Interpretive Phenomenology

Author: Patricia Benner

Publisher: SAGE Publications


Category: Medical

Page: 386

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Patricia Benner's introduction to phenomenology develops the reader's understanding of the strategies and processes involved in this innovative approach to nursing. The author discusses the relationship between theory and practice, considers the possibility of a science of caring from a feminist perspective, introduces interpretive phenomenology to the study of natural groups such as families, and suggests a basis for developing nursing ethics that is true to the caring and healing practices of the nursing profession.

Hip Tranquil Chick

Author: Kimberly Wilson

Publisher: New World Library


Category: Self-Help

Page: 176

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Hip Tranquil Chick addresses that huge but unacknowledged demographic of fashionistas equally at home at Bergdorf’s and the yoga studio. The book is divided into two major sections that cover all bases for the style-minded seeker. "On the Mat" shares seven must-have modern-girl yoga sequences, such as "Healing Hip Openers" and "Negativity Releasing Heart Openers,” and explains yoga philosophy in hip chick language. "Off the Mat" showcases nine ways to become more fabulous and balanced by incorporating yogic qualities like introspection, strength, and flexibility into daily life. The nine lifestyle chapters reveal how to turn on-the-mat wear into on-the-town style, how to create soulful surroundings at home and work, mindful money management, finding a passion-filled career, how strategic soiree-throwing creates community, tips for practicing social consciousness, and more. Each chapter is accompanied by helpful "OMwork" to translate these concepts into reality. Abundant illustrations accentuate the text, and a "savvy sources" section encourages further exploration.



Publisher: Booksclinic Publishing



Page: 141

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Tranquil Rapture , A Garland of Poems is a rare testimony to sparkle out all aspects of human life, emotions, feelings, pains, strains and sufferings in the simplest form. The poems range from peace and humanity to inner tranquility for sustainable life of today and tomorrow. Each poem is unique in its feature and nature and showers the bliss of eternal awakening through vibrant expressions. The poet has used his perceptive insight and creative dynamism in order to make the anthology unmatched one. The sparks of his masterly artistic exuberance in poetic pearls thrill the readers of all ages and stages.

Tranquil Sitting

Author: Yin Shih Tzu

Publisher: Singing Dragon


Category: Religion

Page: 99

View: 707

This is the Taoist Master Yin Shi Zi's inspirational testament and practical guide to the healing power and spiritual benefits of meditation. The book offers in-depth documentation of the theory, physiological aspects and instruction for the practice of meditation, and provides an account of Yin Shi Zi's personal experiences with meditation.
Family & Relationships

Tranquil Transitions

Author: Rebecca Marie Fitzgerald

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 98

View: 623

Guidance for those facing the end of life transition of a loved one. Useful information along with comforting stories, poems and prayers, to help your loved one, yourself, family and friends through the challenging days ahead. A book to share. A book to keep.

To Seek a Tranquil Grief

Author: Lisa Carole Mitchell

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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How do people survive losing the one most precious to them? How do they move forward when tormented by grief? These are the questions Julie Taylor must answer after the tragic loss of her husband, Jason. Through the love and devotion of her sister, Rebecca, and Jasons longtime friend, Dylan, Julie manages to survive the initial shock of her husbands death. Still she suffers in her longing for one more day with Jason to say all that she feels was left unsaid between them. As Rebecca and Dylan grow closerstruggling together to heal old wounds of their ownJulie embarks on an emotional journey in search of peace. Through the unfolding of an intricate set of circumstances, Julie receives a miracle that allows her to see beyond the grave and enlightens her to the path that connects our mortal world to an infinite afterlife. To Seek a Tranquil Grief reminds us to believe in the power of our spirits to transcend the fleshto remember that love knows no boundariesand to recognize that peace of mind is the greatest possession of all.

The Works

Author: William Makepeace Thackeray




Page: 456

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