Jungle Sounds

Author: Sam Taplin




Page: 10

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Fingertrails and half-cuts in addition to sounds embedded in the page, make this an exciting experience. The bright, colourful artwork enhanced with cut-outs to peep through. Best of all, press the pages and bring the jungle to life with a croaking frogs, a shower of rain, screeching parrots, roaring lions and other creatures. A delightful gift for a young child.

Jungle Sounds

Author: Amy Mullen




Page: 22

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What are the sounds of the jungle animals? Meet jungle animals and hear their sounds in this sweet and simple book from Amy Mullen. Dreamy illustrations are paired with very simple sentences like, ""The snake says HISS HISS."" Suitable for babies, toddlers, or beginning readers, this book uses repetition and sight words to build understanding and reading fluency. Other titles in this series include FOREST SOUNDS and FARM SOUNDS.
Board books

Squawk in the Jungle!




Category: Board books


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Kids will love squawking with all the animals in Discovery Squawk in the Jungle, a super-fun and interactive board book. Explore the jungle and learn all about the animals that live there, such as parrots, lemurs, poison dart frogs, rhinos, and more. Then press the 10 buttons to hear how they sound.

Discovery Squawk in the Jungle

Author: Parragon Books Ltd





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Discovery Squawk in the Jungle is a fun book with 10 interactive jungle animal sounds.

Jungle Beat

Author: Lynn Kleiner

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing


Category: Music

Page: 76

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The perfect mix of music, creativity, and fun for music teachers, classroom teachers, and child care providers. Students will enjoy learning about the jungle and its creatures through captivating songs and activities. Includes many imaginative lesson ideas for young children that capture the delightful power and excitement of interactive musical learning. Classroom curriculum, singing and playing instruments, crafts, and snacks are integrated, overlapped, and joined for a joyful, inventive learning experience. This title has received the iParenting Media award as one of the "Best Products of 2006."
Aeronautics in missionary work

Gateway to the Jungle

Author: Gloria Graham



Category: Aeronautics in missionary work

Page: 252

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Tarzan Guard of the Jungle

Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


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As little Nkima, Tarzan’s messenger-monkey, swung through the tree-tops in purposeless search of distraction--for his heart was sad at his master’s long absence--he spied a large party of white men and black, en-camped in the African jungle. Had Nikima but known it, he held the fate of Europe in his little pink palm--for this encampment was composed of several men, and one woman, who were plotting in the interests of Communism for the day when Moscow should dominate the world. Their immediate reason for this expedition was to obtain the fabled gold from the treasure-vaults of Opar; this would furnish funds for their plan to embroil the world in war--leading, so they hoped, to the establishment of autonomous Soviet states everywhere.
Biography & Autobiography

Jungle Lore

Author: Jim Corbett

Publisher: Ponytale Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 180

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Jim Corbett is famous for his exploits as a hunter, but there was so much more to the man than tracking down man-eating tigers and leopards. In fact, ‘Carpet Sahib’ (as many Indians called him) was a conservationist at heart, with a deep love for jungles – its flora and fauna; and its inhabitants – the birds and the animals, and the people – who lived in the lush Kumaon hills. It is this side of Corbett that comes to the fore in Jungle Lore. Almost autobiographical in nature, Jungle Lore sees Corbett talk of his boyhood, the people he met, lessons he learnt in absorbing the jungle, his concern for the jungles and environment, and of course, there are doses of hunting expeditions too. There is even the odd story of detection and of supernatural sightings. Jungle Lore is the first book anyone should read on Jim Corbett. Simply because it is about Jim Corbett the man who went on to become a famous hunter.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Movies and Meaning

Author: Stephen Prince

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 444

View: 482

Movies and Meaning is a comprehensive introduction to the film industry that focuses on three topics: how movies express meanings, how viewers understand those meanings, and how cinema functions globally as both an art and a business. It examines both how filmmakers create images and sounds and the mechanisms and processes by which viewers make sense of images and stories on screen.
Performing Arts

Sounds of Movies

Author: Nicholas Pasquariello



Category: Performing Arts

Page: 236

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Eleven of the world's foremost film sound mixers, who have been honored with eight Oscars for Best Sound, share the wisdom and experience that has resulted in the mixing of more than 300 major motion pictures

Jungle Fighters

Author: Jules Archer

Publisher: Julian Messner


Category: History

Page: 224

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An account of the military campaign in New Guinea during World War II, which the author viewed from several positions, including staff sergeant and war correspondent.

Listen, the Wind

Author: Roger Mais

Publisher: Longman Trade/Caroline House


Category: Jamaica

Page: 160

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