How To Draw Cartoons and Caricatures

Author: Mark Linley

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Art

Page: 256

View: 854

Learn to draw the fun way! Like almost everyone in the world, you are bursting with raw artistic talent just waiting to be released. In a few deft sweeps of your pencil, capture the character of your 'victim'. Use swift strokes to create a face that has instant appeal. Exaggerate the features to make a comical caricature. Brighten up someone's day with your own tiny bit of magic! "Yes, you can do it," says Mark Linley, "and I show you exactly how!"

How to Draw Cartoons for Comic Strips

Author: Christopher Hart

Publisher: Watson-Guptill


Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 529

Shows how to draw cartoon people, dogs, cats, and birds, explains how to make animals act like people, and discusses composition, dialogue balloons, and layout

Drawing Cartoon Faces

Author: Harry Hamernik

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Art

Page: 208

View: 152

Discover the fast and fun art of drawing comic faces! Chances are you already know how to draw some expressions. But you can only go so far with "happy," "sad" and "angry." In order to give your comic portraits need to know what they look like when they are about to sneeze, when they smell something stinky or when they're flirting, terrified or completely dumbfounded! Good thing Drawing Cartoon Faces includes more than 70 step-by-step demonstrations to teach you how to capture the silly, whimsical and expressive faces you see in your imagination and of friends, family and strangers! With Drawing Cartoon Faces, you'll get expert instruction on: • The fundamentals: Drawing heads, eyes, noses, mouths, hair and other features. • The expressions: More than 70 step-by-step demonstrations for a variety of expressions and moods, from simple to subtle and complex. • Storytelling: Move your story along using expression, point of view and composition. Put it all together to create multi character and multi panel art. With Drawing Cartoon Faces, you'll learn to draw like you never thought you could--and you'll have more fun than you ever thought possible!


Author: Alex Hughes



Category: Caricature

Page: 63

View: 721

Containing illustrations, this guide provides the techniques needed to master the art of caricature. It covers the fundamentals, to give the reader a foundation in caricature drawing techniques, with illustrations demonstrating how to put them into practice. It also includes information on: tools, equipment and props; and, shapes and proportions.

Drawing Cartoons that Sell

Author: John Byrne



Category: Cartooning

Page: 96

View: 430

Cartoons are fun to draw and do not require traditional drawing skills - which means that anyone can draw cartoons once they know some of the tricks of the trade. This practical guide describes the basics of cartoons drawing and provides tips and guidelines on how to use and sell cartoons successfully. It also provides advice on developing a recognizable cartoon style, guidelines on drawing caricatures and cartoon strips, and practical exercises. It shows how to prepare work for print and adopt effective selling techniques.

How To Draw Caricatures

Author: Lenn Redman

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 828

Includes hundreds of step-by-step instructions and examples of caricatured subjects that show the art in action.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Maximizing the Impact of Comics in Your Library: Graphic Novels, Manga, and More

Author: Jack Phoenix

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 248

View: 415

This unique guide offers fresh insights on how graphic novels and comics differ from traditional books and require different treatment in the library—from purchasing, shelving, and cataloging to readers' advisory services, programs, and curriculum. Challenging librarians to rethink some of their traditional practices, Maximizing the Impact of Comics in Your Library provides creative and proven solutions for libraries of all types that want to get comics into the hands of fans and promote readership. The author describes how libraries would benefit from an in-house classification system and organization that accounts for both publishers and series. In addition, acquiring comics can often be tricky due to renumbering of series, reboots, shifting creative teams, and more—this book shows you how to work around those obstacles. Shelving and displays that reflect comic readers' browsing habits, creative programs that boost circulation of comics and graphic novels, and how comics can play a vital role in educational institutions are also covered. • Addresses common challenges librarians face with comics and graphic novels collections, and shows how to surmount them • Offers a solutions-focused approach • Describes how comics can be used to better engage your community and to educate youth • Fills a gap in the professional literature, covering topics not touched upon in the existing literature • Serves as a vital resource for public, academic, and school libraries

How To Draw Caricatures

Author: Howexpert

Publisher: Howexpert


Category: Art

Page: 268

View: 750

How to Draw Caricature is a practical drawing course that will guide you in learning how to draw caricatures quickly and easily. This guide will teach you different techniques in creating a caricature. Become a better caricature artist by getting this easy to understand step-by-step tutorial and check out different categories of caricatures to help you learn how to make it. - Discover the secrets of success when learning to improve in drawing caricatures. - Be proud of yourself and how your skills have improved. - Inspire your friends with your new drawing skill. - You don't have to look for or pay another artist to make caricature that you can give as a gift to your friends and family. - You don't need expensive or complicated training to learn how to draw caricatures. - Learn how to compare and use cartoon artworks with caricatures. - Draw unique and customized caricatures as gifts for your friends and loved ones on special occasions. - You can make caricature designs as a unique theme for events or parties. - You can even make additional earnings by drawing caricatures. - Start living your dreams of becoming a caricature artist. Each chapter includes magnificent illustrations to delight your view and not wear your eyes with rushed drawings. Every guideline, strategy and recommendation we've included is well-thought out and practiced for you to understand it as easily as possible. If you want to learn quick and easy ways to caricatures, then How to Draw Caricatures is the best for you. Start learning today! About The Expert Christy Peraja spent four years in the banking, finance, and customer service industry. This was the career path that she had to pursue due to her background studies. She learned more than what she expected but always felt that it was not enough. She wanted to become an artist. When Christy Peraja was in Junior High, she drew artwork in the school's lobby as requested by one of the teachers. The Visual Arts Club Adviser, who later became her mentor, saw her work and recruited her. He exposed her to many art contests, where she received awards within those two years. She eventually became the club's president and graduated with pride of having that title. For almost twenty years she hid her artwork and secretly but persistently continued to train herself in drawing, painting and writing. Realizing how much she had improved her skills gave her the courage to achieve her lifetime dream. Despite the disapprovals and criticisms, she continued practicing. She is able to do different works of art like painting, pop art, portraits, cartoons, vector, manga illustrations and so on. She never stopped dreaming of becoming a real artist, that is why she intended to fulfill it now and always believed that it was never too late. One piece of advice from Christy Peraja is, "Don't ever be afraid to chase your dreams because if you truly enjoy it, your dreams will be the one chasing you in the end. And you can never run away from what your heart truly wants. Practice a lot and do not lose the passion of learning something new that would be helpful in improving your skills." HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.
Caricatures and cartoons

How to Draw Cartoons

Author: Peter Maddocks

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books


Category: Caricatures and cartoons

Page: 95

View: 788

Discusses tools for drawing, size, and shapes.