Jeremy Jones, Serial Killer

Author: Ruth Kanton




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"They called him the low-rent Ted Bundy" On March 12, 2004, 16-year-old Amanda Greenwell walked out of her family's trailer in Arbor Village trailer park, and walked towards the pay phone to make a call. A few hours later, Amanda wasn't back home. Her father, Rick Greenwell, began getting worried. He walked towards the pay phone, but his daughter wasn't there, so he walked around the trailer park looking for her. She was nowhere to be found. He called the police and reported Amanda missing. A search party was assembled, and neighbors and family members scoured the area looking for her. Police initially suspected that Amanda had run away, but this theory was soon dropped when it was clear that no one had seen or heard from her - not friends, neighbors, or other family members. For weeks, the searches turned up nothing. Investigators put on the case interviewed the residents of the trailer park, including a man who called himself John Paul Chapman. No one stood out as a suspect. Investigators soon hit a dead end.What they didn't know was that John Paul Chapman was formerly known as Jeremy Jones...a smooth talking manipulator who had committed numerous crimes...and was now known as a serial killer.
Social Science

Serial Murder

Author: Ronald M. Holmes

Publisher: SAGE


Category: Social Science

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Provides a solid review of the subject, with an accessible, incisive presentation, including photos and features unique to this edition.
True Crime

Hell in the Heartland

Author: Jax Miller

Publisher: Penguin


Category: True Crime

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“There is, in the best of us, a search for the truth, to serve the living and dead alike...Jax Miller is one of those people and Hell in the Heartland is one of those books.”—Robert Graysmith, New York Times bestselling author of Zodiac As seen in Marie Claire's "Best True Crime Books of 2020" • HuffPost • OK! Magazine • CrimeReads • LitHub's "Best New Summer Books" S-Town meets I'll Be Gone in the Dark in this stranger-than-fiction cold case from rural Oklahoma that has stumped authorities for two decades, concerning the disappearance of two teenage girls and the much larger mystery of murder, possible police cover-up, and an unimaginable truth... On December 30, 1999, in rural Oklahoma, sixteen-year-old Ashley Freeman and her best friend, Lauria Bible, were having a sleepover. The next morning, the Freeman family trailer was in flames and both girls were missing. While rumors of drug debts, revenge, and police corruption abounded in the years that followed, the case remained unsolved and the girls were never found. In 2015, crime writer Jax Miller--who had been haunted by the case--decided to travel to Oklahoma to find out what really happened on that winter night in 1999, and why the story was still simmering more than fifteen years later. What she found was more than she could have ever bargained for: evidence of jaw-dropping levels of police negligence, entire communities ravaged by methamphetamine addiction, and a series of interconnected murders with an ominously familiar pattern. These forgotten towns were wild, lawless, and home to some very dark secrets.
True Crime

Blood Lust

Author: Sheila Johnson

Publisher: Pinnacle Books


Category: True Crime

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His Victims Were Uncounted. . . From the time he was a teenager, Jeremy Bryan Jones had let his violent passions run wild: attacking, raping, and mutilating. Then, in Mobile County, Alabama, Jones's rampage was stopped. But no one knew how many bodies were in his past. His Evil Was Unmeasured. . . Convicted and sentenced to die for the brutal murder of Lisa Nichols, an Alabama mother of two children, Jones shocked authorities with the story of his life--and his claims of snuffing out over a dozen victims in thirteen years. But was he telling the truth, or was he simply taunting his captors? Until The Terrible Truth Emerged. . . Detectives from across the South scrambled to prove Jones's claims. At every turn, the man dubbed "the redneck Ted Bundy" made a mockery of the police, the courts, and the media, and investigations into the horrifying crimes attributed to him still continue. Now, for the first time, the definitive story is told about a psychopath who enjoyed confessing almost as much as he enjoyed killing. . .. With 16 Pages of Revealing Photos!
Performing Arts

Serial Killer Cinema

Author: Robert Cettl

Publisher: McFarland Publishing


Category: Performing Arts

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Outlines the development of the serial killer genre in motion pictures and lists more than five hundred films, providing the credits, a plot synopsis, and an analysis of the film's place within the genre for each film.

