Edgar Cayce's Egypt

Author: Edgar Cayce

Publisher: ARE Press


Category: History

Page: 583

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The information in these readings gives great insight into who the ancient people of Egypt were, how they lived, fought, ruled, and developed as one of the most incredible civilizations that ever walked the earth. Some of the most intriguing mysteries in the world surround Egypt and its ancient times. Edgar Cayce addresses many of those mysteries in this comprehensive collection of psychic readings that provide one of the most unique perspectives on ancient civilization anywhere in print. Book jacket.
Biography & Autobiography

Edgar Cayce's Story of the Soul

Author: W.H. Church

Publisher: ARE Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 252

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Gain a true understanding of the genesis of souls and what happened in the Garden of Eden. Read about Atlantis, the Yucatan, Fallen Angels, Mound Builders and more. Read this story of the soul on its journey through Lemuria and Atlantis and know that you were there, too. Relive what may by your own history in Egypt, Persia, and prehistoric America. Walk with Abraham and the other patriarchs in the desert in the great search for God that we all share.
Body, Mind & Spirit

Edgar Cayce's Origin and Destiny of Man

Author: Lytle Webb Robinson

Publisher: ARE Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 244

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Where did we come from? Why are we here on Earth? What is our purpose? Lytle Robinson gives us a comprehensive interpretation of the fascinating story of our history and future here on earth, as given by the Edgar Cayce readings. The Edgar Cayce readings address the many questions whose answers have eluded us all in our quest for the truth about where we come from and where we are going. What is the story of our creation? Who were the “sons of gods” and the “daughters of men”? How does mythology fit in with our history? What is our purpose and destiny in the earth? This is a captivating account you will not be able to put down, or soon forget.
Social Science

Pyramids and Nightclubs

Author: L. L. Wynn

Publisher: University of Texas Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 296

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Living in Egypt at the turn of the millennium, cultural anthropologist L. L. Wynn was struck by the juxtapositions of Western, Gulf Arab, and Egyptian viewpoints she encountered. For some, Egypt is the land of mummies and pharaohs. For others, it is a vortex of decadence, where nightlife promises a chance to salivate over belly dancers and maybe even glimpse a movie star. Offering a new approach to ethnography, Pyramids and Nightclubs examines cross-cultural encounters to bring to light the counterintuitive ways in which Egypt is defined. Guiding readers on an armchair journey that introduces us to Russian and Australian belly dancers on Nile cruise ships, Egyptian rumors about an Arab prince and his royal entourage, Saudi girls looking for a less restrictive dating scene, and other visitors to this "antique" land, Wynn uses the lens of travel and tourism to depict a fascinating and often surprising version of Egypt, while exploring the concept of stereotype itself. Tracing the history of Western and Arab fascination with Egypt through spurious hunts for lost civilizations and the new economic disparities brought about by the oil industry, Pyramids and Nightclubs ultimately describes the ways in which moments of cultural contact, driven by tourism and labor migration, become eye-opening opportunities for defining self and other.

Keeper Of Genesis

Author: Robert Bauval

Publisher: Random House


Category: History

Page: 416

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In Keeper of Genesis, Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock present a tour de force of historical and scientific detective work and answer the following questions: When and where did history begin? When was the genesis of civilisation in Egypt? How and why were the Great Sphinx and the three pyramids of Giza designed to serve as pasrts of an immense three-dimensional model of the sky of 'First Time'? What is contained in the rectangular chamber that seismic surveys have located in the bedrock far below the paws of the sphinx? What lies behind the mysterious doors recently discovered at the end of a previously unexplored shaft inside the Great Pyramid? And does mankind have a rendezvous with destiny - a rendezvous not in the future, but in the distant past - at a precise place and time? Using sophisticated computer simulations of the ancient skies to crack the millenial code that the monuments transcribe, Bauval and Hancock set out a startling new theory concerning the Pyramid Texts and other archaic Egyptian scriptures.
Body, Mind & Spirit

The Immortal Truth: The Akashic Records Read by Saints and Mystics

Author: Numa Jay Pillion

Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 284

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The Akashic records, also known as the Book of God's Remembrance, contain accounts of everything we have ever thought, said, or done. We will all read these records after we die, and we will all be judged by what lies within. In rare cases, individuals glimpse the Records while they are still alive, and share what they have learned from them. "The Immortal Truth" is the first book that includes all of the revelations of the Records in one work -- across party lines, one might say. With narratives of visions from Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich and Edgar Cayce, and Life Readings from the Religious Research Foundation of America, Inc., there is an abundance of material to intrigue the spiritual seeker in you.

