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Author: J. Derrick McClure

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing


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The dialect of North-East Scotland, one of the most distinctive and best preserved in the country, survives as both a proudly maintained mark of local identity and the vehicle for a remarkable regional literature. The present study, after placing the dialect in its historical, geographical and social context, discusses in some detail a selection of previous accounts of its distinctive characteristics of phonology and grammar, showing that its shibboleths have been well recognised, and have remained consistent, over a long period. Passages of recorded speech are then examined, with extensive use of phonetic transcription. Finally, a representative selection of written texts, dating from the eighteenth century to the present and illustrating a wide variety of styles and genres, are presented with detailed annotations. A full glossary is also included. This study clearly demonstrates both the individuality of the dialect and the richness of the local culture of which it is an integral part.

Dash o Doric

Author: Robbie Shepherd

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd


Category: Humor

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When Sir Harry Lauder left a concert on Deeside he was mystified that his kokes had not got the response received elsewhere. It perked him up when, from the spilling audience, he heard a voice say, 'Fit a gran comic. It took me aa ma time nae ti lach.' The Humour of the North-east is found at less celebrated levels too. There is the tale of the middle-aged couple who had courted each other for almost thirty years, but had never got round to marriage. One day Jock decided to voice his thoughts on the matter, for he was worried that people were speaking about their phenomenally long relationship. 'Jean, Is it nae time the twa o's were thinkin' aboot getting mairrit?' 'Behave yersel, Jock,' said Jean. 'Fa wid hae ony o's noo?' The humour and dialect of the North-east forms a unique and hilarious blend. In A Dash o' Doric: The Hale Lot, packed with anecdotes and stories covering childhood, work, love and marriage, the kirk, the school, old age and several others, Robbie Shepherd and Norman Harper provide a fascinating tour of the wit and wisdom of the North-east of Scotland. This book, the third in the series, presents the best of the two previous volumes - A Dash o' Doric and Anither Dash o' Doric - as well as a whole range of new material, making it the best introduction to the wit and wisdom of the North-east of Scotland available.

Parliamentary Debates

Author: New Zealand. Parliament. House of Representatives




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Literary Criticism

A Companion to Greek Lyric

Author: Laura Swift

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


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Discover the power of Greek lyric with essays from some of the foremost scholars in the field today Recent decades have seen a strong resurgence of interest in Greek lyric, resulting in this topic becoming one of the most dynamic areas of Classical scholarship. In A Companion to Greek Lyric, renowned Classical scholar Laura Swift delivers a collection of essays by international experts and emerging voices that offers up-to-date approaches on the methodology, contexts, and reception of Greek lyric from the archaic to the Hellenistic period. This edited volume includes detailed analyses of the poets themselves, as well as a reflection of the current state of play in the study of Greek lyric. It showcases the scope and range of approaches to be found in scholarly work in the field. Newcomers to the subject will benefit from the range of contextual and technical information included that allows for a more effective engagement with the lyric poets. Readers will also enjoy: Guidance on working with texts that are mainly preserved as fragments A selection of ways in which lyric poetry has influenced and inspired writers from Rome to the modern era Recommendations for further reading that offer a starting point for how to follow up on a particular topic Perfect for undergraduate and master’s students taking courses on Greek lyric or survey courses on classical literature, A Companion to Greek Lyric also belongs in the libraries of students of English or Comparative Literature seeking an authoritative resource for Greek lyric.
Foreign Language Study

Ancient Greek Accentuation

Author: Philomen Probert

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


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Probert's study offers not only an improved understanding of the history of Greek accentuation but also insights into aspects of Indo-European accentuation and the effects of word frequency on language change.

Theocritus: A Selection

Author: Theocritus

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

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This is the first full-scale commentary on poems by Theocritus since Gow's edition of 1950, and the first to exploit the recent revolution in the study of Hellenistic and Roman poetry; the poems included in this volume (Idylls 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 13) are principally the bucolic poems which, through their influence on Virgil, established the Western pastoral tradition. The focus of the commentary is literary - both on how Theocritus exploited the classical heritage for a new type of poetry, and on what that poetry meant in the third century BC. The commentary, together with the introductory essays to each poem, makes a major contribution to the understanding of this extraordinary poetic form. The Introduction explores the meaning of 'bucolic', the presentation of a stylised countryside, the importance of eros in the bucolic world, and Theocritus' verbal and metrical style.

The Poet at Play

Author: Kenneth John McKay

Publisher: Brill Archive


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