Dream Island

Author: Josie Litton

Publisher: Bantam


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The legendary island nation of Akora has shunned outsiders for centuries, but fate is about to deliver a young Englishwoman into the arms of its prince–and sweep them both into a daring love that knows no boundaries.... DREAM ISLAND Lady Joanna Hawkforte spent her childhood reading about the wondrous beauty of Akora. But now the country of her dreams has become a symbol of her worst nightmare. Nine months ago her brother embarked on a dangerous journey to find the mythic land–and Joanna never heard from him again. Believing he is being held captive in Akora, she is compelled to devise a desperate plan to find him.... The son of an English lord and an Akoran princess, Lord Alex Darcourt has spent months in England on a secret mission. Now he has set sail back to the land of his youth–and to an unknown fate in a nation fraught with unrest. But Alex’s discovery of a secret stowaway has thrown his voyage into turmoil. A bold, honey-haired beauty, Joanna has no idea of the danger she’s placed herself in. As Alex’s ship enters its home port, he hopes he can protect her in a world where she is unwelcome. But his greatest challenge proves to be protecting Joanna from his own smoldering desire–a forbidden passion that could put both their lives in jeopardy. From the Paperback edition.
Juvenile Nonfiction

Dream Island

Author: Peh Shing Huei

Publisher: Epigram Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


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Philip Yeo was a curious boy who loved to read. He learnt a lot about the world from books, and went to Canada to study. Back in Singapore, he worked for the government and helped create jobs. One day, he gets an idea to combine seven islands into one and build chemical factories on it. Everyone thought it was a crazy idea. But Philip refused to give up.

Dream Island

Author: David LEWIS




Page: 354

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DREAM ISLAND is an Elizabethan love story.

Dream Island

Author: R. M. Lockley




Page: 200

View: 679

A combined collection of two books by naturalist Ronald Lockley about his life on the island of Skomer

Good Dream Island Poetry Book

Author: Jacqueline S. Shor

Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated


Category: Poetry

Page: 52

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I was asked by a very close friend to write a children's book. I had never written a book before this one. I didn't think I could do it! All of a sudden, my imagination and creativity crept into my soul! There is a great message to all of us in this book. Good always wins over evil. My prayer is that all the children that read this story will benefit from this message. Also, I hope that they have a wonderful time having it read to them or reading it by themselves. I was told by my mom a long time ago that I had a great imagination when I was a child.I am still waiting for my Prince Charming to come into my life! All I know is that I am having a wonderful time writing! All my life I never thought I could accomplish anything! Here I am, writing books and lyrics! Enjoy the book!
Civil service

Dream Island

Author: Shing Huei Peh



Category: Civil service


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Merchant marine

Merchant Vessels of the United States




Category: Merchant marine


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From 1894/95-1935/36, pt.6 of each volume is issued separately, with titles, 1894/95-1902/03: Code list of merchant vessels of the United States; 1903/04-1935/36: Seagoing vessels of the United States.

I Have a Dream!

Author: Ferdinand Delery

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 117

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In your dreams you see things that seem real, but do not make sense. I saw him, and then I did not see him. I do not know what I thought or understood. I do not think that in my whole life I ever really thought that there was such a place. Then I looked, and I saw the splendor stretched as far as I could see.

Island Dream

Author: John Stover

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 206

View: 708

Russell Sandburg has been invited to attend an execution but he can't remember why. Was he a friend of the man condemned to die or a victim? The questions plagueing Russell's mind lead him to a computer and an Island where he must confront the events that took place ten years ago. Excerpts
Political Science

The Antarctic Treaty

Author: Great BritainForeign and Commonwealth Office

Publisher: The Stationery Office


Category: Political Science

Page: 271

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Pagination retained from the full text of the final report of the 32nd meeting, which is available at
Language Arts & Disciplines

Dream Travelers

Author: Jane Carter Goodale

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 246

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In dreams, part of the self seems to wander off to undertake both mundane tasks and marvellous adventures. Anthropologists have found that many peoples take this experience of dreaming at face value, assuming that their spirits literally leave the body to travel, meet other spirits, and acquire valuable knowledge - with dramatic consequence for relationships, social organization, and religions. Dream Travellers is about Melanesian, Aboriginal Australian, and Indonesian peoples who hold this assumption. Several leading anthropologists contribute theoretically and ethnographically rich chapters, showing that attention to these peoples' dream lives deeply enhances our understanding of their cultures and waking lives as well.

