Dark Money

Author: John Cook




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Dark Money Read Dark Money - The Billionaire Agenda and its Stranglehold on the United States Government on your PC, Mac, smart phone, table, ipad or Kindle device. As America faces four years of an entirely new way of being, having elected a reality show star to become president of America, we must ask ourselves, how did we get here? How did American politics degrade so much as to allow for a man who has no business being in the Whitehouse to take power? There are many theories. Some people want to point to racism, others want to point at the uneducated voter. The reality is that there are many different factors that have led to the rise of the alt-right and the rise of a brand new, potentially damaging type of republican. One of those factors has been the influx of cash, influence from those in the darkness, millionaires and billionaires who put their money into the vested interest of seizing control over America. In other words, money has bought and controlled the republican party for quite some time. Indeed, the money that has slowly weaved its way into the heart of American right wing politics has taken such a hold that many people don't even realize the secret history of the two men who are most responsible for this shift in American politics: the Koch Brothers. Perhaps you have heard the name in passing, maybe you've heard some politicians or protestors talk about it, or maybe you're not familiar with them at all. The two brothers, Charles and David Koch are responsible for the transformation of conservative politics into a powerful machine meant to grant those with money absolute control. Today, we're going to be looking at the two brothers in detail and see just how the Koch's massive amounts of money have led to the creation of the alt-right, the rise of Trump and how they have forever changed the way that Americans conduct politics. If you're curious about these two and just how much of an affect they have had on conservative politics, then pull up a chair and get comfortable. There is a lot to go over. In this book we're going to cover: The Koch brothers The Right Wing Billionaire Agendas Super Pacs Democratic Party And much, much more! So are you ready to get started? Download your copy today!
Business & Economics

The Finance Curse

Author: Nicholas Shaxson

Publisher: Random House


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Global finance is a system that works for the few and against the many. We need finance – but when finance grows too big it becomes a curse. The City of London is the single biggest drain on our resources; it sucks talent out of every sphere, it siphons wealth and hoovers up government time. Yet to be ‘competitive’, we’re told we must turn a blind eye to money-laundering and appease big business with tax cuts. We are told global finance is about wealth creation; the reality is wealth extraction. Tracing the curse back through economic history, Shaxson uncovers how we got to this point. He exposes offshore tax havens; the uncontrolled growth of monopolies; the myths around the Celtic Tiger and its low corporate tax rate; the bizarre industry of wealth management; the destructive horrors of private equity; and the sinister ‘Competitiveness Agenda’. Nicholas Shaxson revealed the dark heart of tax havens long before the Panama and Paradise Papers. Now he tells the explosive story of how finance established a stranglehold on society and points us towards a way out. This is a book that none of us can afford to ignore.