Gospel Players' Script Book

Author: Sister Mary Rose Reddy DMML




Page: 258

View: 342

The Gospel Players' Script Book is the unabridged RSV Second Catholic Edition (RSV-2CE) translation of the four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles in play format (used by permission of Ignatius Press). Now you can enter into your favorite Scriptures in a most powerful, meditative manner by acting them out together with your family and friends!

The Books of the Bible (NIV): New Testament

Author: New International Version

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Bibles

Page: 544

View: 328

The Books of the Bible New Testament is a revolutionary new presentation of Scripture that strips away centuries of artificial formatting, leaving behind nothing but pure Bible text. The result is a Bible unlike any other available today, but more like the original Scriptures. The Books of the Bible is specially designed to be read from start to finish, as if you were reading a novel. Natural literary breaks have been restored and the books have been rearranged chronologically, rather than by length, leading to a more authentic presentation of the Bible. There is also a helpful introduction to each book that sets the text in context, rather than adding explanation or application. The NIV text is also set in single-column format, rather than in two columns as you usually find in the Bible. This aids reading longer chunks at a time, as you would if you were reading a novel for pleasure. Community Bible Experience is about changing the way we read God's Word. By following the reading plan found online at biblica.com/cbent, you'll experience the whole New Testament in just eight weeks. Why not gather together as a book club to share the journey rather than reading in isolation. You'll glimpse more of the Bible's context than ever before. And your entire church community will rally around the one thing that matters most: God's Word. For more information, and for free accompanying resources, visit www.biblicaeurope.com/cbent

NIV, Books of the Bible, New Testament, eBook

Author: Zondervan,

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Bibles

Page: 600

View: 502

The Bible isn’t a single book. It’s a collection of many books that were written, preserved and gathered together so that they could be shared with new generations of readers. The Bible is an invitation to you to first view the world in a new way, and then to become an agent of the world’s renewal. The Books of the Bible, NIV helps you have a more meaningful encounter with the sacred writings and to read with more understanding, without centuries of added formatting, so that you can take your place more readily within this story of new creation. “There is no Bible more suited to reading from beginning to end.” — Scot McKnight, author of Jesus Creed Features: • Chapter and verse numbers have been removed from the text. • The books are presented instead according to the internal divisions that we believe their authors have indicated. • A single-column setting is used to present the text more clearly and naturally, and to avoid disrupting the intended line breaks in poetry. • Footnotes, section headings and any other additional materials have been removed from the pages of the sacred text. • Individual books that later tradition divided into two or more parts are put back together again. • The books are arranged in an order that helps you understand the Bible more completely.

The Gospels According to Michael Goulder

Author: Chris A. Rollston

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Religion

Page: 165

View: 836

A variety of noted scholars respond to Michael Goulder's reading of the Gospel as Midrash on the liturgies of the Jewish festivals and calendar.

An Ethnography of the Gospel of Matthew

Author: Louise Joy Lawrence

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck


Category: Religion

Page: 392

View: 608

Louise Lawrence provides a reading of Matthew's Gospel from an ethnographic perspective. By investigating various character interactions in the Gospel, the diversity inherent within cultural characteristics and values such as honour and shame are revealed.

Julian's Gospel

Author: Veronica Mary Rolf

Publisher: Orbis Books


Category: Religion

Page: 660

View: 642

This fascinating study of the life and work of Julian of Norwich, the 14th century English mystic, whose "Revelations" is among the most popular and influential works of Christian mysticism, is the first book to combine an historical reconstruction of Julian's life in 14th century Norwich with a comprehensive commentary on her Revelations in a new and faithful translation from the Middle English. Unlike other brief summaries of Julian's life and times, this book goes in-depth to uncover the political, cultural, social, and religious milieu that formed and deeply influenced her development as a woman and a mystic. Additionally, unlike other textual companions to Julian's work that provide only short explanations of Middle English words, or merely footnote theological terms, this work gives the reader a detailed analysis of her writings, illuminating her ground-breaking mystical theology with extensive scholarship. Throughout, the book creates a strong dramatic arc for Julian's Revelations that interweaves her personal sufferings and burning questions with her visionary experiences, producing a compelling spiritual biography.