The Quintessential Jesus of Nazareth

Author: Allison Sledge

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 344

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Penned by Allison Sledge, “The Quintessential Jesus of Nazareth” is a penetrating, intellectually profound masterpiece of the Highest Order. Ms. Sledge is a premier scholar of gnosticism, comparative religion, Biblical nomenclature, symbolism, onomastics, metaphysics, kaballah, mysticism and spiritual initiation. Her book transports the reader beyond space and time - into the mind, heart, spirit and soul of The Master Jesus, on every conceivable level which is not generally known to the masses. Many of the Holy Scriptures’ chapters and verses will be viewed from a different perspective; as was once perceived with the universal eyes with which Jesus viewed the world, rather than what many of the modern clergy promulgate and attempt to teach the majority of unenlightened souls. This book is designed to enlighten each reader to depths they might not have ever imagined... Never before has a writer dared to be so bold as to interpret the Natal Birth Chart of Jesus Christ, a Piscean, born on March 19th, 07 BC, while elevating and re-creating awareness, understanding and insight to completely new heights of all inclusive universal comprehension. This Author’s book was written in a “stream of consciousness” with God, emanating from her deep connection with Jesus of Nazareth. Intertwining her personal observations within the subject matter, Allison Sledge methodically includes the works of Edgar Cayce, The Keys of Enoch, The Aquarian Gospel and Egyptology. She engages her familiarity with science, mathematics, planetary energies, and Biblical personalities. Her work highlights the thread of unity, which connects the Old Testament with the New Testament in symbolic patterns, from Genesis to Revelations. Her goal is to be inclusive rather than exclusive, thus incorporating differing thoughts and opinions into the ultimate reality that “We Are All One,” despite our conflicting beliefs; just as Jesus taught. Contemplating the reality and purpose of human existence surely must lead us to wonder how we, as human beings created in the image of God, do not truly know God as Jesus. There is a disconnection. Even more profound is the fact that Jesus, The Christ, died a horrendous death by execution in order to instill in each one of us His everlasting message: “...That we love one another as we love ourselves...” Sadly, the state of the world today – reflects the exact opposite of His hopes and wishes. The Book, now in your hands, was given to you to know the Real Jesus of Nazareth, inside and out, like you have never, ever known before. Enjoy it, and God Bless You.

The Firestone Legacy

Author: Jerry Byrd

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 397

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Bodyguard Matilda Karsen agrees to take an unusual assignment rescuing an heiress from a cult and uncovers a mass murder that will launch an international manhunt with her as the target. Zachary Goldeagle, producer, adventurer and Hopi shaman offers to help an old friend. They become embroiled in a deadly international intrigue, pitted against wealthy and powerful adversaries who want them both dead or worse. In a race around the globe, they have one chance to keep an ancient secret from the wrong hands. It means facing the Labyrinth of the Initiate a place designed to kill.

Going out in Daylight – prt m hrw

Author: Stephen Quirke

Publisher: Golden House Publications


Category: History

Page: 641

View: 544

First full illustrated translation with Egyptian transliteration, aiming to present with their individual histories all the compositions on prt m hrw "Book of the Dead" papyri from the New Kingdom to Ptolemaic Period. The volume gives at least one version of every written composition, together with one or more images for the essential pictorial component of all writings for which illustrations are known. Writings at the margins or outside the prt m hrw corpus, including all ascribed "Book of the Dead" numbers in Egyptological publications, are included in the final section. The translations are supported by a thematic and historical introduction and closing glossary.
Atlantis (Legendary place)

Cayces Stry of Origin

Author: Lyle Robinson

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group


Category: Atlantis (Legendary place)

Page: 224

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We the Black Jews

Author: Yosef Ben-Jochannan

Publisher: Black Classic Press


Category: Religion

Page: 408

View: 186

This aspect of the history and heritage of the “Black Jews” is dedicated to all oppressed African people whose religion differs from those who control the power of life and death over most of us. Out of this it is hoped that a better understanding between African people will prevail in spite of our religious differences. Remember, religion is nothing more, or less, than a belief, and that any one of them is as Godly as another.Yosef A. A. Ben-Johnannan

New Age Religion and Western Culture

Author: Wouter J. Hanegraaff

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion


View: 936

This is the first comprehensive analysis of the belief structure and historical background of the New Age Movement. "New Age Religion" emerges as a thoroughly secularized form of western-esoteric traditions which can be traced back to the period of the Renaissance.

A Life Worth Living

Author: Robert S. Bryan

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Education


View: 724

Robert S. Bryan, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at North Carolina State University, shares his personalized take on the elements of a life worth living.

The Festivals of Opet, the Valley, and the New Year

Author: Masashi Fukaya

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd


Category: History

Page: 306

View: 644

This volume compares the religious and social functions of the Ancient Egyptian festivals of Opet, the Valley, and the New Year. Until now, detailed study of the New Year Festival has only been carried out with reference to the Greco-Roman period; this study turns its attention to the New Kingdom.

Ancient Egypt

Author: George Robins Gliddon



Category: Archaeology

Page: 66

View: 196


The Egyptian World

Author: Toby Wilkinson

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 592

View: 600

Providing fresh perspectives on this ancient culture, a digest of current research trends in Egyptology, as well as a unique examination of the Egyptian world, this title enables students to gain a clear understanding of ancient Egyptian society.