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Housekeeping for the Soul

Author: Sandra Carrington-Smith

Publisher: Circle Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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This title combines how-to, self-help and spiritual genres, to address the needs of millions of readers, as they strive to detach from the culture of chaos and embrace a life of balance. The reader is guided through the process of emotional healing and renewal of spirit through the familiar analogy of housekeeping.

Housekeeping for the Soul

Author: Lorna Hedges

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



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Housekeeping For The Soul was inspired by a lady seeking guidance on behalf of a friend, a friend who was unwell, emotionally drained and physically sick. Lorna felt that this was almost certainly a result of working with 'bad energy'. Our wellbeing extends beyond the body itself and can go off-balance through repeated misuse of energy, by not protecting and 'housekeeping' our subtle body, the energy field surrounding our physical body. Lorna realised that if people wanted to be able to achieve a healthy mind/body balance, and hence lead a happier and healthier life, there was a need for more widespread understanding of how to protect oneself from negative energy and achieve energetic balance. Having already learned how to clear her own subtle energy field, or 'Aura', and her energy centres, or 'Chakras', it was clear that sharing this knowledge in book form would reach the audience who needed it most. Although never intending to write another book after sharing her personal story in From Housewife to Psychic, with several nudges from spirit Lorna began to realise that people were in need of guidance. Specifically how to live life comfortably and in harmony with their inner selves, without the 'negatives' gate-crashing into their lives uninvited and taking centre-stage. In Housekeeping For The Soul, Lorna steps beyond her personal story and instead shares all that she has learned, from her one-to-one psychic readings and Reiki healing, to her numerous workshops. This is a book that will facilitate spiritual empowerment and Self-development, and will bring greater understanding of others. The reader will come away better understanding how to protect themselves and their loved ones, and retake the reins of their own life. "Energy is vibration, it is light, it is sound, and we are all responsible for our own energy and the influence of that which surrounds us. To live harmoniously, the negatives must be removed if there is to be any chance of allowing love and light to come flooding into your life and, in turn, enriching your life in the process." Housekeeping For The Soul has all the charm of From Housewife to Psychic, Lorna has created a balance between using straightforward language to make this knowledge accessible to all but with enough depth to maintain the interest of readers already well advanced down a spiritual path.
Electronic book

Night and the Soul

Author: John Stanyan Bigg



Category: Electronic book

Page: 188

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101 Ways to Give Your Soul a Lift

Author: Candy Paull



Category: Religion

Page: 128

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This fun new series is about providing wonderfully insightful nuggets of truth targeted to those who are interested in balancing their personal growth issues of life, along with their spiritual walk. More than just "things to do", this is about tapping into one's spiritual life and making the sacred real and practical. Each book has been designed to express simple truths of faith and life, give practical advice while at the same time provide the reader with joy and encouragement. Each page is uniquely designed and formatted to gain reader attention and involvement - featuring a mediation, activity, as well as a quote or scripture. 101 Ways to Give Your Soul a Lift is about soul nourishment.It is about putting on and experiencing a real "happy face" in life, realizing that real nurturing and nourishment comes when we move from doing things to becoming "soul" focused.
Literary Criticism

This Life, This World: New Essays on Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping, Gilead, and Home


Publisher: BRILL


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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The first book devoted entirely to Robinson familiarizes readers with the major currents in her thought from a diversity of perspectives—Romanticism, ecocriticism, medicine and literature, religion and literature, theology, American Studies, critical race theory, and feminist and gender studies—that reflects the amplitude and fecundity of Robinson’s art and thought.
Biography & Autobiography

Body and soul

Author: Anita Roddick

Publisher: Three Rivers Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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The founder of England's Body Shops explains how she developed her philosophies on greed, hype, caring, and communication, and why she thinks her business can change the world

Body and Soul

Author: Elizabeth Gail Haiken




Page: 1040

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Business & Economics

Creating the Corporate Soul

Author: Roland Marchand



Category: Business & Economics

Page: 461

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An analysis of how the public's perceptions of large corporations has been transformed in this century from evil behemoths to benign and respected institutions focuses on the manipulations of public relations and image that effected this change. UP.