Lectionary-Based Gospel Dramas for Lent and the Easter Triduum

Author: Sheila O'Connell-Roussell

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press


Category: Religion

Page: 127

View: 428

What better way to bring the Gospel alive for teens than through drama? Using reproducible scripts, the dramas in Lectionary-Based Gospel Dramas for Lent and the Easter Triduum "break open" the Gospels for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, moving the hearts and minds of youth and adults alike. By engaging in these dramas, participants act as catechist, lector, Gospel players, improv artists, small-group leaders, and audience--a unique learning environment that allows young people to be catechists for themselves and for one another. The dramas are powerful yet easy to stage. The leader's role is purposefully minimal, allowing teens to take the leading roles in the production. These dramas have been used successfully in school classrooms, parish religious education programs, youth groups, RCIA catechesis, homiletic reflections at Mass, and retreats. This book contains everything you need to produce ten dramas, including 10 reproducible scripts and 10 full-page icons by Vicki Shuck, which are an essential component for visual learners. Imagine the excitement and learning your teens will experience as they live the Gospel through drama!

The Whole Gospel according to the Universal Theater of God’s Kingdom

Author: Catherine Whittier Huber

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 230

View: 707

When our Father of Faith is tempted to sacrifice his sense of humor on the Altar of God's Demands, God intervenes in a surprising way that really makes Abe laugh. This is the same God whose hungry servant, Elijah, is fed by ravens way out on the ragged edge and towards whom Moses manages a sidewise glance while on the lookout for greener pastures. Then along comes another tough act to follow--the Wild Man of Judea appearing in the Galilee Theater and baptizing Jesus of Nazareth in the Jordan River of God's Transforming Power and Hope. Then, in the very next scene, Jesus ben Dios, the Number One Draft Choice in all of Baseball, hops a trial-ways bus to intensive-training camp where he comes face to face with the temptations and adversities of the real world. Fortunately, Jesus has his Spring Training Manual handy for quick reference. Jesus then launches his teaching and healing career in many forms: as a dance instructor, farmer, chef--and even as a flamboyant pyromaniac-arsonist who comes "not to bring peace to the world" but to set it on fire. For who can forget Marshal Jesus out along the Border of Sin and Forgiveness encountering the Ten Men-yon? Or the homefolks' chant, "Dr. Jesus, he's our man! If we can't use him, nobody can!"? Because when Anglo-Catholic Father Jesus meets an average parishioner at the Holy Water Basin and asks her to bless him with it, their engaging conversation prompts students of the bible and pillars of the church to take a second look in order to watch ordinary altar candles suddenly take on more beauty and meaning than they have ever imagined before. So, for those who have eyes to see: Look!


Author: Jeannette Clift George

Publisher: Lillenas Drama


Category: Drama

Page: 52

View: 800

To many church and Sunday School attenders, Biblical characters are lost in a sea of history. Not so with those found in Jeannette Clift George's lyrical play, Bookmark. Originally written for The A.D. Players of Houston, Mark and his twenty colleagues make the second Gospel and its author real people. The 21 characters in this play are usually played by five actors. While there are a few Biblical characters, the script tells Mark's story through fictional characters as well.

Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music

Author: W. K. McNeil

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Music

Page: 512

View: 878

The Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music is the first comprehensive reference to cover this important American musical form. Coverage includes all aspects of both African-American and white gospel from history and performers to recording techniques and styles as well as the influence of gospel on different musical genres and cultural trends.

