Death Throes of a Dynasty

Author: Charles Ewing

Publisher: Kent State University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 300

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The letters of Charles and Bessie Ewing provide eyewitness accounts of the social upheaval and warfare that shook turn-of-the-century China. In addition to discussing their missionary activities in the villages of North China and their struggle to master the Chinese Mandarin dialect, the Ewings describe the impact of Western culture upon the social structure of Imperial China as they lived it. Ruoff sets the larger scene about which the Ewings wrote: The Sino-Japanese war, the extraterritorial treaties, the Boxer Uprising , the foreign military interventions, the belated effort to modernize by the Manchu dynasty, the struggle against opium addiction, the student political movement, and the beginning of the Chinese Revolution. We also learn about the last great empress of China, Tzu His, and the last emperor, the child Pu Yi. Through the Ewing correspondence and his own narrative, Ruoff shows the parallel between the attitude toward the Chinese held by the foreign community in the 1890s and the equally restricted outlook the Chinese held of their land and themselves. But just as the views held by the young Congregationalist minister Ewing change during his nearly two decades of service in China, so also the views of the Chinese themselves undergo vast changes. This book then is both a compelling history of a period in modern China and the story of an American family living that history.
Business & Economics

Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development

Author: Erik S. Reinert

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 848

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The Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development explores the theories and approaches which, over a prolonged period of time, have existed as viable alternatives to today’s mainstream and neo-classical tenets. With a total of 40 specially commissioned chapters, written by the foremost authorities in their respective fields, this volume represents a landmark in the field of economic development. It elucidates the richness of the alternative and sometimes misunderstood ideas which, in different historical contexts, have proved to be vital to the improvement of the human condition. The subject matter is approached from several complementary perspectives. From a historical angle, the Handbook charts the mercantilist and cameralist theories that emerged from the Renaissance and developed further during the Enlightenment. From a geographical angle, it includes chapters on African, Chinese, Indian, and Muslim approaches to economic development. Different schools are also explored and discussed including nineteenth century US development theory, Marxist, Schumpeterian, Latin American structuralism, regulation theory and world systems theories of development. In addition, the Handbook has chapters on important events and institutions including The League of Nations, The Havana Charter, and UNCTAD, as well as on particularly influential development economists. Contemporary topics such as the role of finance, feminism, the agrarian issue, and ecology and the environment are also covered in depth. This comprehensive Handbook offers an unrivalled review and analysis of alternative and heterodox theories of economic development. It should be read by all serious scholars, teachers and students of development studies, and indeed anyone interested in alternatives to development orthodoxy.
Literary Criticism

A Southern Enigma

Author: Fred Hobson

Publisher: Universitat de València


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

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El sud americà està ple de paradoxes: es tracta d'un dels llocs més hospitalaris i al mateix temps, un dels menys acollidors del món. Els assajos inclosos en aquest llibre constitueixen la impressió d'un home sobre diversos aspectes de la vida, el passat i el present a Dixie. Parlen gairebé de tot: la raça, la política, la religió, la literatura i altres manifestacions culturals. Alguns dels assajos són biogràfics. Hobson se sent particularment atret per figures com H. L. Belluguin, Gerald W. Johnson, James McBride Donaves i Louis Rubin, crítics socials i culturals que han explorat la ment del sud, o per escriptors literaris com Richard Ford i Mary Mebane. Conclou el llibre amb dos assajos personals: l'exploració de les vides de dos membres de la seua família; històries que revelen moltes coses del sud, de l'època i de llocs concrets.
Literary Criticism

The Silencing of Emily Mullen and Other Essays

Author: Fred Hobson

Publisher: LSU Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 234

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Perhaps the preeminent contemporary scholar of southern letters, Fred Hobson is adept at cutting through the many myths and self-illusions spun about the South and exposing a far more intriguing reality. In his inaugural collection of essays, Hobson offers both an astute and deeply personal take on American and southern life. He touches on history, literature, religion, family, race, and sports as he ponders various famous and obscure biographical and autobiographical figures. Rife with stimulating writing and thought, The Silencing of Emily Mullen informs, moves, and entertains all at once. Hobson's own great-grandmother inspires the title essay, in which he investigates the whispered family rumor that Emily Mullen Gregory committed suicide by jumping down a well in the late nineteenth century. Besides the facts of Mullen's death, Hobson inquires into the plight of southern middle-class women's lives generally in that era. A happier female relative animates another absorbing chapter: Hobson's great aunt who left the benighted South with the intent of bringing enlightenment to China as a missionary and teacher from 1909 to 1941, and who became both friend and critic of Madame Chiang Kai-shek. Ruminative appraisals of H. L. Mencken, W. J. Cash, progressive journalist Gerald W. Johnson, social critic James McBride Dabbs, man of letters Louis D. Rubin, Jr., African American author Mary Mebane, novelist Richard Ford, and twentieth-century southern literature add incrementally to the collection's overall intellectual pleasures. Hobson's concluding three pieces take a more intimate turn. He reflects on his connection to the hills of North Carolina, the impact the book The Mind of the South had on him, and the love of college basketball he shared with his father. The Silencing of Emily Mullen captures both the richness and deficiencies of the South within the American society at large. It is a book that makes for exceptionally rewarding and enjoyable reading.

