Sports & Recreation

The Fantasy Sport Industry

Author: Andrew C. Billings

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 176

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Fantasy sport has become big business. Recent estimates suggest that there as many as 33 million fantasy sport participants in the US alone, spending $3bn annually, with many millions more around the world. This is the first in-depth study of fantasy sport as a cultural and social phenomenon and a significant and growing component of the contemporary sports economy. This book presents an overview of the history of fantasy sport and its close connection to innovations in sports media. Drawing on extensive empirical research, it offers an analysis of the demographics of fantasy sport, the motivations of fantasy sport players and their significance as heavy consumers of sport media and as ultra-fans. It also draws cross-cultural comparisons between fantasy sport players in the US, UK, Europe and beyond. The Fantasy Sport Industry examines the key commercial and media stakeholders in the production and development of fantasy sport, and points to new directions for the fantasy sport industry within modern sport business. It is therefore, fascinating reading for any student, scholar or professional with an interest in sports media, sports business, fandom, the relationship between sport and society, or cultural studies.
Games & Activities

My RB Was Not My Forte: Strategies, Stupidities, Successes and Lessons from One Junkie's Fantasy Football Season

Author: George Hayward

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 43

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“My RB Was Not My Forte” is unlike other fantasy football resources—a combination draft guide and handbook to help you manage your team through the panic-inducing seasonal rollercoaster of injuries, slumps and upsets. Told as a diary of one team’s 2011 season in a long-running keeper league, "My RB..." includes 25 years of fantasy football experience and insight on roster planning and trading, including two chapters on keeper leagues, and the principle of Pragmatic Paranoia—seven crises you’re sure to face in your fantasy season. There are no cheat sheets here, but a draft guide of just a few simple steps to get the most value out of any cheat sheet you use. You’ll see first-hand how to field and maintain a competitive team and often, what not to do! Whether you’re a novice or hardcore fantasy footballer, you’ll enjoy an up-and-down ride through one venerable franchise’s season and pick up a career’s worth of knowledge and advice, hopefully on the way to your fantasy playoffs!