St. Cuthbert, His Cult and His Community to AD 1200

Author: Gerald Bonner

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer


Category: History

Page: 484

View: 668

`Very fine collection of essays - a rich feast of scholarship with many discoveries and new interpretations of greatest value for Anglo-Saxon history.' SPECULUMSt Cuthbert is known to many as the the saintly bishop of Holy Island inthe 7th century, but he was also a figure of great political and territorial power. The book is divided into four sections, each dealing with different aspects of Cuthbert and his milieu. Among the topics investigated are the early Livesof the Saint, two by Bede himself, and his cult; Lindisfarne, its scriptorium and of course the famous Gospels; the sumptuous treasures gathered round the coffin, such as a portable altar and elaborately-worked silks, many of which are still preserved at Durham; and St Cuthbert's community at Chester-le-Street and Durham.Contributors: J. CAMPBELL, CLARE STANCLIFFE, MICHAEL HERITY, BENEDICTA WARD SLG, MICHAEL LAPIDGE, WALTER BERSCHIN, ALAN THACKER, DEIRDRE O'SULLIVAN, CHRISTOPHER D. VEREY, MICHELLE P. BROWN, JANET BACKHOUSE, R. BRUCE-MITFORD, DIBHI CRINN, NANCY NETZER, ROSEMARY CRAMP, RICHARD N. BAILEY, J.M. CRONYN, C.V. HORIE, R.I. PAGE, JOHN HIGGITT, ELIZABETH COASTWORTH, HERO GRANGER-TAYLOR, CLARE HIGGINS, ANNA MUTHESIUS, ERIC CAMBRIDGE, GERALD BONNER, LUISELLA SIMPSON, DAVID ROLLASON, DAVID HALL, A.J. PIPER, VICTORIA TUDOR
Biography & Autobiography

The Collected Works of Langston Hughes: Gospel plays, operas, and later dramatic works

Author: Langston Hughes

Publisher: University of Missouri Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 690

View: 360

The sixteen volumes are published with the goal that Hughes pursued throughout his lifetime: making his books available to the people. Each volume will include a biographical and literary chronology by Arnold Rampersad, as well as an introduction by a Hughes scholar lume introductions will provide contextual and historical information on the particular work.

Lectionary-Based Gospel Dramas for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany

Author: Sheila O'Connell-Roussell

Publisher: St Marys Press


Category: Religion

Page: 104

View: 333

The ten dramas in this book make the Sunday Gospels for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany come alive for youth and adults alike. They have been used successfully in schools, religious education programs, retreats, and more.

Getting the Gospel Right - A Balanced View of Salvation Truth

Author: Carl Gordon Olson

Publisher: Global Gospel Publishers


Category: Salvation

Page: 374

View: 622

A revised and abridged edition of Beyond Calvinism and Arminianism: An Inductive Mediate Theologyof Salvation, in Which theologian/missiologist Olson gives the fruit of a 25-year theological pilgrimage. His inductive focus on Scripture results in a middle view of salvation truth, thus resolving polarized extremes. This edition is much more readable and accessible for most Christians. The exegetical methodology emphasizes context, word studies, and grammar of all relevant passages, with extensive support for eternal security and refutation of deterministic concepts of salvation. In the foreword, Dr. Tim LaHaye refers to the incredible distribution of the academic edition, which sold out in 3 years. A revised academic edition is forthcoming in 2006.

Shaping the Archive in Late Medieval England

Author: Sarah Elliott Novacich

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 214

View: 972

Sarah Elliott Novacich explores the ways in which the plots of sacred history were preserved and repurposed in Medieval English literature.

Sisterhood of Faith

Author: Shirley Brosius

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Religion

Page: 412

View: 858

Woman to Woman...Sister to Sister…Friend to Friend…Bound by an Unstoppable Faith...Changing Their World Forever The forces that bind woman to woman, sister to sister, and friend to friend are among the most powerful in the world. Add to that the strength of faith, and you have a union that transcends all earthly holds. That unique bond is the sisterhood of faith. The women whose stories are told in this book are the kind of women who wave a hand of dismissal at the obstacles in their paths. The kind who are unstoppable in their mission, stubborn in their resilience. They are women just like you. Women whose lives make a difference because they trusted in their God as they lived their lives in service to Him—women who belong to the sisterhood of faith. Each daily devotion features an inspirational sister of faith. In addition to Her Story, you'll find Her Service, Her Message, and My Response. Meet women like • Mary Kay Ash • Lisa Beamer • Patsy Clairmont • Elizabeth H. Dole • Ruth Graham Bell • Liz Curtis Higgs • Florence Nightingale • Condoleezza Rice • Dale Evans Rogers • Joni Eareckson Tada • Mother Teresa • CeCe Winans Be inspired, be challenged, believe that you, too, can change your world forever.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Christian Writers' Market Guide 2008

