The Crucifixion in American Art

Author: Robert Henkes

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Art

Page: 184

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The crucifixion of Christ has been richly portrayed by countless artists for hundreds of years, but it was European Renaissance styles and painters such as Kurz, Benjamin West and John Valentine Haidt that first informed American artists of the possibilities for depicting the crucifixion. This work features artists living and working in America from the mid-18th to the 21st century who depicted the crucifixion of Christ in their artwork. The 19th century saw painters like Julian Russell Story, John Singer Sargent, Vassili Verestchagin and Fred Holland break from the Renaissance tradition of the 18th century to begin a religious art revolution. The 20th century saw painters like Thomas Eakins and George Bellows continuing the traditions of the 19th until the Realist style became dominant, which lasted until the latter part of the century and the rise of Abstract Expressionism and a number of experimental styles such as Op, Pop, and Super-realism.


Author: Emma Coccioli

Publisher: Vernon Press


Category: Art

Page: 325

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Romanticism, the brooding and intensely personal eighteenth-century art and literary movement, takes on a new lease of life in this carefully curated collection of interviews with contemporary artists from around the world. Informed by the writings of the renowned psychoanalyst James Hillman, Romanticism is reconsidered from a twenty-first-century perspective. Moving past a purely formal presentation of the artists’ work, this text strives to uncover the deeper meaning and more pressing issues present in the artworks. All connected by a similar romantic vein, Emma Coccioli explores each artist’s individual practice through a series of carefully selected questions. For Coccioli, discussions of ‘the moral issue’ and the future of the world also form an important part of the interviews. Coccioli acknowledges that artists have often been asked questions about their role in relation to the moral issue and the problem of nihilism. However, even if we have an inherent understanding of the concepts of good and evil, Coccioli argues that there is a need to re-examine the modern-day psyche as it tends to be apathetic and with little emotional resonance on our actions and behaviour. Global overpopulation, climate change, and the planet’s limited resources are also meaningfully discussed in this collection of interviews. In questioning the artists, whose work addresses, even remotely, these topics, Coccioli encourages them to consider what they believe to be the greatest threats to today’s global community and to suggest solutions that might be adopted by future generations. This original and engaging look at contemporary art practice presents a sophisticated discussion of some of the most pressing issues for modern-day society. The interdisciplinary nature of this book means that it will appeal to students, scholars, artists and to anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of contemporary art.
Sports & Recreation

Color Blind

Author: Tom Dunkel

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 386

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Taking readers back in time to 1947, an award-winning journalist chronicles an integrated baseball team in Bismarck, North Dakota that rose above a segregated society to become champions, delving into the history of the players, the town and baseball itself.

I Will Take You to Broceliande

Author: Elizabeth Muhlhaus

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Self-Help

Page: 1046

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It is a mystery story and a detective story about mankind’s primordial quest for peace on earth, which first requires that we understand how peace gets destroyed. And like the thrillers on TV that reveal clues slowly, you will see a crescendo of mysteries that I knew were clues, if I could just figure them out! Those tough experiences were simply what I had to go through to develop the sensitivity to subliminal signals in nature that I never would have been able to pick up if my life had only been happy and easy. Yet the story is peppered with exhilarating moments of transcendence, love, and naivete. Wonderful experiences dotted this life like pecans in cinnamon rolls.

Spectacular Happiness

Author: Peter D. Kramer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 326

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Chip Samuels, a junior college English teacher and part-time handyman, becomes the prime suspect in a series of bombings of bayfront trophy homes on Cape Cod and finds himself pursued by both the FBI and the media.






Page: 56

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In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

We Winna Be Dauntit! The History of the Racine Kilties Drum and Bugle Corps 1934 - 1992

Author: George Fennell



Category: History

Page: 739

View: 188

Were you ever a member, instructor or a fan of the Racine Kilties Junior Drum and Bugle Corps? If so, then "We Winna Be Dauntit! The History of the Racine Kilties Drum and Bugle Corps 1934 - 1992" is for you! Through deep and extensive research this remarkable book chronicles the history of the Kilties during all three phases of their existence: the parade corps years from 1934 through 1947, the competitive years from 1948 through 1982 and the alumni corps years of 1986 and 1992. Inside you will find: 133 photographs How and when the Kilties were organized Rosters for every year from 1947 through 1986 Repertoires for every year from 1952 through 1992 Parent's Club Officers listed for nearly all years Schedules and turn-out information for all years Scores or placements for most of the contests entered Details about every Kiltie Kapers and every "Drum Corps Day" Fund raising methods used by the Parent's Club to support the Kilties How, when and why the Kilties disbanded
Technology & Engineering

Improving Global Worker Health and Safety Through Collaborative Capacity Building Initiatives

Author: Thomas P. Fuller

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 234

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Many economically developing countries and nations without robust occupational hygiene (OH) educational programs endure a shortage of qualified occupational hygienists, resulting in higher rates of workplace injury, illness, and fatality. Damage to valuable infrastructure, environment, and public health also occurs without adequate support. Improving Global Worker Health and Safety Through Collaborative Capacity Building Initiatives outlines a broad variety of capacity building projects in OH. It also introduces detailed experiences of occupational hygienists working abroad and working on special global topics including a discussion of how global trade agreements influence the practice and policy within OH. It describes the special needs of informal workers who do not have a "typical" employer and special challenges of creating university curricular guidelines for OH, building competency, and increasing capacity. This book also informs experienced professionals in international OH-capacity building initiatives and directions. Features: Presents the global impact and importance of occupational hygienists Outlines knowledge and collaboration through networking Provides case studies on real world situations and problems This text will be useful for professionals and graduate students in the fields of occupational health and safety and public health.
Social Science

The Good Girls Revolt

Author: Lynn Povich

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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It was the 1960s -- a time of economic boom and social strife. Young women poured into the workplace, but the "Help Wanted" ads were segregated by gender and the "Mad Men" office culture was rife with sexual stereotyping and discrimination. Lynn Povich was one of the lucky ones, landing a job at Newsweek, renowned for its cutting-edge coverage of civil rights and the "Swinging Sixties." Nora Ephron, Jane Bryant Quinn, Ellen Goodman, and Susan Brownmiller all started there as well. It was a top-notch job -- for a girl -- at an exciting place. But it was a dead end. Women researchers sometimes became reporters, rarely writers, and never editors. Any aspiring female journalist was told, "If you want to be a writer, go somewhere else." On March 16, 1970, the day Newsweek published a cover story on the fledgling feminist movement entitled "Women in Revolt," forty-six Newsweek women charged the magazine with discrimination in hiring and promotion. It was the first female class action lawsuit--the first by women journalists -- and it inspired other women in the media to quickly follow suit. Lynn Povich was one of the ringleaders. In The Good Girls Revolt, she evocatively tells the story of this dramatic turning point through the lives of several participants. With warmth, humor, and perspective, she shows how personal experiences and cultural shifts led a group of well-mannered, largely apolitical women, raised in the 1940s and 1950s, to challenge their bosses -- and what happened after they did. For many, filing the suit was a radicalizing act that empowered them to "find themselves" and fight back. Others lost their way amid opportunities, pressures, discouragements, and hostilities they weren't prepared to navigate. The Good Girls Revolt also explores why changes in the law didn't solve everything. Through the lives of young female journalists at Newsweek today, Lynn Povich shows what has -- and hasn't -- changed in the workplace.