Overcoming the Fear of Success

Author: Martha Friedman

Publisher: Grand Central Pub


Category: Psychology

Page: 199

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Explains how we unconsciously sabotage our chances for success and discusses how to recognize and overcome hidden fears and discover true fulfillment in work, love, and recreation

Fear of Success

Author: D.W. Tresemer

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Psychology

Page: 258

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Nought's had, all's spent, Where our desire is got without content: 'Tis safer to be that which we destroy Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy. So speaks Lady Macbeth upon the attainment of the aim of her ambition (act 3, scene 2). Is this expression of a fear of success the consequence of the highly competitive arena in which she is striving to achieve? Will this sentiment later lead to the avoidance of this or other forms of success? Does she fear success because she is a woman? While the fear and avoidance of success are ideas that are not new to psychology or to human behavior, recent work by Matina Homer has excited great interest in the psychological measure of a personal disposition to avoid success and a behavioral measure of that avoidance. It is with this recent wave of research and writing that Part II of this book is concerned. Great personal interest was stimulated in the "fear of success" concept. It is not only the hypochondriacs who find in the idea of a "fear of success" syndrome an explanation for the course of their lives. In Part I are presented the earlier forms which the concept of "fear of success" took, especially in psychoanalytic theory and per sonality theory, originating with Freud's discussion of "those wrecked by success," but citing some of the much older cultural traditions involving a fear and/or avoidance of success.

The Fear of Success: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Destiny

Author: Jonathan Kis-Lev

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 274

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What would you do if you didn't fear success? The fear of success syndrome is more common than you may think, and is prevalent mostly in sensitive men and women who do not wish to cast a shadow on anyone with their abilities and skills. In this highly personal memoir Jonathan Kis-Lev takes you through his own journey of shedding the fear of success and claiming his fair share in the world. Now you can do the same and achieve the success you've always deserved. It takes work-some emotional work-but Jonathan takes you by the hand and shows you that even your greatest fears are just... fears. Claim your share. Fulfill your potential. Accept the applause. You have every right to. "Kis-Lev brings a fun, sensitive verve to now well-tread self-help tropes... The tone is far more feisty than academic, and there's humor on every page as he shares his own downfalls that occurred whenever he let his fear become the 'dictator'. Highly recommended..." -The Monthly YOU Reader "Empowering... If you need to see an example of vulnerability done well, just read The Fear of Success." -Nadia Joels, The Bookreview Club "If touchy-feely self-help tomes make you feel less than inspired, this no-nonsense manifesto to targeting your greatest fears is just what you're looking for. Jonathan has a gift for writing in a very frank way that makes you simply fall in love him, and helps you become a stronger person on the way." -Dan Klein, The Last Opinion "Insightful and powerful... Whether you've read his other books or not, you will be an instant fan. Kis-Lev's approach to achieving success will leave you inspired and get you going!" -Dr. John Vitals, author and speaker "The road to mastery requires studying under a master. Kis-Lev handles his ultimate fear of success like a master. He engages with it artfully. He realizes his family patterns and need to conform and please, and nevertheless steps forward. Inspiring, simply inspiring..." -Alison Kahn, Peace For The Future "Jonathan Kis-Lev is ridiculously inspirational. And honest and transparent as well. The dialogues he conducts with his inner fears are hilarious and moving at the same time..." -Joan Kelvin, author The Secret Inside "Wow... You'll finish this book feeling impacted, grateful, and inspired to conquer your fears and go for your dreams. You deserve that raise, that position, that money and that level of respect. Kis-Lev, through his long and painful personal story, will help you claim your share of life's goodness." -Janice Kline, speaker and author "Entertaining and practical, The Fear of Success will leave you excited to embrace challenges in a whole new way. Filled with some of the best quotes I've ever read, this book is a must read for high achievers." -Bill T. Harry, Harry Books "For those who generally loathe the self-help genre, Kis-Lev's book is a breath of fresh air. Kis-Lev takes an orderly, methodical approach to quieting his fears down, and finding a way to listen to the encouraging voice within. Get ready for an adventure!" -Laila Hoja, The Book Reviewer "Practical and never preachy... Gave me many ideas as to my own self-talk, much of which I use today. The court scenes, in which Jonathan takes his fears to 'court', are moving and raw... We'd like to see more such biographical self-help books in the future." -Daily Preacher "Packed with fascinating insights about the psychology of why we shy away from our successes. Quoting Maslow, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey and many more, Kis-Lev builds upon their teachings and creates his own approach to fear management. We learn, through his own experiences how our fears can turn into our best friends." -Maria Velazquez, coach and trainer "The book surprised me with its wisdom and insights... Kis-Lev exudes warmth from every page. As you read it you'll be inspired by his emotional confessions and liberating wisdom." -Aven K. Lint, author and speaker

