Serenatas for Dublin

Author: Johann Sigismund Kusser

Publisher: A-R Editions, Inc.


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Johann Sigismund Kusser (or, as he was known in England and Ireland, John Sigismond Cousser), was a Hungarian-born musician who, after a varied and successful career in the German-speaking lands of the Holy Roman Empire, settled in Ireland in July 1707. In Dublin Kusser composed and directed the performances of at least twenty-one festive serenatas that marked important state occasions in Dublin between 1709 and his death in late 1727. Presented before the elite of local society in semistaged productions featuring costumes, stage machinery, and dancing, these works functioned as something of an operatic substitute in the city’s cultural life. The contents of the present volume comprise the three serenatas for which music remains extant. Two of these can be proven definitively to be of Kusser’s own composition, and the third, due to its musical style, overall structure, and subject matter, is almost certainly his creation as well. These works provide remarkably rare musical evidence of a key component of the artistic offerings of Dublin’s viceregal court during the early decades of the eighteenth century.
Great Britain

Opera and Politics in Queen Anne's Britain, 1705-1714

Author: Thomas McGeary

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer


Category: Great Britain

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Explores the political meanings that Italian opera - its composers, agents and institutions - had for audiences in eighteenth-century Britain.

Capter L'essence Du Spectacle

Author: Nicole Leclercq

Publisher: Peter Lang


Category: Drama

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Le défi du patrimoine immatériel est de capturer l'essence du spectacle : l'idée de « capture » a cela d'intéressant qu'elle suppose que les professionnels impliqués dans la SIBMAS soient comme des chasseurs, sur la piste, de toutes sortes de façons, afin de coincer et de recueillir un petit quelque chose d'éphémère, qui en vaut la peine, et qui nous en apprend sur nous-mêmes et sur notre monde. Certains chasseurs se servent des bases de données, d'autres des écrits ou des images - mais tous partagent un même objectif : ne pas laisser se perdre un moment spécial, magique, que seule la vie du spectacle peut générer. The challenge of intangible heritage is to capture the essence of performance: the idea of capturing is interesting as it implies that the professionals, involved in SIBMAS, are on a hunt, a hunt in a number of different ways to pin down and preserve something ephemeral and something worth preserving, something that tells us more about ourselves and the world we live in. Some hunters use the database, some the written word, some the camera but all share a common goal: not to let go of a particular moment, a magic moment that only the live event can create.

Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music

Author: Don Michael Randel



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Quick reference book of musical terminology covers the people, instruments, works and vocabulary of the musical world for all periods of history with particular emphasis on the twentieth century