How To Be Perfect

Author: Holly Wainwright

Publisher: Legend Press Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Elle is holed up in an exclusive retreat where women pay thousands to mimic her extreme lifestyle, or die trying. But who's bankrolling Elle's new empire?

How to Be Perfect

Author: Daniel M. Harrell

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Influenced by A. J. Jacobs's The Year of Living Biblically, Harrell managed to recruit 20 members of his Boston congregation to join him in a month-long effort at living Levitically. Holiness was the ultimate goal, but so was learning. People who take the Bible seriously never know what to do with the book of Leviticus. And yet Leviticus is historically considered by Jews, and thus by Jesus, as the pivotal book of the Hebrew Bible. It's impossible to fully comprehend such key New Testament terms as sacrifice, atonement, or blood without some understanding of Leviticus. The "second greatest commandment," which Jesus said was "Love your neighbor as yourself," comes from Leviticus (19:18). As a longtime minister and preacher who had successfully skirted Leviticus for most of his life, author Daniel Harrell wanted to come to grips with all that Leviticus teaches -- not just loving neighbors, but the parts about animal sacrifice, Sabbath-keeping, skin diseases, homosexuality, and stoning sinners, too. Yet rather than approaching Leviticus with a view toward mitigating its commands, he decided to simply obey them. The surprising lessons they learned impressed on Harrell both the power of obedience and the necessity of grace. This book traces the adventures of a group of people eager to understand the Bible by living it.
Family & Relationships

How to Be Perfect Like Me

Author: Dana Bowman

Publisher: Central Recovery Press


Category: Family & Relationships


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In this funny and revealing follow-up to Bottled, Dana Bowman can’t escape the lure of perfectionism, trying to be a flawless wife, mother, and person in recovery. When Dana experiences a short-lived relapse during the Christmas holiday—think of it as a festive, hot mess—it doesn’t take her long to realize that self-care and getting over herself are the keys to happiness.

How to Be a Perfect Christian

Author: The Babylon Bee

Publisher: Multnomah


Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 490

With a biting, satirical style reminiscent of The Onion, How to Be a Perfect Christian takes a humorous look at the quirks of cultural Christianity while subtly challenging the reader to search for more than a cultural faith. Written in the trademark style of The Babylon Bee, this book humorously satirizes cultural Christianity while peppering in subtle challenges to the reader. Through humor and sarcasm (and a handy meter to rank your "holiness" as you progress through the book), readers will be called to find a more biblical understanding of the Christian faith, all while poking fun at the quirks of the modern, American Christian community.

How to Prepare a Perfect Wedding

Author: George Holmes

Publisher: net-boss


Category: Reference

Page: 42

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How do you prepare a perfect wedding? This guide will help you, support you, and show you that your wedding does not have to be a reason for headaches and constant worries. Remember, after all, it is your wedding, and you can make it happen the way you want it to be! A wedding is one of the most memorable moments, and you definitely want it to be special so take a comfortable seat and go through this practical step-by-step wedding guide divided into several parts to make things easy.
Religious etiquette

How to Be a Perfect Stranger Volume 2

Author: Stuart M. Matlins

Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.


Category: Religious etiquette

Page: 432

View: 583

We live in a remarkably diverse society, and it is increasingly common to be invited to a wedding, funeral or other religious service of a friend, relative or co-worker whose faith is different from our own. Originally published by Jewish Lights Publishing, this easy-to-use guidebook helps the well-meaning guest feel comfortable, participate to the fullest extent possible, and avoid violating anyone's religious principles. Newly revised North American edition now includes Canadian statistics and information.

How To Be the Perfect Girlfriend

Author: Heather MacAllister

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 620

How far would you go to land the perfect man? Payroll assistant Sara Lipton is tired of coasting through relationships. She has to figure out whether to live her life fabulously married or contentedly single. But before she decides, she has to learn how to attract the perfect man. And VP Simon Northrup is definitely perfect. Even though he might be out of her league, he's still the right guy to "practice" on…. Simon has never met a woman like Sara. One minute she's an engaging innocent, the next a sassy sex goddess—he just never knows what to expect from her. What he does know is that he wants to get to know her better—much better. And after Sara seduces him senseless, Simon realizes she's the woman for him. Too bad he doesn't know that for Sara this is just a trial run….
Family & Relationships

How to Be The Almost Perfect Husband

Author: J.S. Salt

Publisher: SCB Distributors


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 128

View: 223

Here's women's advice on pleasing your wife - warm, engaging and sincere. Presented in their own words - in one to three sentence bits of advice – this is a collection of small, simple things a husband can do to make a BIG difference in their marriage. A true catalyst for conversation. Guaranteed to improve any marriage. Over 250,000 copies sold!
Family & Relationships

How to be the Perfect Follower?

