From Anger to Action

Author: Ben Jackson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Nature

Page: 224

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From Anger to Action tells the stories of the citizens' movements charting new paths to tackle the big global challenges that lie behind the political upheavals of our times. Drawing on candid insights from citizens, activists, and innovators, and their own experiences as leaders of internationally recognized advocacy organizations, the authors give an insider account of the battle for change and how it can be won – as well as trenchant criticism of where traditional civil society has lost its way and needs renewal. While unflinching on the dangers of the current political crises, the book offers hard-edged hope and a vision for citizen-led change to reshape our fractured politics. We meet communities in economically-battered towns welcoming refugees and Syrian peacebuilders reaching across impossible divides, go behind the scenes with Fairtrade banana farmers and hear of frenzied climate campaigners pushing divestment from oil companies and using social media to drive change. Lamb and Jackson explore how citizens’ movements are transforming our global politics, refashioning internationalism and fighting back against narrow nationalism. The book analyses why some movements secure lasting change – and others fail. And they show how these insights could shape a wider strategy for grassroots-up transformation. From Anger to Action will be of interest to social activists and anyone interested in social movements, global change, and civil society.
Young Adult Nonfiction

From Anger to Action

Author: Mitch R. Abblett

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

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A comprehensive mindfulness program to help teens understand and channel anger into healthy expressions of creativity, advocacy, and empowerment. Sometimes you just feel pissed off, and that’s okay. Maybe you missed a deadline in school, flunked a test, didn’t get invited to a party, or feel angry about something you saw on the news or online. We’ve all been there. It’s impossible to go through life never feeling angry. But what if, instead of letting your anger take control, you were able to harness it in constructive ways? This book will show you how. With this guide, you’ll find powerful mindfulness tools to help you listen to your anger, connect with your core values and goals, and make positive changes that will truly empower you. Instead of resorting to outbursts, you’ll learn to channel the incredible energy of your anger into self-advocacy, social action, and productivity. You’ll also find stories from other teens just like you who’ve successfully redirected their anger into creating positive change. If you’re ready to change your relationship with anger and transform it into fuel for change and creative possibility, this book will guide you, every step of the way.

How to Deal with Anger

Author: Isabel Clarke

Publisher: Hachette UK


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YOUR FIRST STEP TO A LIFE FREE FROM ANGER Everyone feels angry from time to time, and anger is a natural and normal way to respond to the things in life that frustrate us. But it is all too easy to allow feelings of anger and displeasure to color your life and your relationships with other people. Managing these feelings is important, as apart from making you difficult to live with, anger has negative effects on your blood pressure and makes you more susceptible to heart attacks, depression and anxiety. A PRACTICAL AND SUPPORTIVE 5-STEP COURSE TO SET YOU FREE FROM ANGER By picking this book up you've taken the first stride to a life free from anger. Using the STEP system - a structured, CBT-based approach that delivers both support and proven techniques for managing anger - you can begin to transform your daily life. Written by an expert author with many years of clinical experience, this book will help you get a better understanding of your anger and what keeps it going, tackle negative thoughts and behaviour, and progress to a healthier, happier outlook - without fear of setbacks or relapse. ABOUT THE SERIES Everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes. When that happens, you need clarity of thought and practical advice to progress beyond the problem. The How To Deal With series provides structured, CBT-based solutions from health professionals and top experts to help you deal with issues thoroughly, once and for all. Short, easy to read, and very reassuring, these books are your first step on a pathway to a happier future. They are perfect for self-directed use and are designed so that medical professionals can prescribe them to patients.

Anger to Action

Author: Stapp Dennis




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This informative text engages mainstream America and presents detailed solutions to the problems that face the country. The volume presents a shockingly clear picture of how things really are in America in contrast to how they were supposed to be.
Anger in literature

Anger in Action

Author: Ram Krishna Singh



Category: Anger in literature

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Contributed articles.

Des Voices: from Anger to Action

Author: Pat Cody




Page: 252

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Take a new estrogen promoted by the pharmaceutical companies. Add doctors ready to believe in another miracle drug. Take post-World War II women desperate to have a baby after miscarrying. Continue prescription for years. The result is the tragedy experienced by million of DES-exposed mothers, daughters, and son - and perhaps grandchildren. This is the story of what they did about the drug disaster that changed their lives.
Sex discrimination against women

Anger to Action

Author: Women's Caucus for Art. Affirmative Action Committee



Category: Sex discrimination against women

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The Gift of Anger

Author: Carroll Saussy

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press


Category: Religion

Page: 160

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This book provides a biblical basis and a very practical and viable methodology for using and expressing anger in a healthy and redemptive way.