar of clapping and cheering, was so exciting. It's a sound I will never, ever forget." Charlotte Dujardin and her charismatic horse Valegro burst onto the international sports scene with their record-breaking performance at the London, 2012 Olympics. The world was captivated by the young woman with the dazzling smile and her dancing horse. But no one quite knew what it took to get there, nor how hard the path to success would be - until now. Dujardin began riding horses at the age of two, but dressage was firmly the domain of the wealthy, not the life of a girl from a middle-class family. Her parents sacrificed all and with a undeterred focus, Charlotte left school at 16 to follow her dream. When she was invited to be a groom for the British Olympian Carl Hester, she began to ride Valegro, a dark bay gelding and an unbreakable bond was formed. This is their incredible story.

Dancing with Horses

Author: Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Publisher: Trafalgar Square


Category: Pets

Page: 204

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The acclaimed international bestseller is now available in paperback! Influence without punishment, collection without rein pressure--these apparent contradictions are explained inDancing with Horses. In these pages, renowned horseman Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling shows his fascinating method of communication and teaching. Having studied how horses use body language to communicate within the herd, Hempfling uses this visual language to develop an innovative and inspirational program for every rider.Dancing with Horses provides a wonderful way for you to: * Ensure your horse's well-being, from the very start of his training to advanced work. * Learn how to develop trust, harmony and leadership through body language and horse-oriented communication. * Use a method based upon centuries-old traditions embodying classical, spiritual, and holistic principles. * Progress from the first encounter with your horse to the basic principles of theHaute Ecole. * Achieve true collection on a loose rein.
Juvenile Nonfiction


Author: Judy Andrekson

Publisher: Tundra Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

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Miskeen was born in obscurity on a Russian farm, sold to a traveling circus, and earned a reputation performing in small towns in the 1980s. He was schooled first as a liberty (rider-less) horse and then as a “dancing” (dressage) performer. Dancing was what he did best, and he was often observed trotting on the spot whenever he heard music. He matured into a magnificent, highly trained and valuable animal. But then tragedy struck. Confined in his stall after an exhausting day of performances in unbearable heat, Miskeen was spotted by a boy. The boy took up a training whip and beat the horse mercilessly until, in panic, Miskeen struck out. The boy was bitten severely, and, in retribution, Miskeen was ordered to have all his teeth pulled so that he could never “turn vicious” again. Suddenly the magnificent animal was disabled, humiliated, unable to eat, and totally worthless to those who had prized him. Miskeen would have died, had he not been rehabilitated by a young British woman named Vicky Malia. He recovered, eventually rewarding his new owner with private dance performances. It seemed he still had an ear for music and a memory of grander days. Miskeen is dancing still.

Dancing with Horses

Author: Lynda M. Peterson




Page: 214

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Ten-year-old Jenna loves horses just like most kids her age, but she has a secret; she talks to horses, and they listen. Despite her age, Jenna convinces the owner of a dressage farm to hire her as a working student in exchange for riding lessons. Doing barn chores with the other girls at the farm makes work fun and they find time for going on hacks, swimming with the horses, playing with newborn animals, and teasing boys working at the farm.During a lesson, the trainer discovers Jenna's secret; she's a prodigy with a unique ability to understand and communicate with horses. When Jenna is given new and more challenging roles, she thrives in areas she never imagined including training, show jumping and eventing. Her vivacious personality captivates the attention and support of a variety of interesting and unusual people but puts her at odds with someone determined to cause trouble. The dynamics of engaging with these unique personalities and duties, create a collection of experiences filled with humor, warmth, treachery and joy.This book is inspired by a true story and gives insight on how to be a working dressage student.

Melding Boundaries

Author: Naomi S. Wimberley-Hartman



Category: Dressage

Page: 162

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My Dancing White Horses

Author: Alois Podhajsky

Publisher: London : G.G. Harrap


Category: Horsemanship

Page: 302

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The story of the famous Spanish Riding School with its Lipizzaner horses told by the man who has been its director since 1939.
Acoma Indians

The Dancing Horses of Acoma

Author: Wolf Robe Hunt



Category: Acoma Indians

Page: 163

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Twelve legends and stories of the Acoma Indians, a native American group living on a mesa in New Mexico.

Dancing on Horses

Author: Tony J. Stafford

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 148

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It is 1947 in Belhaven, North Carolina, a small cotton textile mill town on the outer shoulders of Charlotte. While growing up within a strict Baptist working-class family and a segregated South, twelve-year-old Tobe Stanhope never sees a single colored student in school. But little does he know that the old South is on the verge of a civil rights movement that will change everything. Tobes journey from childhood into adulthood is a perilous one as he struggles with fundamental questions about his religion and male-female relationships. As he wrestles with his identity, independence, intellectual growth, social conscience, a spiritual crisis, and the search for truth and meaning, Toby encounters the greatest shock of his young life. Now he must draw upon his years of overcoming a variety of struggles as he clings to his beliefs about love and attempts to understand who is really in charge of his life and his future. In this poignant tale, a young man embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he grows into adulthood, faces challenges, falls in love, and searches for his true potential amid an ever-changing South.
Sports & Recreation

It is Not I who Seek the Horse, the Horse Seeks Me

Author: Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Publisher: Cadmos Verlag Gmbh


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 344

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HORSES & PONIES. Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is internationally regarded as an expert on the body language of horses. Using the example of two stallions, he explains his system of a non-violent relationship to the horse. Illustrated with many pictures, the reader will follow the progress of Arab Stallion Marouk and Lusitano Stallion Queijo in discovering a confident and harmonious relationship to their human. In detail and with comprehensive insight, and with the help of many illustrations and photographs, the author introduces the reader in this book to the fascinating world of understanding horses through body language.