Enemy of My Enemy

Author: Tal Bauer




Page: 475

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An affair that stunned the world.Two men, committed to their impossible love.One general, determined to destroy them both.President Jack Spiers and former Secret Service Agent Ethan Reichenbach throw caution to the wind, committing themselves publicly as the first out male lovers and partners to occupy the White House. Jack moves Ethan into the Residence, but as Ethan settles into his new role as first gentleman of the United States, not everyone is thrilled with their choices. When it seems like the world turns against them, Jack and Ethan must turn to each other, finding the strength together to press on.In the chaos, Jack's relationship with the Russian president, Sergey Puchkov, grows closer, and the two nations find themselves working almost as allies. But President Puchkov has secrets of his own, secrets that could rip everything apart. And Ethan steps back into the action with Lieutenant Adam Cooper, taking charge of a covert kill team tasked with hunting down General Madigan once and for all.But Madigan is elusive, and his dangerous reach is long. He strikes at Jack and Ethan from the shadowy corners of the globe, unraveling their entire world. As the mad general draws new allies together, he is single-minded in his quest to destroy the only two men who ever beat him.He will stop at nothing until Jack and Ethan are shattered men, worlds apart, and struggling to get back to one another.And after that, Madigan's true revenge begins...****Special Second Edition includes 20,000 additional words!
Administrative law

Code of Federal Regulations




Category: Administrative law


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Special edition of the Federal Register, containing a codification of documents of general applicability and future effect ... with ancillaries.
Performing Arts

Performance, Politics, and the War on Terror

Author: Sara Brady

Publisher: Springer


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 203

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Using a performance studies lens, this book is a study of performance in the post-9/11 context of the so-called war on terror. It analyzes conventional theatre, political protest, performance art and other sites of performance to unpack the ways in which meaning has been made in the contemporary global sociopolitical environment.

Magnificent Fight

Author: Robert J. Cressman

Publisher: DIANE Publishing


Category: History

Page: 37

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Contents: Maj. Gen. P.S. Devereux; Col. Walter L. J. Bayler; Comm. Winfield S. Cunningham; Maj. Paul A. Putnam; 1st Lt. John F. Kinney; defensive mainstay: the M3 Antiaircraft Gun; the Nells, Bettys, & Claudes of Japan; Sgt. William J. Hamilton; humbled by sizable casualties; the Defense battalion's 5-inch guns; Cap. Henry T. Elrod; 'still no help'; Cap. Frank C. Tharin; 2nd Lt. David D. Kliewer; Adm. Frank Jack Fletcher; 'all hands have behaved splendidly'; 'this is as far as we go'; 'a difficult thing to do'; sources. Maps & photos.
Directories, Governmental

Official Congressional Directory

Author: United States. Congress



Category: Directories, Governmental


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Includes maps of the U.S. Congressional districts.