The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch

Author: R. J. Stanchfield

Publisher: Water Dragon Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 381

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Professor Jeremy Scratch is a human taxidermist … and an assassin of serial killers. "The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch" is a slipstream story that crosses over and under conventional spy fiction genre edges. That’s because his closest friend in college, Professor Tunji Farabi, is an African revolutionist who is also the Chair of African American Studies at NYU. Both men see themselves as being on good and honorable missions. Their personal visions, however, are not viewed through the same glasses. Farabi’s organization, SAGE, kills innocent people in many different countries on five continents. The professors deal with different issues: death and dying, worldwide racism, and human preservation. They arrive at a philosophical crossroads and the question the reader will ponder is how strange are their worlds and is what they are doing ultimately good … Together the utopian and dystopian endings may be remarkably just, hopeful, and human.

Magill's Cinema Annual

Author: Beth A. Fhaner

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning


Category: Reference

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For serious film fans, MAGILL'S CINEMA ANNUAL offers an in-depth retrospective of 350 significant domestic and foreign films released in the U.S. in 1997. Like all VideoHound guides, MAGILL'S is extensively indexed for easy access--providing movie trivia, photographs, quotes, dialog sound bites, reviews, and more. 70 photos.
Motion pictures

Video Movie Guide 2002

Author: Mick Martin

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Category: Motion pictures

Page: 1600

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Always entertaining, witty, and packed with information, the "Video Movie Guide" has been a perennial bestseller for 17 years. Includes a special section on titles available on DVD.
True Crime

Divorce by Grand Canyon

Author: Elizabeth Engstrom

Publisher: IFD Publishing


Category: True Crime

Page: 178

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Christian Longo. Jeremy Bryan Jones. Joel Patrick Courtney. Patrick Wayne Kearney. Russell Obremski. Robert Spangler. Gabriel Morris. Killers all. Veteran author Elizabeth Engstrom dives into the horrific stories of these seven serial killers, along with a glimpse into the maggoty world of forensic entomology. Why do these killers do what they do, how do they get away with it for so long, and what is their final undoing? Riveting true crime stories to make you lock your doors at night.
Performing Arts

Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Film and Television Credits: Filmography

Author: Harris M. Lentz

Publisher: McFarland & Company Incorporated Pub


Category: Performing Arts

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Using popular games as a metaphor for our temporal lives, this six-session DVD curriculum neatly sorts out what's fleeting and what's permanent in God's kingdom. Being Master of the Board is not the point; being rich toward God is. Winning the game of life on Earth is a temporary victory; loving God and other people with all our hearts is an eternal one.
Literary Criticism

The Evil 100

Author: Martin Gilman Wolcott

Publisher: Citadel Press


Category: Literary Criticism

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Provides profiles of the men and women who have committed the world's worst crimes.

Heroes & Villains

Author: Gerald Scarfe

Publisher: National Portrait Gallery Publications


Category: Art

Page: 160

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Heroes and Villains is a unique collaboration with the caricaturist Gerald Scarfe, which will also be the subject of a documentary on BBC Four. In the book, portraits of well-known figures, selected from the National Portrait Gallery's collections, are quirkily juxtaposed with caricatures that depict their villainous side. Gerald Scarfe, Britain's best-known caricaturist, provides these artful, glib distortions, many of which have been specially commissioned. They reveal the wit and vision of an exceptional draughtsman at work. who argue their views for and against, on subjects as wide ranging as Henry VIII, Oswald Mosley, Virginia Woolf, Princess Diana and David and Victoria Beckham.
Motion picture actors and actresses

Film Actors




Category: Motion picture actors and actresses


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Imaginary People

Author: David Pringle

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing


Category: Reference

Page: 296

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A new edition of the who's who of over 1,400 fictional characters whose names are sometimes so familiar it's difficult to remember they're imaginary. Included in the biographical parade is Ben Casey, Casper, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a compendium of high, low, and no brow at all, each exactly recorded with a snippet of biographical anecdote. The reference is as equally useful for scholarly work as it is for killing time in aimless pursuits of information. Distributed by Ashgate. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
New York (N.Y.)

New York




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