Tangkhul language

Tangkhul Naga Grammar

Author: S. Arokianathan



Category: Tangkhul language

Page: 164

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The Central Institute of Indian Languages is entrusted with the responsibility of assisting the development of tribal and other minor languages. Tangkhul belongs to the Naga sub-group of the Tibeto-Burman sub-family of languages.

The Signature - Volume I

Author: Frans Welman

Publisher: Booksmango


Category: Travel

Page: 183

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In the Signature two extremes are on the cards: one the insignificance of a signature given by a celebrity or and author, two and more importantly is the signature, the seal of agreement, between oppressed and oppressors, the former with the signature to be set free. The Signature draws attention to the outcome of a plot instigated to change the status quo so that the oppressed Boros, as per example, can achieve their desired freedom from alien and oppressive rule. The Signature takes a swing around the world as implicators and nations become frantic when this political status quo is tampered with beyond control.

Re-imagining Heritage Interpretation

Author: Russell Staiff

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Art

Page: 208

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This book challenges traditional approaches to heritage interpretation and offers an alternative theoretical architecture to the current research and practice. Russell Staiff suggests that the dialogue between visitors and heritage places has been too focused on learning outcomes, and so heritage interpretation has become dominated by psychology and educational theory, and over-reliant on outdated thinking. Using his background as an art historian and experience teaching heritage and tourism courses, Russell Staiff weaves personal observation with theory in an engaging and lively way. He recognizes that the 'digital revolution' has changed forever the way that people interact with their environment and that a new approach is needed.
Foreign Language Study

English - Ciyawo Learner's Dictionary

Author: Dicks, Ian D.

Publisher: Mzuni Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 530

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The English-Ciyawo Dictionary has been designed to help Yawo learners improve their English language skills for undertaking secondary school and university in the following ways: It helps a Yawo learner identify and learn the 3,000 most important and frequently used words in the English language. It gives a learner the most important meanings of each English word. It shows a learner how an English word is used in a sentence and also gives a translation of each sentence in Ciyawo to help a learner fully grasp the meaning.
Social Science

Theory and Practice of Ethnography

Author: Eswarappa Kasi

Publisher: Rawat Publications


Category: Social Science

Page: 356

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Contributed articles presented at an international conference organized by School of Humanities and School of Social Science, University of Hyderabad in July 3-5, 2007.