Beasts R Us

Author: Atk Butterfly

Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory


Category: Fiction

Page: 184

View: 408

Science Fiction: Story of DNA engineered creatures thrust into existence in a human world. Written with a humorous twist, with a dazzling array of characters, mostly non-human.

The Nutcracker

Author: Jim Tuberty

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 153

View: 110

A ghost story with fun, adventure, and treachery for readers of all ages.

Idiots are invincible

Author: Dr Angelos Rodafinos

Publisher: Α. Rodafinos - Α. Ροδαφηνός


Category: Psychology

Page: 50

View: 753

Who are the idiots? This is one of the few questions in the world that most people agree on its answer: The others... (of course!). Managers, colleagues, teachers, spouses, mothers-in-law -- anyone who doesn’t behave ‘properly,’ that is, the way... we would like them to! Join the Boneheads’ Academy. Congratulations! You’ve just won free life time membership to the idiots’ club, as chances are that you belong to several of the above categories. Time to realize that, if we ask others, you are the idiot in their lives! Idiotic thinking. Time to also realize that, all too often, we are the ‘idiots’ for ourselves! Irrational thoughts and beliefs create problems for our own selves and for those around us. There is hope. The infallible ‘Ro’ method can help you become a professional problem solver, and deal with annoying people, situations, and your own thoughts. A day with Don Stressote. Join in the adventures of this modern-day Don Quixote de la Mancha, a ‘Ro’ method graduate. Watch Don deal effectively with other idiots (drivers, managers, colleagues, clients, friends and relatives), as well as with the most difficult person among all... - himself! A ‘normal’ life is not always a ‘happy’ life. “… grant me the courage to change the things that I can change, the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two”, is a popular motto by Alcoholics Anonymous. Most of us fail in the third part, as we hopelessly try to change things that either are not amenable to change or unworthy of our time and energy. Dealing effectively with either major life events or daily stressors requires the ability to maintain composure / remain calm under pressure, take a time-out and ‘talk sense’ to oneself. Useful questions to ponder when under pressure include: -Is there something I can do right now to solve this problem? -Is it worth my time and energy? -Is my behaviour helping me deal with this and accomplish my ultimate goals? -What can happen to me, if I continue acting in a state of frenzy or remain depressed? -How long can my body endure in this state, without sustaining any undesirable health consequences? -How can I use this event? -What have I learned from it? -What good do I see in all of it? You can’t stop the birds of worry from flying over your head - but you can stop them from building their nest on your head. The book aims to inspire, as well as to educate. In the first part the author discusses stress, its sources and its effects, followed by the ‘Ro’ Method, a simple but complete problem solving process, and a number of examples and real life applications. Then, using a light, humorous and innovative style, the author describes the day of ‘Don Stressote,’ a modern Don Quichote de la Mancha and ‘Ro’ Method graduate, who attempts to apply the theory in everyday life situations. Armed with courage and stoicism, Don deals with the monsters and the dragons (the idiots) of the 21st century: his partner who entered the toilette first and is reading the newspaper insensible to the needs of others, the obese fellow in the elevator, the traffic jam, his stupid boss, the thick-skinned client, as well as the most difficult person among all – his own self and his irrational expectations… Don’s positive state of mind, and his determination and focus on his pledge “I won’t let any idiot ruin my day, ‘cause this is my day!” together with a careful plan of action on how to deal with little annoyances and seemingly unsurpassable obstacles, is what distinguishes our hero from the average/normal citizen. A number of applied psychological techniques, combined with examples and exercises assist the reader to make positive changes towards a) either solving problems or b) altering the way s/he sees the situations.

