Good Psych - Bad Psych

Author: Joshua Thomas

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Psychology

Page: 284

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In his first book, Joshua Thomas expertly explains the dangers lurking within modern Mental Health Services and guides you towards sound and useful Psychological Therapy. The author has distilled hidden problems, including the awful lack of regulation, the dash for cash, the disregard for you as an individual, and the use of bad science to justify Bad Psych. The author also describes what makes a Good Psychologist and Good Psychology, so you can get Good Psych, the therapy that does you good. At the core of the book is a fearless insight into real therapy with real case studies. Each case provides unique insights into the murky world of psychological therapy. “A refreshingly honest appraisal of the dysregulated mental health services that the public and practitioners are faced with. Essential reading for individuals and families to increase their chances of connecting with the right psychology practitioner and avoiding poor practices. Interestingly, the book is a useful text for new and established psychologists in appreciating and assessing their own readiness to provide good therapy.” - Dr Jake Anderson, B.B.Ns, Ph.D, M.Psych (Clinical)

Healing Anger

Author: Dalai Lama XIV Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho

Publisher: Snow Lion Publications, Incorporated


Category: Religion

Page: 149

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"In this book the Dalai Lama show how through the practice of patience and tolerance we can overcome the obstacles of anger and hatred. He bases his discussion on A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life."--Back cover.
Business & Economics

Blood Diamonds

Author: Greg Campbell

Publisher: Westview Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 251

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An expos of international diamond smuggling operations considers the rebel campaigns linked to the Sierra Leone diamond mines and how the area and its people have been destroyed by the industry's policies, often with the support of major merchants. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

Addiction to Comfort

Author: Richard Kay

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 286

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Addiction to Comfort SECRETS OF ALWAYS MAKING APPROPRIATE MORAL CHOICES? In regard to all Addictions, I find it is impossible to arrive at an objective and constant standard of truth and morality without bringing Jesus Christ onto the podium. If an important standard of truth and morality exists, it cannot be the product of the sinner, or it will not be impartial or decisive. It must be the result of a far greater Mind, that of the Christ Jesus. If a constant and unchanging truth exists, it must be beyond human timelines, or it will not be continuous, it must be everlasting. If a universal choice of right versus wrong exists, it must go beyond individual understanding, or it will not be universal. It must be above us all. However, absolute truth must be something or someone to free the addicted that is common to all humanity, and to creation. All is found in one person, and He Jesus Christ is the source of all truth. He is the secret of always making appropriate moral choices.....For in each conflict we have....positions us in charge of determining what, is the correct moral choice we can put forward? If our instant thought and or our comeback is that of self-deceptive ends justify the means, your determination is flawed. If your response may be however difficult, but you choose to preserve and improve not only your own human life, integrity and self-respect, you have chosen not to take over Gods role as Creator and Sovereignty over your conflict. Be hopeful and please God, but never partake as God. ...... RICHARD KAY
True Crime

Deadly Greed

Author: Clark Cox

Publisher: Ingalls Publishing Group


Category: True Crime

Page: 137

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Maceo McEachern was well-liked and respected in his community: business owner, entrepreneur, the first African American elected to office since Reconstruction. April 12, 1991, he and his mother were shotgunned to death in her home in Hamlet, NC. Clark Cox, journalist and friend of the victims, gives us the story: antecedents of the murders and the aftermath.

Greed and Ambition

Author: P A Wilson

Publisher: Perry Wilson Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 463

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Deep secrets in small town France and dead bodies in small town Canada. Still driven to find answers when no one else cares, Charity barrels into two cases that threaten her friends and her life. When she agrees to investigate a case of a missing woman, Charity soon realizes that the gendarmes don’t care, or maybe they are paid to look the other way. Between a corrupt police force and a brutal smuggler, she may lose more than a client. When she barges into a crime scene, Charity Deacon discovers a friend in handcuffs. She knows the police have it wrong and vows to find the killer before Val is dragged off to prison. Fighting for real clues in a town full of petty revenges turns a difficult case dangerous. Will Charity fail Val? Get this boxset today and follow Charity as travels a dangerous path to find the truth.
Business & Economics

Money, Greed, and God

Author: Jay W. Richards

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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In Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism is the Solution and Not the Problem, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute Jay W. Richards and bestselling author of Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before It's Too Late and Infiltrated: How to Stop the Insiders and Activists Who Are Exploiting the Financial Crisis to Control Our Lives and Our Fortunes, defends capitalism within the context of the Christian faith, revealing how entrepreneurial enterprise, based on hard work, honesty, and trust, actually fosters creativity and growth. In doing so, Money, Greed, and God exposes eight myths about capitalism, and demonstrates that a good Christian can be a good capitalist.
Business & Economics