Author: Jenny B.

Publisher: Jennylyn Basconcillo


Category: Family & Relationships


View: 887

Have you ever wondered why some men act on subordinate manner? Have you seen women take over the family whilst the men are lounging around? What can a woman do to help his man be the man in the family? How can she motivate him to lead? What are the steps to make him feel the need to direct his family? How do you bring out the best in your man? This is an extraordinary book that would allow a woman to become the perfect follower for a man. This is in regards to husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend or any man woman relationships. This book wraps all the answers up for you in a Christian manner. This would help mend your broken relations and revive the fire in your affair. It impeccably is the answer to make your husband or man be the leader he ought to be. This book perfectly teaches a woman the feminine one to be submissive and allow his man to take over and care for her.

How to Be the Perfect Gentleman

Author: Ralph Bergengren

Publisher: The Floating Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 61

View: 345

Despite the fact that it was originally published in 1919, this etiquette book for men is decidedly un-stuffy. In a series of short essays, author Ralph Bergengren serves up heartfelt -- and often hilarious -- advice on how gentlemen should comport themselves in matters pertaining to dress, social interactions, and even in bed. Whether you're looking for a laugh or for a helpful tip or two, this guide to refined living is a must-read.

How to be the Perfect Housewife: Entertain in Style

Author: Anthea Turner

Publisher: Random House


Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 218

Hot on the heels of How to Be the Perfect Housewife comes an inspiring new guide to entertaining - in style! From the simplest supper for two to a summer wedding buffet, every type of event is catered for, whether casual or formal, on a shoestring or pushing the boat out. And with impressive ideas for seasonal entertaining - from Christmas parties to Valentine's dinners - you'll never be short of inspiration all year round. Discover... The secrets of successful entertaining The art of preparation, invitations and budgeting How to devise menus, drinks or themes And when to call in the experts From breathtaking barbecues to praiseworthy picnics, Perfect Housewife's countless ideas for any occasion will ensure you're the hostess with the mostest, every time.
Family & Relationships

How to be the Perfect Mother-in-law

Author: Camille Russo

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 162

View: 112

After a lifetime of caring, how is a mother supposed to feel when her offspring brings home the one they intend to marry? Experienced relationship counselor Camille Russo tells readers what to do to get their relationship with their in-law children on track and keep it there. Mothers-in-law will get an honest glimpse of themselves and a laugh or two in the process.
Sports & Recreation

How to Create the Perfect Riding Horse

Author: Perry Wood

Publisher: David and Charles


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 160

View: 496

An honest and encouraging guide for everyone who wishes their horse could be the perfect riding horse Essential tools and clear step-by-step photography for training the horse and rider help you create your perfect riding horse for any discipline or level of ability Inspirational advice and ingenious tips take you through choosing the right horse, mastering the basics of groundwork, schooling and introducing jumping Perry Wood's skill as a coach of both horses and people puts these effective methods within easy grasp of everyone, transforming any rider into a real trainer.
Family & Relationships

How Not to be A Perfect Family

Author: Libby Purves

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

View: 930

Perfect Families: * Tick off museums in the guidebook* Tidy everything away neatly* Work hard and play fair* Show respect for one anotherReal Families: * Start fights in the Louvre * Keep all their worldly goods on the stairs and in the kitchen * Do their homework on the school bus and cheat at Monopoly* Tie the shoelaces of sleeping uncles together after Christmas dinnerWith her customary humour and reliably robust commonsense, Libby Purves celebrates family life in all its aspects. Her accounts of sibling rivalry and the pitfalls of family Christmas will provoke rueful laughter and strike chords of recognition; her practical tips on dealing with everything from marriage maintenance to money matters, testing times to trips and treats, provide essential help for the hard-pressed parent. Best of all is her reassuring reminder that no one else has a perfect family either!
Body, Mind & Spirit

You Don't Have To Be Perfect

Author: Vanessa Luu

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 56

View: 590

Vanessa's voice is so relatable as she shares her struggles with perfectionism and being a God-fearing Christian, along with her wins, and the tools she uses to fight these battles. You're sure to find great encouragement and insight from this book. You Don't Have to Be Perfect is a powerful book that breaks down the lies of perfectionism (a tool from the enemy) and how this destructive habit plays a negative role in our lives much more than we ever knew. Vanessa shows us how to flip these lies and habits into positive truths! If you have ever battled the opposing voices in your head, the ones that confuse you and keep you stuck, then this book will bring you great comfort.