And the Tarot Cards Said

Author: Jacey Mills

Publisher: Torquere Press, LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 28

View: 386

Vassily is a psychic who doesn’t believe in ghosts. Ben, his assistant, knows ghosts exist; the Tarot tells him so. During a weeklong engagement, the Tarot is REALLY telling him so. Yet, Vassily still has his doubts. Can Ben protect Vas from the ghosts; and maybe find true love along the way? This story is also included in Haunted Hotties Volume I Anthology.

Ghost Ocean

Author: S.M. Peters

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 419

In the dark, rainy town of St. Ives, twenty-two-year-old Te Evangeline works for paranormal investigator Babu Cherian. The work isn't very dangerous—Te's not sure she even believes in the supernatural. But she knows that her father believed enough to work as Babu's partner, until he died mysteriously five years ago. Since then, St.Ives has been relatively quiet. But when a friend of Babu's is murdered under impossible circumstances, Te learns that the dead man was keeping an ancient power at bay, and the creature he was guarding has escaped. Now Te and Babu must track down what killed him, and capture it before it can unleash an evil as old as time. As Te's investigations lead her into the darkest corners of the city, uncanny signs point to this death being linked to her father's. Te is beginning to believe in a world where things are not as they seem—where old powers are awakening and realities shifting, and where Te may find that she herself is somehow stranger and more powerful than she ever imagined.

Ceremony for the Choking Ghost

Author: Karen Finneyfrock

Publisher: SCB Distributors


Category: Poetry

Page: 71

View: 347

After losing her sister to heart failure, Karen Finneyfrock was unable to write poems for three years. Her voice came back, whispering at first, then screaming. Ceremony for the Choking Ghost contains the sound of that voice returning, bringing poems about grief and its effect on the body, the body politic, memory and, of course, poems about love. From the intensely personal, "How My Family Grieved," to the political, "What Lot's Wife Would Have Said (If She Wasn't a Pillar of Salt)," Finneyfrock engages the reader with the chiseled images of a precise storyteller. Finneyfrock writes poetry with muscular verve and narrative push. The depth and breadth suggested in just a few polished images placed next to each other will make you reconsider what poetry can do. -Paul Constant, editor The Stranger If you've never enjoyed poetry once in your whole life-if even the word "poetry" makes you want to fall asleep, or die-you should read Karen Finneyfrock's new book of poetry, Ceremony for the Choking Ghost. -Paul Constant, editor The Stranger ...Finneyfrock's poems, then, are Shields's perfect novels: a shelf full of long, elaborate, heartfelt books that have been whittled down to their bare, sharp skeletons. -Paul Constant, editor "The Stranger"
Body, Mind & Spirit

Ghost Detective II

Author: Adrian Perkins



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 89

View: 604

In this second book of the Ghost Detective series Adrian investigates deep into the world of the supernatural. With eyewitness accounts of ghost, spirits, and poltergeists. With a full in-depth investigation of the ghosts and spirits at Twinwood Farm Airfield in Bedfordshire, the last place Glenn Miller was seen alive. Complete reports of vigils and seances. Plus an unexpected visit from a female spirit who was determined to be heard.
Body, Mind & Spirit

The Ghost Whisperer: A Real-Life Psychic’s Stories

Author: Katie Coutts

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

View: 721

Renowned psychic and ghostbuster Katie Coutts really can talk to ghosts. In this book, she recounts her own ghostly experiences, with spine-tingling and often humorous case studies of notorious and not-so-notorious ghosts. She introduces to the ghosts she has known, from the phantom horseman to the ghost who made the bed!
Body, Mind & Spirit

Ghost Hunting

Author: Loyd Auerbach

Publisher: Ronin Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 144

View: 914

GHOSTHUNTING is a common sense approach to the investigation and resolution of cases of reported ghostly happenings, including apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists. Written so that the reader quickly grasps what parapsychologists think ghosts are and how to best deal with the phenomena and the experiences of the people having them. Covers the investigative process from the initial call and assessment to the on-site investigative techniques and technology. Deals with how to come up with solutions and resolutions—ways to get "rid" of the phenomena. Includes a discussion of the use of technology and the use of psychics in paranormal investigations and if anyone can prove the existence of ghosts. Finally, the book covers information resources and organizations that the new ghost-hunter and the person who encounters a ghost can find to learn more about the subject and for help with cases they’re investigating or phenomena they’re experiencing.