Women at the Siege, Peking 1900

Author: Susanna Hoe

Publisher: Holo Books


Category: History

Page: 408

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"The Boxer uprising; the siege of the legations; 55 days in Peking; foreign troops looting China's capital; these are images from books and films over the past 100 years. Now the story is told from the women's point of view, using their previously neglected writings and giving a new dimension. This is the author's fourth book about foreign women and China. It adds to the essential body of women's history and gives a truer picture of what happened a century ago." --
Social Science

Imperial Masquerade

Author: Grant Hayter-Menzies

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 444

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"Imperial Masquerade: The Legend of Princess Der Ling, the first biography of one of the twentieth century's most intriguing cross-cultural personalities, traces not only the life of Princess Der Ling, in all its various transformations, but offers a fresh look at the woman she lionized and, ultimately, betrayed - the Empress Dowager Cixi, to whom, like Der Ling, many legends have been affixed over the past century. The book also depicts the changing worlds of Paris, Tokyo and the other international stages of Der Ling's development as woman and as mystery, and deals with the many teachers who made her who she was." --Book Jacket.

Superpower Interrupted

Author: Michael Schuman

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: History

Page: 361

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This global history as the Chinese would write it gives brilliant and unconventional insights for understanding China's role in the world, especially the drive to "Make China Great Again." We in the West routinely ask: "What does China want?" The answer is quite simple: the superpower status it always had, but briefly lost. In this colorful, informative story filled with fascinating characters, epic battles, influential thinkers, and decisive moments, we come to understand how the Chinese view their own history and how its narrative is distinctly different from that of Western civilization. More important, we come to see how this unique Chinese history of the world shapes China's economic policy, attitude toward the United States and the rest of the world, relations with its neighbors, positions on democracy and human rights, and notions of good government. As the Chinese see it, for as far back as anyone can remember, China had the richest economy, the strongest military, and the most advanced philosophy, culture, and technology. The collision with the West knocked China's historical narrative off course for the first time, as its 5,000-year reign as an unrivaled superpower came to an ignominious end. Ever since, the Chinese have licked their wounds and fixated on returning their country to its former greatness, restoring the Chinese version of its place in the world as they had always known it. For the Chinese, the question was never if they could reclaim their former dominant position in the world, but when.

The Song of Kieu

Author: Nguyen Du

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Poetry

Page: 144

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This manuscript is ancient, priceless, bamboo-rolled, perfumed with musty spices. Sit comfortably by this good light, that you may learn the hard-won lesson that these characters contain.' The Song of Kieu is the greatest classic of Vietnamese literature. It tells the story of the beautiful Vuong Thúy Kieu, who agrees to a financially profitable marriage in order to save her family from ruinous debts, but is tricked into working in a brothel. Her tragic career involves jealous wives, slavery, war, poverty and she also becomes a nun twice. There are high points, such as when she teams up with muscle-bound, tender-hearted rebel hero who makes her his queen and summons all her wrongdoers to account, but the ending is bittersweet. 'To the Vietnamese people themselves, [it] is much more than just a glorious heirloom from their literary past,' says Professor Alexander Woodside of the University of British Columbia. 'It has become a kind of continuing emotional laboratory in which all the great and timeless issues of personal morality and political obligation are tested and resolved [. . .] Western readers who are curious about Vietnam and the Vietnamese may well gain more real wisdom from cultivating a discriminating appreciation of this one poem than they will from reading the entire library of scholarly and journalistic writings upon modern Vietnam which has accumulated in the West.'

The Fate of Saul’s Progeny in the Reign of David

Author: Cephas T. A. Tushima

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 372

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This book, as a comprehensive analysis of the fate of Saul's heirs, shows that David, like other ancient Near Eastern usurpers, perpetrated heinous injustices against the vanquished house of Saul. It evaluates the relationships between David and Saul's heirs, using the criterion of justice, which is a cardinal directive principle for living in YHWH's covenant community as is enunciated in the Deuteronomic Code. Tushima focuses on the story of David and its interconnections with the fate of the Saulides to determine the factors that lay behind the latter's tragedies, inquiring into whether these tragedies were due to continuing divine retribution, pure happenstance, or Davidic orchestration. In his close reading of these texts, Tushima argues that David was, for the most part, unjust and calculating in his dealings with the Saulides. Thematic and motific threads arising from this narrative critical study (such as the impact of human conduct on the environment, the tension between election and the character of God's servants, the dynamics of sacred space and sacred typonyms, the Judahite [Davidic] kingship, the monarchy, marriage, and Zion theology) are considered within their contexts in Israel's traditions for their biblical-theological and redemptive-historical import.

Branches of Heaven

Author: John W. Chaffee

Publisher: Harvard Univ Asia Center


Category: History

Page: 492

View: 159

How the Sung created a social and political asset in the imperial clan while neutralizing it as a potential threat is the story of this book."--BOOK JACKET. "In this, the first full-length study of the imperial clan as an institution, John W. Chaffee analyzes its history, its political role, and the lifestyle of its members, focusing on their residence patterns, marriages, and occupations."--BOOK JACKET.