Ghostly Justice

Author: Bev Irwin



Category: Fiction

Page: 290

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Fifteen-year-old Daria Brennan doesn't want to hear people's thoughts. She doesn't want to see ghosts-or talk to dead people. And she definitely doesn't want to help solve a forty-year old murder. But Amanda wants revenge, and Daria is the first human contact she's had since the day she died. Now the killer is after Daria and her friends. Can they solve Amanda's murder before becoming his next victims?

Ghosts Give Evidence

Author: Dylan Clearfield




Page: 144

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Non-fiction work about ghosts and the legal system.

The Ghosts of Justice

Author: Ashok Kara

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Philosophy

Page: 448

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It is not possible to read Heidegger's text without the image of his arm raised in the Nazi salute haunting it. The image compels us to examine Heidegger's philosophy in terms of its susceptibility to Nazi ideology. Heidegger's philosophy was inscribed at the end of the history of philosophy, a time when Nazism was on the rise and on its way to the renewal of German destiny. In paragraph six of Being and Time Heidegger outlined his agenda for the renewal of philosophy. The renewal necessitated the destruction of the errant history of ontology in order to retrieve the pure primordial experiences. The parallels between the forms of two agendas are coincidental. However, my work shows where they overlapped. I explore the consequence of this overlap by soliciting the 'first' text of philosophy, The Anaximander Fragment, that speaks about justice and injustice. Justice is also at issue in the text of Jacques Derrida. Derrida's primary resource is paragraph six of Heidegger's Being and Time, a fact that caused some of his readers to assimilate him to Heidegger. Derrida has tried to distance himself from Heidegger and in a late text he has offered us the prescriptive phrase, "Deconstruction is justice," to guide our reading of his text. The phrase invites us to examine Derrida's work in light of its saying. This is what I try to do. I show that a separation cannot be accomplished without a price, because whether an author intends it or not, justice is something ghostly and it keeps its own account. Heidegger's arm and Derrida's hand caught in the trap of paragraph six tell another story, different from the stories the authors tell. The limbs tell the story about the ghosts of justice.

A Ghostly Cry

Author: Lecy McKenzie

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 196

View: 899

Lecy’s Ghostly Books are being Revamped, Revised and Re-horrified for 2013: Get ready for A Ghostly Cry: Sometimes evil plans can come back to haunt you. ABOUT THE BOOK: A Ghostly Cry: A MOTHER'S SEARCH FOR JUSTICE A suspense thriller full of deception, evil plans, and ghostly intervention. The book revolves around the marriage of Darla Kaye Linder and Dean McKrae. The marriage of the handsome and wealthy Dean McKrae was his family's way of avoiding the scandal of an illegitimate child. Accepting this loveless and abusive marriage, just as she had accepted all the sad aspects of her life, Darla was not prepared for Dean's deceptive plan to rid himself of her and be with the beautiful, Cindy Margoles. Moving Darla and their little girl, Kayla, to a house famous for death and revenge, Dean unleashed a spirit that had been lying dormant for years. With the help of a ragged toy Bear and a sad ghost, Darla is in for the fight of her life, and for the redemption of a mother wrongly accused. Find all these books at

Lady Justice and the Ghostly Treasure

Author: Robert Thornhill

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 218

View: 995

Is there really a spirit world? And if there is, can those disembodied souls communicate with the living? Can departed love ones speak to family from beyond the grave? These are questions Walt must ponder when a bizarre series of paranormal events lead his friend, Mary, to a treasure hidden away for seventy years, and a family she never knew existed. Walt's ultimate answer lies in the words of the Professor, "There are still many things beyond the comprehension of mortal man." A light-hearted look at things that go 'bump' in the night.
Commonwealth literature (English)

Postcolonial Ghosts

Author: Gerry Turcotte

Publisher: Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée PULM


Category: Commonwealth literature (English)

Page: 481

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God of Justice

Author: William S Sax

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 298

View: 147

In God of Justice, anthropologist William S. Sax offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of cursing, black magic, and ritual healing in the Central Himalayas of North India. Based on ten years' ethnographic fieldwork, God of Justice shows how these practices are part of a moral system based on the principle of family unity.

A Ghostly Mortality

Author: Tonya Kappes

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 867

That ghost sure looks . . . familiar Only a handful of people know that Emma Lee Raines, proprietor of a small-town Kentucky funeral home, is a “Betweener.” She helps ghosts stuck between here and the ever-after—murdered ghosts. Once Emma Lee gets them justice they can cross over to the great beyond. But Emma Lee’s own sister refuses to believe in her special ability. In fact, the Raines sisters have barely gotten along since Charlotte Rae left the family business for the competition. After a doozy of an argument, Emma Lee is relieved to see Charlotte Rae back home to make nice. Until she realizes her usually snorting, sarcastic, family-ditching sister is a . . . ghost. Charlotte Rae has no earthly idea who murdered her or why. With her heart in tatters, Emma Lee relies more than ever on her sexy beau, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross…because this time, catching a killer means the Raines sisters will have to make peace with each other first.
Animal ghosts

Ghostly Animals

Author: Daniel Cohen

Publisher: Doubleday Books


Category: Animal ghosts

Page: 81

View: 376

Describes various animal ghosts that have been seen by people in different parts of the world.


Author: Briton Hadden



Category: Periodicals


View: 850

Curiosities and wonders

Irish Ghosts

Author: John J. Dunne



Category: Curiosities and wonders

Page: 116

View: 709

Christian fiction

The Lion of Justice

Author: Margaret Butler

Publisher: Coward McCann


Category: Christian fiction

Page: 280

View: 131

Juvenile Nonfiction

Ghostly Terrors

Author: Daniel Cohen

Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 497

Thirteen tales of "supposedly" real ghosts in various countries.
Ghost stories

Ghostly Tales of Love and Revenge

Author: Daniel Cohen

Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books


Category: Ghost stories

Page: 104

View: 146

A collection of ghost stories about such spirits as "The Demon Lover," "The Lady in Black," and "The Empire State Building Ghost."