A Great and Precious Promise!

Author: Elizabeth M. Jones

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 180

View: 243

Jones presents a guide for piercing the veil of the deeper, guarded, and hidden meanings of the Holy Scriptures for seekers of all levels of spiritual understanding, who long for profound changes, spiritual progress, and a long-sought peace. (Practical Life)
Body, Mind & Spirit

Witch School

Author: Debbe Tompkins

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 248

View: 449

Learn what it means to be Wiccan with this easy-to-follow course from From energy and consciousness studies to casting spells and making magick, this friendly guide presents the essentials of Wicca in an engaging and straightforward manner. Readers will learn about Wiccan ethics, gods and goddesses, sabbats and esbats, magic wands, herbal concoctions, altars, pentacles, totem animals, and a variety of divination practices.
Business & Economics

The Financial Times Guide to Leadership

Author: Marianne Abib Pech

Publisher: Pearson UK


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

View: 531

The Financial Times Guide to Leadership is a one-stop shop for professionals at every stage of their leadership journey. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to upgrade your current skills, this practical guide takes you through the core building tools of self-awareness, influence and execution. With thought-provoking exercises and action points throughout, plus handy chapter summaries for when you need to access information, this book is your roadmap to becoming a better leader. This definitive guide to leadership includes: What good leadership looks like How to build your own leadership style Techniques to lead and influence others How to build and execute your vision Everything you need to know to become an authentic and dynamic leader. "My shelves groan under stacks of leadership books. But just a very few stand out as solid gold. The Financial Times Guide to Leadership merits inclusion in that select company. There is simply no excuse for not applying its very practical steps. I'd urge you to start or continue your journey here!" Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence "Finally, a first-class leadership book that focuses on the 'how' and 'what' as well as the 'why' and 'when'. Full of practical steps to take you to the next level." Doug Richard, entrepreneur and founder of School for Startups "Leadership is at the intersection of competence, charisma and the ability to think big for yourself and for others. The Financial Times Guide to Leadership gives you the tools you need to navigate this junction with success." Mercedes Erra, Executive President of Havas Worldwide
Women executives

Women in Management

Author: Sanghamitra Buddhapriya

Publisher: APH Publishing


Category: Women executives

Page: 257

View: 462


Fear Is Power

Author: Anthony Gunn

Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 227

View: 556

Shark-diving experts, police officers, professional athletes, and explorers all face dangerous and risky situations every day in their line of work, and yet they are able to face their fears and meet these challenges head-on. Accounts from “fear professionals” such as these are featured in this book to show readers how they too can harness their own fears and turn them into strengths. Each section contains direct quotes from a fear professional, a common fear myth, and a fear professional’s challenge to the myth, as well as short exercises to help readers apply what they have learned. The book acknowledges that everyone feels fear, but that there are ways to turn trepidation into an asset.
Juvenile Nonfiction

The Success Principles for Teens

Author: Jack Canfield

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 304

View: 456

Everyone wants to be successful—and today’s youth are no exception. After the massive success of Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles, thousands of requests came rushing in to develop the most important success strategies for today’s teenagers. Their calls have been answered. Even though many teens are urged to get good grades, many feel lost when it comes to setting powerful goals and creating the life they really want. Jack Canfield, cocreator of the famed Chicken Soup for the Soul series has teamed up with successful author and young entrepreneur Kent Healy to design a fun and engaging teen-friendly book that offers the timeless information and inspiration to get from where you are to where you really want to be. The Success Principles for Teens is a roadmap for every young person. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to become a better student or athlete, start a business, make millions of dollars, or simply find guidance and direction, the principles in this book always work, if you work the principles. This is not merely a collection of “good ideas.” This book includes twenty-three of the most important success strategies used by thousands of exceptional young people throughout history. With the right tools, anyone can be successful. This book will give teens the courage and the heart to get started and get ahead.