Greed Can Be Good

Author: David Charters

Publisher: Elliot & Thompson Limited


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 98

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A witty, satirical take on the financial crash and the future of the banking industry, written in the persona of ultimate antihero and rogue banker Dave Hart (protagonist of David Charters' cult novels, which include Trust Me, I'm a Banker) "As an investment banker I witnessed at close hand the most expensive financial crash in modern history. The result of decades of artificially inflated prices, a bonus driven-culture based on 'me now, and I want it all,' and torrents of cheap money that we thought would last forever. I was paid millions—in some years, tens of millions. But did it make me happy? Of course it did. I loved every minute of it. Money isn't guaranteed to buy you happiness, but it sure helps. We had a hell of a party, and the rest of the world had our hangover. But was it right? This book is an exploration of what we did and why we did it and most importantly where we go next. It is not a chest-beating polemic from a former banker on a guilt trip. I don't do guilt, and anyway I'm not guilty. Do we need a new code of ethics? A different approach to the way we do business? Or should we just repackage the old one and carry on? There are no definitive answers and clearly no easy ones for an industry used to getting its own way. All I can offer is the insight of an insider and my reflections for the future. Plus my assurance that whatever happens, bankers will still come out on top. We always do." —Dave Hart
Political Science

The Unraveling of the West

Author: Donald N. Wood

Publisher: Praeger Pub Text


Category: Political Science

Page: 266

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Table of contents
Business & Economics

Organizational Behaviour: A Modern Approach

Author: Kumar Arun & Meenakshi N.

Publisher: Vikas Publishing House


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 578

View: 420

Organizational Behaviour As A Management Discipline Is A Fascinating Subject And Is Becoming Increasingly Important As People With Diverse Backgrounds And Cultural Values Have To Work Together Effectively And Efficiently. This Book Addresses All The Issues That Come In To Play In An Organization In Today S Global Economy. It Has A Novel Orientation And Its Primary Aim Is To Let Practitioners And Students Know The Latest And Best Trends In Organizational Behaviour. This Book Prescribes Methods To Manage Employees And Suggests That The Management Takes Responsibility For Everything That Might Adversely Affect An Employee S Capacity To Work Creatively And Intelligently, Irrespective Of The Place Inside The Organization Or Outside It. The Focus Of The Book Is On Holistic Development Of The Individual. Peeping Into The Human Mind, It Shows How Organizations Can Tap The Passions And Fears Of Their Employees To Make Them More Creative And Productive. The Book Prescribes A Democratic And Inclusive Management Stye. A Special Feature Of This Book Is That There Is An Innovative Integration Of Chapter Objectives And Summaries Leading To Analysis Through Caselets. Every Point In The Objectives Has Corresponding Text And Is Supplemented By A Case. Going Through This Book Will Be A Personally Fulfilling Experience And Maybe It Succeeds To Make The Readers Better Human Beings, Better Teachers, Better Friends And May Be Even Better Managers.
Iroquois philosophy


Author: Gawitrha'.



Category: Iroquois philosophy

Page: 146

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Literary Criticism

Psychoanalysis and Gender

Author: Rosalind Minsky

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 336

View: 861

What is object-relations theory and what does it have to do with literary studies? How can Freud's phallocentric theories be applied by feminist critics? In Psychoanalysis and Gender: An Introductory Reader Rosalind Minsky answers these questions and more, offering students a clear, straightforward overview without ever losing them in jargon. In the first section Minsky outlines the fundamentals of the theory, introducing the key thinkers and providing clear commentary. In the second section, the theory is demonstrated by an anthology of seminal essays which includes: * Feminity by Sigmund Freud * Envy and Gratitude by Melanie Klein * An extract from Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena by Donald Winnicot * The Meaning of the Phallus by Jacques Lacan * An extract from Women's Time by Julia Kristeva * An extract from Speculum of the Other Woman by Luce Irigaray

Wicked Pleasures

Author: Robert C. Solomon

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated


Category: Religion

Page: 166

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A collection of non-sermonizing essays provides a relatively light-hearted romp through the history of the seven deadly sins that have survived the Reformation, the Inquisition, capitalism, communism, postmodernism, and several bad movies. IP.