Kind of Coping

Author: Maureen Marzi Wilson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Humor

Page: 192

View: 759

Maureen “Marzi” Wilson—the popular Instagram cartoonist behind Introvert Doodles—is back with a brand-new collection of hilarious, relatable, and heartwarming doodles about anxiety that show you that you are not alone. If you struggle with anxiety, you may feel like it’s you against the world all the time. Sometimes, your anxiety can be too much to handle all at once—wouldn’t it be nice to have someone around that understood exactly what you were going through? Meet Marzi! She struggles with anxiety just like you. In Kind of Coping, join Marzi as she (kind of) copes with her own anxiety from day to day, finding the humor in her condition with this collection of funny, encouraging, and supportive comics that show you the best you can do sometimes is just kind of cope—and that’s totally OK! Whether it’s a panic attack or an awkward social snafu, Marzi knows what you are going through. With over 150 full-color doodles that deliver hope and inspiration, unconditional support, and big laughs, let Marzi share her journey with you.

Don't Let Your Anxiety Run Your Life

Author: David H. Klemanski

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications


Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 320

Anxiety is an epidemic in our modern world. But studies now show there is a direct link between anxiety and how you respond to emotions. Don’t Let Your Anxiety Run Your Life provides a groundbreaking, step-by-step guide for managing the thoughts and feelings that cause anxiety, worry, fear, and panic. Are your emotions causing you anxiety? Emotions can be quite beneficial—they help us communicate with others, and are deeply connected to special and important memories in our lives. But sometimes, emotions can have unwanted consequences, especially when they cause us fear or anxiety. Studies now show a direct link between emotion regulation and anxiety. Based in the latest research from a Yale University psychologist and professor, the simple yet powerful mindfulness tips in this book will help you stay calm, collected, and make significant improvements in your everyday life, whether at work, at home, or in your relationships. This is the first book to present an integrated model of mindfulness and emotion regulation—both clinically proven for reducing anxiety symptoms. Using these easy mindfulness practices, you’ll learn to manage your emotions and lessen your anxiety, leading to improvements in your social life, work obligations, and family responsibilities.

Change Your Gambling, Change Your Life

Author: Howard Shaffer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Psychology

Page: 256

View: 498

A research-based guide to controlling the destructive urge togamble From Howard Shaffer, PhD, a noted expert on gambling addiction,and Harvard Health Publications comes Change Your Gambling,Change your Life, a landmark new book which explains howgambling problems are related to other underlying issues: such asanxiety, mood fluctuation, difficulty with impulse control, andsubstance abuse problems. Dr. Shaffer offers a series of self-teststo help evaluate the degree of gambling problem and analyze thepsychological and social context of the behavior, with specificstrategies and approaches for ending the problems with simple toolsthat anyone can do. Explains why many people have a problem controlling their urgeto gamble and how that can be corrected Includes a toolbox of resources for anyone who wants to stopthe vicious cycle of gambling Offers advice for avoiding slips and preventing backslides andhow to deal with the consequences With candor and expert advice, Change Your Gambling, ChangeYour Life provides proven techniques for controlling the urgeto gamble.

Doctors’ Marriages

Author: Michael Myers

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Medical

Page: 232

View: 700

In marriage, partners bring together preexisting psychological and cul tural histories which may be quite disparate. The idea that "love con quers all" does not account for the complexities involved in the development of a contemporary partnership. Societal changes over the past few decades have resulted in impor tant shifts in patterns of relationships. Lengthened life spans, decreased incidence and severity of illness and disability, and the availability of contraception have affected our lives and plans substantially. Among the effects are marriages that last longer than they ever have and produce fewer children, despite the high divorce rate. Values and expectations in marriage have also changed over the past several decades, shifting from an emphasis on survival and eco nomic security to a focus on companionship, love, and communication. The desire for self-fulfillment has superseded more traditional concerns about family loyalty Zlnd responsibility. Thus, divorce is often sought as a solution to frustration, disappointment, and conflict. A societal change that has had considerable influence on individ uals and their relationships has been the emergence of the women's movement and changing roles and expectations for women. This change has brought new demands, fulfillments, and conflicts. Current styles of marriage have shifted from an automatic acceptance of clearly designated gender-determined roles toward more egalitarian and interdependent relationships with partners also expressing their own goals, styles, and personalities. The dual career or dual worker family has emerged as the dominant family structure in the United States.

