Antiques & Collectibles

Japanese Toys

Author: William C. Gallagher

Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 224

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Over 270 Japanese-made toys are featured by top notch Japanese toy manufacturer Toplay Ltd., recognized for their T.P.S. trademark. Included are motorized, wind-up, battery-operated, tin, plastic, and platform-base toys; toys for importers including LINEMAR, Cragstan, Frankonia, Rosko, and Mego; as well as authorized editions based on Popeye and Walt Disney*r characters. Information on the Japanese market, manufacturers, trading and import companies, dates of production, patent drawings, dimensions, descriptions, original packaging, price guide, and over 200 Japanese trademarks are included.
Antiques & Collectibles

Techno Fantasies

Author: Alan Bunkum

Publisher: Schiffer Book for Collectors


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 126

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Charts toy robot design of the last half of the 20th century and explores Japanese aesthetics in tinplate toys, especially robots. Over 200 photographs and original conceptual drawings illustrate this fascinating history. Robotic manufacturers such as Tomy, Horikawa, Waco, and Sony are just a few of the Japanese manufacturers whose robotic designs are featured here. Captions provide much relevant information, including date, size, manufacturer, and current values. An important book for historians, collectors, designers, and students of Japanese studies and popular culture in the golden age of toy production.
Flea markets

Warman's Flea Market Price Guide

Author: Don Johnson

Publisher: Warman's


Category: Flea markets

Page: 375

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An illustrated guide to finding good values on over 700 categories of collectibles at flea markets.

Millennial Monsters

Author: Anne Allison

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: History

Page: 332

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Millennial Monsters explores the global popularity of Japanese consumer culture--including manga (comic books), anime (animation), video games, and toys--and questions the make-up of fantasies nand capitalism that have spurred the industry's growth.

Playthings and Pastimes in Japanese Prints

Author: Lea Baten

Publisher: Weatherhill, Incorporated


Category: Art

Page: 160

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Political scientists and public administration scholars have long recognized that innovation in public agencies is contingent on entrepreneurial bureaucratic executives. But unlike their commercial counterparts, public administration "entrepreneurs" do not profit from their innovations. What motivates enterprising public executives? How are they created? Manuel P. Teodoro's theory of bureaucratic executive ambition explains why pioneering leaders aren not the result of serendipity, but rather arise out of predictable institutional design. Teodoro explains the systems that foster or frustrate entrepreneurship among public executives. Through case studies and quantitative analysis of original data, he shows how psychological motives and career opportunities shape administrators' decisions, and he reveals the consequences these choices have for innovation and democratic governance. Tracing the career paths and political behavior of agency executives, Teodoro finds that, when advancement involves moving across agencies, ambitious bureaucrats have strong incentives for entrepreneurship. Where career advancement occurs vertically within a single organization, ambitious bureaucrats have less incentive for innovation, but perhaps greater accountability. This research introduces valuable empirical methods and has already generated additional studies. A powerful argument for the art of the possible, Bureaucratic Ambition advances a flexible theory of politics and public administration. Its lessons will enrich debate among scholars and inform policymakers and career administrators.


Author: David John Lu

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe


Category: History

Page: 668

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Provides documents to show business practices during the Tokugawa period. Presents documents that cover the full spectrum of political, economic, and diplomatic as well as cultural and intellectual history of pre-modern Japan.
Crafts & Hobbies

Origami Toy Monsters Kit

Author: Andrew Dewar

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 32

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**Winner of Creative Child Magazine 2015 Creative Play of the Year Award** What could be more fun than making your own origami monster and watching it come to life! With Origami Toy Monsters Kit, kids and parents alike will see their very own visually captivating paper craft creations, known as karakuri, traditional Japanese mechanized puppets, shudder and lurch right before their eyes! The origami kit includes: Full-colored, step-by-step instruction booklet 11 menacing interchangeable models for creations like The Kraken, Piranha Alien or The Creeping Hand and more Colorful die-cut cardstock sheets for easy model assembly Glue and other necessary assembly materials to save you a trip to the craft store
Political Science

Japan: A Documentary History: v. 1: The Dawn of History to the Late Eighteenth Century

Author: David J. Lu

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 322

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An updated edition of David Lu's acclaimed "Sources of Japanese History", this two volume book presents in a student-friendly format original Japanese documents from Japan's mythological beginnings through 1995. Covering the full spectrum of political, economic, diplomatic as well as cultural and intellectual history, this classroom resource offers insight not only into the past but also into Japan's contemporary civilisation. This volume covers up to the late 18th century. Three major criteria used in the document selection were that: the selection avoids duplication with other collections - 75% of the documents presented here are newly translated; a document accurately reflects the spirit of the times and the life-styles of the people; and emphasis is on the development of social, economic and political institutions.

Japan and The Graphic

Author: Terry Bennett

Publisher: Global Oriental


Category: History

Page: 402

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Launched in December 1869 in direct competition to The Illustrated London News(ILN). As with the ILN, this complementary one-stop reference volume brings together the complete archive of all reports, features, illustrations and incidental commentaries relating to Japan from the first report of 5 February 1870 to its concluding report on 16 December 1899. This volume of 400 pages includes an 8-page plate section featuring a selection of The Graphic’s colour printing relating to Japan and a full cross-referenced Index by J.E. Hoare.