Seducing Darkness

Author: Erin Richards

Publisher: Midnight Muse Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 344

View: 547

Avoiding him should be easy with her strict dating rules. Mind reader and Psychic Guild lawyer, Marisa Meadows, adheres to her Guild Girl Code by not dating Guardians. But she’s drawn to Guild Guardian Ric McAllister’s handsome charm... especially when their psychic minds dangerously connect. It’s not easy to keep Ric at arm’s length when she needs his help to eliminate the evil tormenting her. One madman. One Guardian. And the fight for the woman who tempts them both. After Ric has a deadly clairvoyant vision of Marisa burning down a house, he's determined to prove her innocence. Yet his visions are seldom wrong, and as the clues pile up, Marisa’s guilt escalates. Every moment in her presence is pure temptation, and Ric fears it won’t be long before he surrenders to her darkness. Soon it’s hard to tell whether their greatest threat is from the darkness seducing them, a sinister mastermind playing games, or the passion leading them toward destruction. Don’t miss the explosive conclusion to the Psychic Justice series in TEMPTING MIDNIGHT! Psychic Justice Completed Series Chasing Shadows, Book 1 Twilight Rising, Book 2 Stealing Twilight, Book 3 Seducing Darkness, Book 4 Tempting Midnight, Book 5

How to Deal With Idiots

Author: Maxime Rovere

Publisher: Profile Books


Category: Philosophy

Page: 123

View: 253

Idiocy is all around us, whether it's the uncle spouting conspiracy theories, the colleagues who repeat your point but louder, or the commuters who still don't know how to use an escalator. But what is the answer to this perpetual scourge? Here, philosopher Maxime Rovere turns his attention to the murkiest of intellectual corners. With warmth, wit and wisdom, he illuminates a new understanding of idiots, one which examines our relations to others and our own ego, offers tools and strategies to dismantle the most desperate of idiotic situations, and even reveals how to stop being the idiots ourselves (because we're always someone else's idiot). Expertly translated by David Bellos, this is an erudite, enjoyable and much-needed solution to a most familiar vexation..

How to Bag a Billionaire

Author: Nina Milne

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 689

Another "billionaire bagger" caught climbing through the restroom window! Except Olivia Evans has no interest in billionaires—even those as delicious as Adam Masterson. She just wants to track down Adam's father…and if crashing a superswanky party is the way to do it, so be it! Only, she's caught red-handed by Adam himself! And now that Adam has become the subject of a "billionaire hunt" he has a proposition for Olivia. He'll help Olivia in her quest—but only if she poses as his adoring girlfriend for the paps. It's a deal she can't refuse…even if it does come with a luxury trip to Thailand and a whole heap of trouble!

How to Steal a Kingdom

Author: Lydia Guleva

Publisher: Lydia Guleva


Category: Fiction

Page: 220

View: 258

When the new lord asked Malisana to travel between worlds with him, she thought they were only getting food for the survivors of the fairy attacks, not a new house for her family. Malisana: A widow and a mother of two, Malisana had thought her life would go no further than back-breaking labor on her farm. But she lost even that. Forced to rely on otherworlders’ mercy for survival, she's surprised to receive more than food and clothes. Ron, one of the new lords and a police officer from another world, offered her an opportunity - to go to his world. Not forever, unfortunately, but only to help him buy the supplies needed for the refugee camp. Of course, it was also an opportunity to get killed by the countless cars, and the shame of wearing such revealing clothes. And why did Ron keep wanting to give her pets? Ron: Living a comfortable life in a world filled with technological achievements meant nothing. Less than nothing. Surrounded by millions of people, Ron was alone. A new world with all it's wars and hunger gave Ron something. He could make a difference, help others. Some days, it meant finding building supplies and clothes for the refugees. Other days, he got to save cute women from an overly friendly Labrador Retriever. And then there were those other days when the enemy army came knocking. When he had to relieve his days as a marine scout sniper. When he had to pick up his sniper rifle again. When he had to save lives. How to Steal a Kingdom is a multicultural, WWBM diverse paranormal romantic comedy with a strong female lead who is used to relying on herself and a handsome former marine scout sniper who became a police officer. Content warning: The author is insane.