Lead Like a Pirate

Author: Shelley Burgess



Category: Education

Page: 209

View: 201

This book explains how to design classroom experiences that encourage students to take risks and explore their passions in a stimulating, motivating, and supportive environment where improvement, rather than grades, is the focus.

Lead Like a Pirate!

Author: Christopher Novak



Category: Leadership

Page: 88

View: 917

Sets tips for effective team leadership in the age of pirates, focusing on captain, crew, mission, strategy, and treasure.

Lead with Culture

Author: Jay Billy



Category: Education

Page: 184

View: 146

In this Lead Like a PIRATE Guide, Jay Billy explains that making school a place where students and staff want to be starts with culture. You'll be inspired by this principal's practical ideas for creating a sense of unity-even in the most diverse communities.

Lead with Appreciation

Author: Amber Teamann



Category: Education

Page: 162

View: 142

Make Your Campus a Place Where People Want to Work Positive recognition and appreciation can transform your school from a place where people have to work into one where they want to work and enjoy bringing their best every day. And that transformation starts with the leader! Your staff pours time and energy into learners every single day. As a busy PIRATE leader, you know that even the best crews need the direction of a great captain. But what does that look like? And how can you provide meaningful recognition and encouragement when your schedule is full and your budget is limited? In Lead with Appreciation, a Lead Like a PIRATE Guide, Amber Teamann and Melinda Miller offer practical and doable strategies to revolutionize your campus culture! "Teamann and Miller help leaders at all levels recognize that culture isn't something you think about just once; it has to happen regularly. It's an ongoing process!" --Shawn Achor, New York Times best-selling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage "If you want to learn the keys to motivating and empowering your staff or developing relationships through service on a deeper level, you need to get this book immediately. I will be the first one in line!" --Salome Thomas-EL, award-winning principal, speaker and coauthor of Passionate Leadership "Lead with Appreciation is a gift to school leaders looking for ways to support and encourage their staff throughout the year." --Jessica Cabeen, principal, speaker, author of Hacking Early Learning, coauthor of Balance Like A Pirate "Lead with Appreciation puts action behind servant leadership theory. . . . I strongly encourage you to add this to your leadership library!" --Sanée Bell, EdD, principal, speaker, author of Be Excellent on Purpose

Lead Like Walt

Author: Pat Williams

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 264

View: 624

Whether you are building a small business from the ground up or managing a multinational company, you can learn the 7 key traits for leadership success from one of the greatest business innovators and creative thinkers of the 20th century: Walt Disney. Whether you know him as the first to produce cartoons in Technicolor, the mastermind behind the theme park Disneyland, or the founder of the largest entertainment conglomerate, Walt's story of creativity, perseverance in spite of obstacles, and achieving goals resonates and inspires as much today as it ever has. Author Pat Williams began studying the life and leadership example of Walt Disney as he struggled to build an NBA franchise, the Orlando Magic. Since he was trying to accomplish a goal similar to so many of Walt's—starting with nothing and building a dream from the ground up—he realized that Walt could teach him what he needed to know. And indeed he did. Through Walt Disney's leadership example, Pat found 7 key leadership traits that all great leaders must possess: Vision, Communication, People Skills, Character, Competence, Boldness, and A Serving Heart. Through never-before-heard Walt stories and pragmatic principles for exceeding business goals, you'll learn how to build those skills and implement them to be effective in any leadership arena. As you discover the life of this great leader, you'll realize that no goal is too great and no dream too daring for anyone who leads like Walt.

Passionate Leadership

Author: Salome Thomas-EL

Publisher: Corwin Press


Category: Education

Page: 216

View: 518

Reignite your passion for serving children! This is an inspiring call to action for teachers and principals around the world to recommit to passionately serving children, building the communities children deserve, and celebrating our successes. The authors of this book examine what it takes to be a passionate leader and take courageous actions which lead to student growth and success. Educators ready to push to new heights and break boundaries will find: Practical ideas and suggestions for how to serve as a beacon of hope in the field First-hand experiences from enthusiastic leaders modeling what passionate leadership looks like Charts and graphs that will help you assess your strong points and identify areas you can improve on

Lead with Literacy

Author: Mandy Ellis



Category: Education

Page: 170

View: 482

Leaders are readers! Elementary school principal Mandy Ellis offers practical, immediately actionable, fun ideas and strategies that will deeply embed books, reading, and literacy into your school culture. You'll learn how to make reading a joy for every member of your school community.
Active learning

Learn Like a Pirate

Author: Paul Solarz



Category: Active learning

Page: 250

View: 993

"QR codes provide additional Pirate resources!"--Page 4 of cover.
Business & Economics

Pirate Wisdom

Author: Elisa S. Robyn

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 84

View: 819

What th Pirates are saying Arrrrrrr, this be the chart to navigate treacherous waters, scoundrels, and find the treasure ye seek. BlueBeard Avast me hardies, keep a keen weather eye to this tome. It be a cutlass, a compass, a battery o' cannon, and a fine code for chartin yer own course. Bonny Anne Bonny Buys it now, or be sent to Davie Jones' locker by those that haves. Capt. Black Jack For more information on Pirate Wisdom please go to
Biography & Autobiography

Behind the Smile

Author: Paul Nicholas

Publisher: Andre Deutsch Limited


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 218

View: 349

Illustrated throughout, this book provides a fascinating behind the scenes look at the life and career of this immensely talented and enduring actor and entertainer. It reveals Paul Nicholas' influence on the theatre as a performer and producer, and tells tales of behind-the-scenes antics and politics.

