Darkness More Visible

Author: Finola Moorhead

Publisher: Spinifex Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 678

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Award-winning author Finola Moorhead is back with a new and ambitious novel which follows ex-cop Margot Gorman into her new life. Triathlete and wine connoisseur, Margot finds a body in the women's toilets at Port Water on the Paradise Coast. Who killed the boy in women's clothing? Who is mining rubies on women's lands? Who broke the bridge? What is the other ex-cop, Tiger Cat, up to? And who are the Solanasites? This is a remarkable literary achievement: detective novel, philosophical investigation, and speculation on history and the future.
Literary Criticism

Darkness Visible

Author: W. R. Johnson

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 192

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One of the best books ever written on one of humanity’s greatest epics, W. R. Johnson’s classic study of Vergil’s Aeneid challenges centuries of received wisdom. Johnson rejects the political and historical reading of the epic as a record of the glorious prehistory of Rome and instead foregrounds Vergil’s enigmatic style and questioning of the heroic myths. With an approach to the text that is both grounded in scholarship and intensely personal, and in a style both rhetorically elegant and passionate, Johnson offers readings of specific passages that are nuanced and suggestive as he focuses on the “somber and nourishing fictions” in Vergil’s poem. A timeless work of scholarship, Darkness Visible will enthrall classicists as well as students and scholars of the history of criticism—specifically the way in which politics influence modern readings of the classics—and of poetry and literature.
Body, Mind & Spirit

Darkness Visible

Author: Ross Heaven

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

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The first book to examine the spiritual and therapeutic practice of retreat in physical darkness to explore inner light • Shows how experiencing complete darkness over prolonged periods helps in developing mental clarity and creativity • Draws upon many indigenous and spiritual traditions that use this technique The use of ceremonial darkness is a classic and cross-cultural method for exploring hidden aspects of unconscious and super-conscious states, accessing invisible landscapes, and embracing the deeper recesses of the self. In Darkness Visible Heaven and Buxton examine the spiritual and therapeutic practice of taking retreat in physical darkness. For millennia mystics and sages have used darkness as a spiritual tool for breaking with their pasts, prior conditioning, and the limited reality of their societies. Spiritual seekers from many traditions--Celtic, Eastern, indigenous North and South American, Tibetan, and African--have used darkness as a tool for spiritual enlightenment. Heaven and Buxton show how experiencing complete darkness, even for only a period of hours, brings about a remarkable clarity and mental stillness and thus provides a springboard for creativity, intuition, and spiritual development. They include exercises that explore lucid levels of dream consciousness, drawing both from their experience as teachers of this method and from the many cultures that include this practice in their spiritual traditions. Darkness Visible shows how deprivation of sight can truly teach us to see.

History of the New Netherlands, Province of New York, and State of New York

Author: William Dunlap

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.


Category: History

Page: 536

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In this two-volume set, first published in 1839, students and history scholars will find William Dunlap's extensive history of New Netherlands, an area from the St. Lawrence river to the Delaware Bay, stretching from the coast westward through what is now upstate New York. In this second volume, Dunlap begins with the American Revolutionary War and the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, and continues with a detailed account of the battles of Revolution. He discusses the major leaders of the war, including Washington, Gates, and Ethan Allen. Dunlap concludes this history of New York with the signing of the Constitution and the establishment of the United States. American historian and playwright WILLIAM DUNLAP (1766-1839) was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. He managed the John Street Theatre and the Park Theatre in New York. Among his many plays are Andre (1798) and The Virgin of the Sun (1800).
American literature


Author: Moses Coit Tyler



Category: American literature

Page: 564

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