Motivation and Personality

Author: Charles P. Smith

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 708

View: 913

Sample Text
Achievement motivation

The Success-fearing Personality

Author: Donnah Canavan-Gumpert



Category: Achievement motivation

Page: 256

View: 637

Description du phénomène de la "peur du succès", soit à l'image des exemples rapportées par S. Freud de 2 cas de personnes qui ont détruit leur vie après avoir obtenue un important succès dans ce qu'elles avaient chèrement espéré et travaillé à construire.

Overcoming Resistance

Author: Albert Ellis, PhD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company


Category: Psychology

Page: 320

View: 222

With a new foreword by Raymond DiGiuseppe, PhD, ScD, St. John's University "Albert Ellis has written many books on his favorite topic Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. Although he writes on that topic very well, he often does not write about generic psychotherapy. REBT is an integrative form of psychotherapy. Following this model, psychotherapists can incorporate many diverse techniques and strategies to change clients' dysfunctional behaviors and emotionsÖ. Much of what Al identifies as good REBT in this book is just good psychotherapy. Because people so universally identify Al with REBT, people may generally overlook his wisdom as a clinician. Having worked with Al for more than thirty years, I have been fortunate enough to learn from him. Much of the knowledge I learned from Al and cherish the most is not necessarily about REBT theory. They concern wise ways of thinking about clinical problems. That is why, out of all Al's books, this is my favorite. This is Al Ellis, the clinician." -- From the Foreword by Raymond DiGiuseppe, PhD, ScD, Director of Professional Education, Albert Ellis Institute; Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology, St. John's University Now available in an affordable paperback, this edition takes a look at the underlying causes of resisting cognitive-emotional-behavioral change and the methods used to overcome them. Written in present-action language, Ellis gives an overview of the basic principles of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Ellis charts the changes in the field that have taken place in the 20 years leading up to 2002, when this edition was originally published. The book also integrates recent therapies into REBT, including psychotherapy, solution-focused therapy, and recent findings of experimental psychology.

Intrinsic Motivation

Author: Edward L. Deci

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 324

View: 563

As I begin to write this Preface, I feel a rush of excitement. I have now finished the book; my gestalt is coming into completion. Throughout the months that I have been writing this, I have, indeed, been intrinsically motivated. Now that it is finished I feel quite competent and self-determining (see Chapter 2). Whether or not those who read the book will perceive me that way is also a concern of mine (an extrinsic one), but it is a wholly separate issue from the intrinsic rewards I have been experiencing. This book presents a theoretical perspective. It reviews an enormous amount of research which establishes unequivocally that intrinsic motivation exists. Also considered herein are various approaches to the conceptualizing of intrinsic motivation. The book concentrates on the approach which has developed out of the work of Robert White (1959), namely, that intrinsically motivated behaviors are ones which a person engages in so that he may feel competent and self-determining in relation to his environment. The book then considers the development of intrinsic motiva tion, how behaviors are motivated intrinsically, how they relate to and how intrinsic motivation is extrinsically motivated behaviors, affected by extrinsic rewards and controls. It also considers how changes in intrinsic motivation relate to changes in attitudes, how people attribute motivation to each other, how the attribution process is motivated, and how the process of perceiving motivation (and other internal states) in oneself relates to perceiving them in others.