Balance Like a Pirate

Author: Jessica Johnson




Page: 224

View: 135

Balance Like a Pirate, a Lead Like a PIRATE Guide, was written by educators for educators with a focus on helping you create a lifestyle that allows you to break free from "shoulds" and "have tos." This book equips you with practical strategies and tools to thrive in every area of life.

The Playwright and the Pirate

Author: Bernard Shaw

Publisher: University Park : Pennsylvania State University Press


Category: History

Page: 273

View: 392

A more incongruous friendship than the one reflected in this correspondence is hard to imagine. Shaw is now remembered as the leading playwright of his time, and one of era's most memorable wits; Harris has become notorious for his near-pornographic My Life and Loves, and for a humorless (and disintegrating) sense of self-importance. At one time, Harris had been one of the later nineteenth century's most visible literary figures, a friend of such dissimilar people as Lord Randolph Churchill and Oscar Wilde, an editor of the London Evening News at 29, then editor of the Fortnightly Review and the Saturday Review, whose theater critic Shaw became. Never quite respectable, Harris had been tolerated--even courted--as an amiable vulgarian when he was a rising star. However, his booming voice and four-letter language, his inability to look like anything other than an Albanian highwayman even when dressed in tails, his gluttonous gormandizing and insatiable womanizing, quickly made him a pariah in Edwardian circles as his career began to slip and he began to snatch at shady quick-money opportunities. Through these pages emerge the literary and political life of Edwardian and Georgian England, and wartime American, via Shaw's wit and ebullience and Harris's pomposity and paranoia.
Business & Economics

Pirates of the Digital Millennium

Author: John Gantz

Publisher: Ft Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 294

View: 437

Digital piracy. It's a global war -- and it's just begun. "Pirates of the Digital Millennium" chronicles that war. All of it: media conglomerates vs. teenagers, tech companies vs. content providers, artists battling artists, nations vs. nations, law enforcement vs. organized crime. John Gantz and Jack Rochester cover every side and all the implications. Economics. Law. Ethics. Culture. The players. And above all, the realities -- including the exclusive new findings of a 57-country digital piracy research project. The media universe is shaking to its very foundations. This book helps you make sense of what's happening -- and what's next.
Performing Arts


Author: Marshall Julius



Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

View: 743

The A-Z includes: 250 key action movies rated and reviewed with detailed credit lists and behind-the-scenes information; a no-holds-barred guide to the greatest one-liners, comebacks and monologues in action movie history; top tens, a tough-as-nails trivia quiz and more.
Business & Economics

First, Fast, Fearless: How to Lead Like a Navy SEAL

Author: Brian "Iron Ed" Hiner

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 761

LOS ANGELES TIMES BESTSELLER SEAL-style leadership—your best weapon in today’s complex business terrain Beyond extreme physical and combat achievements, SEALs are known for mental toughness, bias for action, decisiveness, creative thinking, adaptability, and perseverance—all under extreme stress. They get things done through, by, and with others. SEALs have a unique way of approaching every challenge and opportunity that enables them to do what others can’t—or simply won't. Competing in the global economy isn’t unlike guerrilla warfare. Your competitors come at you from unexpected places with surprising force, and the marketplace is constantly shifting. As a leader, what do you do to empower your business and your people not only to survive but to thrive—and win? First, Fast, Fearless is a practical guide for the business leader who wants to learn from the best of the best how to build and lead effective teams in conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and constant change. As one of the most experienced trainers in Navy SEAL history, “Iron Ed” Hiner reveals how to: Develop your personal leadership brand—and make it your credo Create mission-aligned teams that operate as true comrades Establish and communicate crystal-clear goals Enhance team innovation and problem solving under pressure Combat the enemies of copious bureaucracy and inadequate resources Rise to the call of leadership when it counts most You may not be facing jihadists in the mountains of Afghanistan and the streets of Iraq like Hiner did. But just as his SEALs depended on him to lead them on successful missions and safe passage home, your people are counting on you to empower them, defeat the competition, and forge paths to greater success. Be a First, Fast, Fearless leader!

Pirate Moon

Author: Peg Sutherland



Category: Fiction

Page: 297

View: 945

Pirate Moon by Peg Sutherland released on Apr 22, 1994 is available now for purchase.