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Research news and principal acquisitions of documentation on Latin America in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
Legal assistance to the poor

Beyond Law




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Decrypting Power

Author: Ricardo Sanín-Restrepo

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Philosophy

Page: 372

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This book provides a sharp tool for clarifying the nature of power relations in our globalized world. It presents a coherent approach from diverse disciplinary and geopolitical perspectives on key concepts such as power, democracy and the law, connecting studies of coloniality, Caribbean thought, critical legal thinking and Latin American studies.

Markets and Civil Society

Author: Víctor Pérez Díaz

Publisher: Berghahn Books


Category: History

Page: 264

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Recoge: Free markets, civil societies and a liberal polity. Markets, civil society and politics. Civil society in transitions to market economies and liberal polities.
Criminal justice, Administration of

Contornos y pliegues del derecho


Publisher: Anthropos Editorial


Category: Criminal justice, Administration of

Page: 511

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CONTENIDO: Filosofía del derecho y antropología jurídica - Sociología del control penal y problemas sociales - El sistema penal: historia, política (s) y controversias - Recuerdos y reflexiones en voz alta.

Changing Industrial Relations & Modernisation of Labour Law

Author: Marco Biagi

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.


Category: Law

Page: 469

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Thirty-three distinguished authorities in the field of labour and industrial relations law gather here to enhance and complement the work of the late Marco Biagi, a man who, at the time of his violent and untimely death, had shown himself to be the most insightful and committed international scholar in this complex and controversial and, as it proved, even dangerous field. The topics covered range over many of Professor Biagi's special interests, including the following: the formulation of a new basis for labour law that could resolve new issues; employee protection in corporate restructuring; the trend toward individual 'enterprise bargaining'; a new European employment policy and what it might entail; the growing phenomenon of 'flexibilisation'; the effects of an aging workforce; the crucial nexus of free trade, labour, and human rights; the promise of EU enlargement; and protection of part-time workers. There is a lot of insight, innovation, and just clear thinking in this wide-ranging and far-reaching book. It will be of exceptional value to scholars, lawyers, and others concerned with the extensive and unpredictable changes under way in today's world of work.
Commercial policy

50th Anniversary of the Multilateral Trading System

Author: World Trade Organization

Publisher: Conran Octopus


Category: Commercial policy

Page: 134

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Recoge: 1. Flavio Cotti - 2. Renato Ruggiero - 3. William J. Clinton - 4. Kjell Magne Bondevik - 5. Ivan Kostov - 6. Fidel Castro Ruiz - 7. Jacques Santer - 8. Fernando Henrique Cardoso - 9. Nelson Mandela - 10. Sidi Mohammed - 11. Janez Drnovsek - 12. Tony Blair - 13. Daniel Kablan Duncan - 14. Edison C. James - 15. Romano Prodi - 16. Jean Chretien - 17. Ryutaro Hashimoto - 18. Gon Chok Tong.
Environmental impact analysis

Derecho del medio ambiente

Author: Universidad de Chile. Fundación Facultad de Derecho



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Church and social problems





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Estudios sobre derecho y economía del transporte

Author: Fernando Martínez Sanz



Category: Law

Page: 1347

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La presente publicación, bajo el título de “Estudios sobre derecho y economía del transporte: Reforma y liberalización”, recoge cerca de sesenta intervenciones, entre ponencias y comunicaciones, que se produjeron en el III Congreso Internacional de Transporte, organizado por el Centro de Derecho del Transporte Internacional (CEDIT), en Castellón de la Plana durante los días 16, 17 y 18 de abril de 2008. Desde su creación en la Universitat Jaume I en 2003, el Centro de Derecho del Transporte Internacional ( ha venido celebrando, con carácter bienal, el referido Congreso, así como múltiples jornadas y cursos relativos a este sector del derecho. Entre ellos destacan el master en derecho y gestión del transporte, ofrecido en versión on-line y el master en derecho marítimo y portuario. Asimismo, ha elaborado diversos informes jurídicos sobre aspectos concretos del transporte de mercancías y coedita una colección de monografías de Derecho del transporte.