Psychology of Executive Retirement From Fear to Passion

Author: Doug Treen

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Psychology

Page: 296

View: 550

Retiring professionals and executives need to prepare psychologically for retirement, not just financially. This book helps you understand and overcome the stress of losing your role, power, status and self-identity. Also, how to: * find yourself and reach your full potential outside of your job * prevent the retirement shock and its health risks of shortening your life * avoid a traditional retirement of passivity * take control and meet your highest needs * transform your talent into a new self-leadership * have a creative retirement through purpose and passion To order: [email protected]

Be Fearless

Author: Jonathan Alpert

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Self-Help

Page: 352

View: 265

Now in paperback with a new preface! Psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert shares his revolutionary five-step program that teaches readers to get rid of their fears--large and small--and find true happiness and success. Most people have something that gnaws at them at night, a mess or unrealized dream somewhere in their lives that causes them to feel stuck, out of control, overwhelmed, incomplete, and dissatisfied. They want to run away, back away, and ignore what they fear--whether it's a demanding boss, unsatisfying sex life, or distant love interest, but they can't. The fear finds them anyway. It's always there, and it's the source of all of their unhappiness. It's what lies behind every problem, and it's what stands between them and the lives they were meant to live. Psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert wants readers to know one thing: you can face your fear and create your ultimate life-and you can do it quickly. You can find your dream job. You can end that dead end relationship and get the love you want and deserve. You can overcome perfectionism, procrastination, panic, worry, rejection, failure, excuses and even the people in your life who keep telling you that you can't. You can turn your dreams into reality. You can find happiness, success and love. And you don't need years of therapy or even medications to do it. BE FEARLESS is a 5 step plan that is guaranteed to transform the fearful into fearless. It's based on a revolutionary formula developed by Jonathan Alpert, and it's worked on countless patients whose amazing stories are told throughout the book. In as few as 3 weeks readers will transform their lives using the 5 step program: Define Your Dream Life Break Your Fear Pattern Rewrite Your Inner Narrative Eliminate Your Fear Response Live Your Dream By teaching readers to use fear to their advantage and take important risks BE FEARLESS will make the impossible possible.
Sports & Recreation

The Competitive Runner's Handbook

Author: Bob Glover

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 688

View: 332

For both runners entering that first neighborhood race and elite marathoners, trainers Bob and Shelly-lynn Florence Glover's completely revised guide is the book on training to compete. A book that's already sold close to 200,000 copies, The Competitive Runner's Handbook will now offer all the latest information needed to design basic training programs; special workouts to increase strength, endurance, and power; schedules and worksheets to develop individual goals; and specifics on preparing for all kinds of races—with an emphasis on the 10K and the marathon. Informed by their over thirty years of coaching experience, the Glovers give winning tips on alternative training, footwear and diet, and common injuries and illnesses, as well as sensible advice on balancing running with work and home life.

Charge Up Your Life

Author: Ellen M. Diana

Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.


Category: Self-Help

Page: 274

View: 456

"Charge Up Your Life" is an easy-to-follow guide to discovering the real you. As you embark on a personal journey to build self-confidence and generate happiness in your life, you will find proven insights, information, and tools that help you overcome the key barriers that hold you back. Ellen M. Diana and Connie M. Leach share over fifty years of combined experience to help readers find love, happiness, and success! About the Authors Ellen Diana is a psychologist with thirty years' experience working with adults, children, and families in public and private schools, first as a secondary English teacher and later as school psychologist. In addition, she is a gestalt-trained individual, family, couples, and children's play therapist with 20 years as a private practitioner. Ellen has published a number of articles on educational topics in scholarly journals, and has made presentations at national conferences in psychology and education, as well as been a guest on local radio. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Arizona Psychological Association, and American Mensa. Connie Leach is an author, speaker, and certified life coach who specializes in helping people realize their greatest potential in order to live their best lives. She strongly believes that everyone has their own unique gifts and capacity for success. Connie holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, master's degrees in elementary education and community counseling, and a doctorate degree in educational leadership along with extensive training in gestalt therapy. She spent much of her career as a teacher and administrator working with students living in high poverty and high crime areas in Phoenix. In addition, Connie served for several years as Arizona state president for the American Association of University Women, which fosters equity for women and girls.