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Trade associations

World Guide to Trade Associations


Publisher: De Gruyter Saur


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Volume I, Trade Associations contains entries for no fewer than 23,641 associations including every conceivable field of commercial, service and industrial activity, from the construction industry to demolition firms, from the chocolate and candy trade to dental equipment and dentures and from fire insurance to hoses. In contrast to other, similar reference works World Guide to Trade Associations also includes trade unions.
Language Arts & Disciplines

The Syntax of Nominalizations across Languages and Frameworks

Author: Artemis Alexiadou

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The volume explores the syntax of nominalizations, focusing on deverbal and deadjectival nominalizations, but also discussing the syntax of genitives and the syntax of distinct readings of nominalizations. The volume investigates the morpholgy-syntax interface as well as the semantics-syntax interface in the domain of nominalizations. The theoretical frameworks include distributed morphology, and minimalist syntax. Data from a variety of languages are taken into consideration, e.g. Hebrew, Bulgarian, Serbian, French, Spanish, German and English.
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Transforming Healthcare

Author: Jennifer L. Hefner

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing


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Shedding light on current transformations in payment mechanisms and transparency of hospital performance data and prices, this volume of Advances in Health Care Management presents findings on hospital profitability, cost, and organizational structures.
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Icelandic Morphosyntax and Argument Structure

Author: Jim Wood

Publisher: Springer


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Page: 316

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This book provides a detailed study of Icelandic argument structure alternations within a syntactic theory of argument structure. Building on recent theorizing within the Minimalist Program and Distributed Morphology, the author proposes that much of what is traditionally attributed to syntax should be relegated to the interfaces, and adapts the late insertion theory of morphology to semantics. The resulting system forms sound-meaning pairs by generating hierarchical structures that can be translated into morphological representations, on the one hand, and semantic representations, on the other. The syntactic primitives, however, underdetermine both morphophonology and semantics. Without appealing to special stipulations, the theory derives constraints on the external argument of causative-alternation verbs, interpretive restrictions on nominative objects, and the optionally agentive interpretation of verbs denoting self-directed motion.
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