Backpacking at an Older Age

Author: Raymond A. Ringhoff

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Travel

Page: 116

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Back Packing at an Older Age This book is about my 6-month adventure, back packing and working around Australia, which was a dream of mine since migrating to Australia in 1996. Eventually becoming an Australian citizen. This type of down to earth adventure travel gives one a totally different perspective about the country landscape and about the travelers from different countries that do this type of adventure. I hope one will get excited as I did when they read this book about my adventure and that no matter how old you are one can have an experience of a lifetime.
Literary Collections

Mad Wives and Island Dreams

Author: Philip Gabriel

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 304

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Hailed by the noted critic Karatani Kojin as a more important and lasting writer than Mishima, Shimao Toshio (1917-1986) remains almost unknown in the West. Several of his short stories have appeared in English translation, yet it is only now, with the publication of Philip Gabriel's comprehensive and searching study, that Shimao's work is being introduced to the worldwide audience it deserves. Mad Wives and Island Dreams not only is a thorough assessment of the literary legacy of a highly original and influential writer, but also represents a significant contribution to the consideration of much broader issues relating to the emergence and nature of the postwar Japanese sense of identity. Shimao's fiction covers a wide range of topics: the war and its aftermath, the unconscious, the nuclear family, madness, the position of women, the culture of Japan's southern islands. Shimao's experiences as a survivor of a "kamikaze" unit underscore much of his literature and resulted in a series of compelling short stories unique in modern fiction. Many of these early, critically acclaimed works, including the classic "Everyday Life in a Dream," are based on the narrative logic of the unconscious. Mad Wives and Island Dreams contextualizes these "dream stories" as a literary expression of wartime trauma and argues that Shimao's powerful narration of guilt and victimization challenges standard readings of Japanese war literature. Shimao's most popular works are the byosaimono (literally "stories of a sick wife"), which chronicle the real-life crisis of his wife's madness in the mid-1950s. Among these is the writer's best-known work, the 1977 novel Shi no toge (The sting of death), widely recognized as one of the masterpieces of Japanese literature. The novel further explores Shimao's "literature of the victimizer" and wartime experience while revealing a feminist perspective that explores links between the suppressed aspirations of women and madness. Perhaps, most importantly, just as the novel examines the relationship between the wife, Miho, and her southern island roots, Shi no toge parallels Shimao's growing concern over the culture of marginalized regions and notions of cultural diversity-a concern that would eventually result in the Yaponesia essays. In Mad Wives and Island Dreams, Gabriel succeeds in linking all of the seemingly disparate strands within Shimao's oeuvre--the war stories, the byosaimono, the dream stories, the Yaponesia writings-categories all too often discussed in isolation. He shows convincingly that together they represent a consistent and concerted attempt to depict the existence of "the Other," the significant periphery of a less than homogenous whole. This volume will prove fascinating and important reading for those interested in questions of cultural identity and marginalization as well as Japanese literature and culture.
Body, Mind & Spirit

The Hidden Meaning of Dreams

Author: Craig Hamilton-Parker

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 144

View: 872

Discusses the psychological and mystical meanings of specific symbols in dreams and provides experiments to help remember and analyze dreams

The Billionaire's Bride of Innocence

Author: Miranda Lee

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 591

James Logan knew it was time to take a wife and produce an heir. Megan was perfect for his plans: shy, unworldly and quickly seduced by the Sydney advertising tycoon's devilish charm. She was pregnant on their wedding day. The honeymoon was barely over when Megan had a miscarriage and the scales fell from her eyes: she was trapped in a convenient marriage, and James expected her to conceive again soon. She should have demanded a divorce, but Megan was facing the uncomfortable truth: she'd fallen in love with her ruthless husband….

Island of Shattered Dreams

Author: Chantal T. Spitz

Publisher: Huia Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 163

View: 223

Finally in English, Island of Shattered Dreams is the first ever novel by an indigenous Tahitian writer. In a lyrical and immensely moving style, this book combines a family saga and a doomed love story, set against the background of French Polynesia in the period leading up to the first nuclear tests. The text is highly critical of the French government, and as a result its publication in Tahiti was polarising.