Delphi Complete Works of Thomas Hardy (Illustrated)

Author: Thomas Hardy

Publisher: Delphi Classics


Category: Fiction

Page: 3491

View: 363

One of the few authors to distinguish himself with equal merit in poetry and novel writing, Thomas Hardy remains one of English literature’s leading figures. For the first time in publishing history, this comprehensive eBook presents Hardy’s complete works, with scarce texts, numerous illustrations, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 8) Features: * illustrated with countless images relating to Hardy and his works * annotated with concise introductions to the novels and other texts * each novel has its own contents table - easily navigate between chapters! * information on the lost first novel ‘THE POOR MAN AND THE LADY', with a rare novella and poem tracing its content * ALL of the short stories with BOTH chronological and alphabetical contents tables * the compete plays – even including the rare “Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall” available nowhere else as a digital book * ALL of the poems with their own separate chronological and alphabetical contents tables – find that special poem easily and quickly! * the poems are ALSO presented in their original collections, each with its own table * scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres * special Hardy’s Wessex Map to accompany your reading of the novels * includes a special criticism section, with 6 different texts from other authors and critics, examining Hardy's literary work in detail * D. H. Lawrence's lengthy critical book A STUDY OF THOMAS HARDY * Hardy's wife's TWO biographies - explore the great writer's life in detail - available nowhere else * UPDATED with newly formatted texts, introductions, corrections and many more images Please visit to browse our range of exciting Complete Works titles The Novels THE POOR MAN AND THE LADY AN INDISCRETION IN THE LIFE OF AN HEIRESS DESPERATE REMEDIES UNDER THE GREENWOOD TREE A PAIR OF BLUE EYES FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD THE HAND OF ETHELBERTA THE RETURN OF THE NATIVE THE TRUMPET-MAJOR A LAODICEAN TWO ON A TOWER THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE THE WOODLANDERS TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES THE WELL-BELOVED JUDE THE OBSCURE The Short Story Collections WESSEX TALES LIFE’S LITTLE IRONIES A GROUP OF NOBLE DAMES The Short Stories CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF HARDY’S SHORT STORIES ALPHABETICAL LIST OF HARDY’S SHORT STORIES The Verse Dramas THE DYNASTS TRAGEDY OF THE QUEEN OF CORNWALL The Poetry Collections WESSEX POEMS AND OTHER VERSES POEMS OF THE PAST AND THE PRESENT TIME’S LAUGHINGSTOCKS AND OTHER VERSES SATIRES OF CIRCUMSTANCE MOMENTS OF VISION AND MISCELLANEOUS VERSES LATE LYRICS AND EARLIER WITH MANY OTHER VERSES HUMAN SHOWS FAR PHANTASIES SONGS, AND TRIFLES WINTER WORDS IN VARIOUS MOODS AND METRES The Poems LIST OF POEMS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF POEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Criticism A STUDY OF THOMAS HARDY by D.H. Lawrence THOMAS HARDY by Leon H. Vincent THE LYRICAL POETRY OF THOMAS HARDY by Edmund Gosse UNDER FRENCH ENCOURAGEMENT by David Christie Murray THOMAS HARDY by John Cowper Powys A NOTE ON THE GENIUS OF THOMAS HARDY by Arthur Symons The Biographies THE EARLY LIFE OF THOMAS HARDY, 1841–1891 by Florence Hardy THE LATER YEARS OF THOMAS HARDY, 1892–1928 by Florence Hardy Hardy’s Wessex Map Please visit to browse our range of exciting titles

International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy

Author: Alan S. Bellack

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Psychology

Page: 1052

View: 614

The rapid growth of behavior therapy over the past 20 years has been well doc umented. Yet the geometric expansion of the field has been so great that it deserves to be recounted. We all received our graduate training in the mid to late 1960s. Courses in behavior therapy were then a rarity. Behavioral training was based more on informal tutorials than on systematic programs of study. The behavioral literature was so circumscribed that it could be easily mastered in a few months of study. A mere half-dozen books (by Wolpe, Lazarus, Eysenck, Ullmann, and Krasner) more-or-Iess comprised the behavioral library in the mid- 1960s. Semirial works by Ayllon and Azrin, Bandura, Franks, and Kanfer in 1968 and 1969 made it only slightly more difficult to survey the field. Keeping abreast of new developments was not very difficult, as Behaviour Research and Therapy and the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis were the only regular outlets for behavioral articles until the end of the decade, when Behavior Therapy and Be havior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry first appeared. We are too young to be maudlin, but "Oh for the good old days!" One of us did a quick survey of his bookshelves and stopped counting books with behavior or behavioral in the titles when he reached 100. There were at least half again as many behavioral books without those words in the title.

A Short Introduction to Helping Young People Manage Anxiety

Author: Carol Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Category: Psychology

Page: 112

View: 268

Anxiety is an increasingly common problem in young people, but there are many different causes and types, and it can be difficult to know where to start in order to understand it and know how best to help. This easy-to-read guide provides information about the different types of anxiety and why some young people experience anxiety, and is full of advice and tips on how to help and support young people. As well as common types of anxiety such as generalised anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder, it also covers issues or disorders that can occur alongside anxiety such as depression, self-harm and obsessive compulsive disorder. Case studies feature throughout the book to illustrate real-life situations, and the book includes self-help tips for young people to help them manage their anxiety. This is an ideal short introduction to anxiety in young people, and how to help and support young people to manage and cope with anxiety.