Dump Philosophy

Author: Michael Marder

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Philosophy

Page: 200

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Ranging across philosophy, theology, ecology, psychology, and art, in Dump Philosophy Michael Marder argues that the earth, along with everything that lives and thinks on it, is at an advanced stage of being converted into a dump for industrial output and its by-products feeding consumerism and its excesses. Every day, scientific studies, media reports, and first-hand accounts of the rapidly deteriorating state of the environment hit us with a growing and disconcerting force. Trends such as microplastics in water, airborne toxins, topsoil degradation, and dangerous levels of carbon dioxide have upset the delicate ecological balance that has until now been sustaining life on the planet. Marder's original treatise paints a portrait of the Anthropocene as a global dump which wreaks havoc, causing disease and degrading our sensation, perception, and thinking, so that nuance is lost and ideas are reduced to soundbites in chains of free association. Describing the dump's fundamental characteristics and its effects on the body and the mind, he contemplates wider physiological, social, economic, and environmental metabolisms in the age of dumping, as well as the role of philosophy caught in its crosshairs. While surveying the devastation that is the reality of the twenty-first century, the book provides a frightening and yet intellectually spellbinding glimpse of the future.
Family & Relationships

Why Did He Dump Me? Or Broken Heart 911

Author: Erica Nevis

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 170

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"Broken Heart 911 is Step-by-Step Program" designed to tell exactly what you need to hear, to teach what you have to learn, to disclose secrets you must know in order to move on to the Real Meaningful Relationship you deserve! Being dumped means being humiliated, betrayed and broken hearted. Yes, you can force yourself forgive and forget, but what if it happened again? And again? Being dumped once is painful, being dumped many times is dangerous and destructive. It means that there is the pattern, and you are doing something wrong. To turn circumstances around you have to break this pattern. But how to do it? You can do it ONLY knowing the true causes of being dumped! Find out why He dumped you. Not why you think or your friends/relatives/therapist told you. Discover the Real Reasons. Broken heart is too serious issue to ignore. You live only once in this body and don't have any extra minute to be miserable. Like attracts like. Get an "Emergency Kit" to stop your pain immediately, find out the Proven Rules that will help you to remain sane and learn How to Heal Your Broken Heart Completely in three week!
Technology & Engineering

Guidelines for Mine Waste Dump and Stockpile Design

Author: Mark Hawley



Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 384

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Guidelines for Mine Waste Dump and Stockpile Design is a comprehensive, practical guide to the investigation, design, operation and monitoring of mine waste dumps, dragline spoils and major stockpiles associated with large open pit mines. These facilities are some of the largest man-made structures on Earth, and while most have performed very well, there are cases where instabilities have occurred with severe consequences, including loss of life and extensive environmental and economic damage. Developed and written by industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience, this book is an initiative of the Large Open Pit (LOP) Project. It comprises 16 chapters that follow the life cycle of a mine waste dump, dragline spoil or stockpile from site selection to closure and reclamation. It describes the investigation and design process, introduces a comprehensive stability rating and hazard classification system, provides guidance on acceptability criteria, and sets out the key elements of stability and runout analysis. Chapters on site and material characterisation, surface water and groundwater characterisation and management, risk assessment, operations and monitoring, management of ARD, emerging technologies and closure are included. A chapter is also dedicated to the analysis and design of dragline spoils. Guidelines for Mine Waste Dump and Stockpile Design summarises the current state of practice and provides insight and guidance to mine operators, geotechnical engineers, mining engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists and other individuals that are responsible at the mine site level for ensuring the stability and performance of these structures. Readership includes mining engineers, geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, engineering geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, and other professionals involved in the site selection, investigation, design, permitting, construction, operation, monitoring, closure and reclamation of mine waste dumps and stockpiles.