Le Pastiche Tintin 2

Author: John Charles Stringer



Category: Art

Page: 282

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Le Pastiche Tintin 2, a second flick through Tintin pastiches and parodies and the world of Hergé. New Zealand art historian John Stringer gathers another 222 tributes to this global comic phenomenon (333 in vol.s 1-2). Parodies, tributes and lampoons have mushroomed like Shooting Star fungi since 1983 when Hergé died and the adventures ceased. Stringer draws again on hundreds of independent works to revisit the enduring pastiche pathology of Europe's greatest comic (200 million copies in 70 languages). From Star Wars to Fukushima, spellbound with Harry Potter, in Syria, El Salvador, on Pluto or at a zoo, spaced out on Mars, Tintin is still Breaking Free so the adventures and mystery might continue -Billions of Bilious Blue Blistering Barnacles!

The Parody Exception in Copyright Law

Author: Sabine Jacques

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Law

Page: 280

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Parodies have been created throughout times and cultures. A glimpse at the general judicial latitude generally afforded to parodies, satires, caricatures, and pastiches demonstrates the social and cultural value of this particular form of artistic expression. With the advent of technologies and the evolution of copyright legislation, creative endeavours in the form of parody gathered a new youth but became unlawful. While copyright law grants exclusive rights to right-holders, this right is not absolute. Legislation includes specific exceptions, which preclude right-holders from exercising their prerogatives in particular cases which foster creativity and cultural diversity within that society. The parody exception pertains to this ultimate objective by permitting users to reproduce copyright-protected materials for the purpose of parody. To understand the meaning and scope of the parody exception, this book examines and compares five jurisdictions which differ in their protection of parodies: France, Australia, Canada, the US and the United Kingdom. This book is concerned with finding an appropriate balance between the protection awarded to right-holders and the public interest. This is achieved by analysing the parody exception to the economic rights of right-holders, the preservation of moral rights and the interaction of the parody exception with contract law. As parodies constitute an artistic expression protected under the right to freedom of expression, this book also considers the influence of freedom of expression on the interpretation of this specific copyright exception. Furthermore, this book aims at providing guidance on how to resolve conflicts where fundamental rights are in conflict. This is the first book in English to offer an in-depth investigation into the parody exception in copyright law, and comments on industry practices linked to this form of creative endeavours.

The Francophone Bande Dessinée

Author: Charles Forsdick

Publisher: Rodopi


Category: Humor

Page: 273

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Known as France's Ninth Art, the bande dessinee has a status far surpassing that of the equivalent English-language comic strip. This publication, one of the first predominantly in English on the subject, provides a thorough introduction to questions of BD history, context and bibliography. This book supplies an introduction to the BD that will be of use to students and researchers at all levels. In addition, the format of the individual case studies provides in-depth analysis allowing the reader to grasp specific examples in terms both of their place vis-a-vis the evolution of the BD and, more generally, of the wider role they play within French and Francophone cultural studies.
Comics & Graphic Novels

Postcolonialism and Migration in French Comics

Author: Mark McKinney

Publisher: Leuven University Press


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 400

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Profound analysis of French comics through a postcolonial lens Postcolonialism and migration are major themes in contemporary French comics and have roots in the Algerian War (1954–62), antiracist struggle, and mass migration to France. This volume studies comics from the end of the formal dismantling of French colonial empire in 1962 up to the present. French cartoonists of ethnic-minority and immigrant heritage are a major focus, including Zeina Abirached (Lebanon), Yvan Alagbé (Benin), Baru (Italy), Enki Bilal (former Yugoslavia), Farid Boudjellal (Algeria and Armenia), José Jover (Spain), Larbi Mechkour (Algeria), and Roland Monpierre (Guadeloupe). The author analyzes comics representing a gamut of perspectives on immigration and postcolonial ethnic minorities, ranging from staunch defense to violent rejection. Individual chapters are dedicated to specific artists, artistic collectives, comics, or themes, including avant-gardism, undocumented migrants in comics, and racism in far-right comics.
Industrial property


Author: International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property



Category: Industrial property


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Literary Criticism

Postcolonial Comics

Author: Binita Mehta

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

View: 390

This collection examines new comic-book cultures, graphic writing, and bande dessinée texts as they relate to postcolonialism in contemporary Anglophone and Francophone settings. The individual chapters are framed within a larger enquiry that considers definitive aspects of the postcolonial condition in twenty-first-century (con)texts. The authors demonstrate that the fields of comic-book production and circulation in various regional histories introduce new postcolonial vocabularies, reconstitute conventional "image-functions" in established social texts and political systems, and present competing narratives of resistance and rights. In this sense, postcolonial comic cultures are of particular significance in the context of a newly global and politically recomposed landscape. This volume introduces a timely intervention within current comic-book-area studies that remain firmly situated within the "U.S.-European and Japanese manga paradigms" and their reading publics. It will be of great interest to a wide variety of disciplines including postcolonial studies, comics-area studies, cultural studies, and gender studies.
Social Science

Comics Memory

Author: Maaheen Ahmed

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 290

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Despite the boom in scholarship in both Comics Studies and Memory Studies, the two fields rarely interact—especially with issues beyond the representation of traumatic and autobiographical memories in comics. With a focus on the roles played by styles and archives—in their physical and metaphorical manifestations—this edited volume offers an original intervention, highlighting several novel ways of thinking about comics and memory as comics memory. Bringing together scholars as well as cultural actors, the contributions combine studies on European and North American comics and offer a representative overview of the main comics genres and forms, including superheroes, Westerns, newspaper comics, diary comics, comics reportage and alternative comics. In considering the many manifestations of memory in comics as well as the functioning and influence of institutions, public and private practices, the book exemplifies new possibilities for understanding the complex entanglements of memory and comics.

Copyright and Photographs

Author: Ysolde Gendreau

Publisher: Springer


Category: Law

Page: 334

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Over the years, photographs have enjoyed a variety of forms of protection, but traditionally the protection of photographs has been placed within the law of copyright. While photography as a technique has been around for 150 years, protection issues in photography, as in copyright in general, have been complicated in recent years by the advent of new technology, enabling the digital storage, alteration, and reproduction of images and facilitating their global dissemination via the Internet. Until now, very little has been written in English about the protection of photographs. This work provides an overview of the law and history of photograph protection in 16 jurisdictions. Each country chapter provides a survey of the major issues of photographic protection, broken down for easy reference into eight sections: definition originality authorship and ownership term of protection economic rights moral rights contracts the relationship of copyright with privacy and publicity rights. This book will be of great interest to anyone concerned about the discrepancies within the copyright protection scheme in an age of increasing globalisation. In particular, it will be useful for copyright lawyers, collecting societies, photographers, photograph agencies and publishers seeking clear information about the copyright implications of photographs. INFORMATION LAW SERIES 7
Performing Arts

The Essential Monster Movie Guide

Author: Stephen Jones

Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 448

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This guide alphabetically lists 4000 plus horror movies and television shows, some very obscure, that featured monsters. Each entry provides a plot synopsis, identifies the cast and director, and rates the film on a five star scale. No index. Originally published by Billboard Books. c. Book News Inc.
Caricatures and cartoons

The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons

Author: Maurice Horn

Publisher: Chelsea House Publications


Category: Caricatures and cartoons

Page: 945

View: 873

Surveys on an international scale the entire cartoon field: caricature, editorial and political cartoons, sports cartoons, syndicated panels and animated cartoons.