Author: Sally Stuart

Publisher: WaterBrook


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 640

View: 561

The Resource Guide to Getting Published A unique guide to publishing for Christian readers, the Christian Writers’ Market Guide 2008 offers the most proven and comprehensive collection of ideas, resources, and contact information to the industry. For more than twenty years, the Christian Writers’ Market Guide has delivered indispensable help to Christian writers, from a CD-ROM of the full text of the book so you can easily search for topics, publishers, and other specific names; to up-to-date listings of more than 1,200 markets for books, articles, stories, poetry, and greeting cards, including forty-three new book publishers, fifty-one new periodicals, and fifteen new literary agencies. Perfect for writers in every phase, this is the resource you need to get noticed–and published. “An indispensable tool. The reference you have to buy.” Writers’ Journal “Essential for anyone seeking to be published in the Christian community.” The Midwest Book Review “Stands out from the rest with its wealth of information and helpful hints.” Book Reviews for Church Librarians Completely updated and revised the Guide features more than… 1,200 markets for the written word * 675 periodicals * 405 book publishers * 240 poetry markets * 114 card and specialty markets * 37 e-book publishers * 120 literary agents * 332 photography markets * 98 foreign markets * 98 newspapers * 53 print-on-demand publishers * writers’ conferences and groups * pay rates and submission guidelines * more resources and tools for all types of writing and related topics.
Comics & Graphic Novels

Christmas in Heaven Comic Book with Movie Script -Donkey Ollie

Author: Brian Stewart

Publisher: Boat Angel Outreach Center


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


View: 805

How many children have died before they were even born. They missed the excitement of Christmas the birth of Christ and the candy canes. Now you can see how much children in Heaven will love Christmas plays.

The Cotton Malone Series 9-Book Bundle

Author: Steve Berry

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 4880

View: 500

Featuring the signature character of New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry, the Cotton Malone novels fuse page-turning suspense and fascinating historical insight into one heart-stopping thriller after another. “In Malone, Berry has created a classic, complex hero.”—USA Today A former Justice Department operative who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, Cotton Malone has crisscrossed the globe on electrifying quests. With the smart and sexy Cassiopeia Vitt by his side, Malone faces down the world’s deadliest terrorists, assassins, and con men—and unravels some of history’s most legendary and iconic mysteries along the way. Now in one exclusive eBook bundle are the first nine novels of Steve Berry’s extraordinary series: THE TEMPLAR LEGACY THE ALEXANDRIA LINK THE VENETIAN BETRAYAL THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT THE PARIS VENDETTA THE EMPEROR’S TOMB THE JEFFERSON KEY THE KING’S DECEPTION THE LINCOLN MYTH Also includes the eBook short stories “The Balkan Escape,” “The Devil’s Gold,” and “The Admiral’s Mark,” as well as the novella The Tudor Plot! Praise for Steve Berry and his Cotton Malone novels “Steve Berry gets better and better with each new book.”—The Huffington Post “Berry has become the king of intrigue. You don’t just read a Steve Berry novel. You live it.”—James Rollins “Berry raises this genre’s stakes.”—The New York Times “I love this guy.”—#1 internationally bestselling author Lee Child “Malone, a hero with a personal stake in the proceedings, is a welcome respite from the cold, calculating superspies who litter the genre.”—Entertainment Weekly “Richly detailed and fantastically suspenseful, this thriller grips the reader for a wild literary ride that continues until the very last page.”—Tucson Citizen, on The Templar Legacy “Bigger than life . . . The reader will be engaged from the first page, thrilled by the story, entertained by the characters, and spellbound by the author’s sheer bravado. A must for high-adventure thriller fans.”—Booklist, on The Venetian Betrayal “[An] amazing blend of suspense and history . . . [Readers] cannot go wrong with Cotton Malone.”—Library Journal, on The Paris Vendetta “A superbly paced novel of mystery and adventure . . . [Berry’s] love of history resonates throughout this lively and imaginative tale.”—The Denver Post, on The Jefferson Key “A Dan Brown-ian secular conspiracy about the Virgin Queen driving nonstop international intrigue.”—Kirkus Reviews, on The King’s Deception