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Florida Keys Bridge Replacement, Yahara River Marsh Wisconsin, Hoosier Creek Wetland Colorado, Kachituli Oxbow California.

A Case for Wetland Restoration

Author: Donald L. Hey

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience


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A practical approach to wetland restoration Can wetland restoration be successful? Tracing over two decades of progress in wetland restoration, the authors of this book come back with an affirmative, resounding "Yes." They draw on lessons learned in four long-term restoration projects from Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, and California to clearly demonstrate how to achieve success in diverse regions and reverse wetland losses of the last two centuries. This pragmatic, goal-oriented approach avoids the polarization that typically characterizes the subject, while offering a wealth of useful technical information. Key public policy issues surrounding wetland restoration today as well as future directions are also thoroughly examined. A timely, indispensable resource for engineers, scientists, and professionals involved in wetland restoration and floodplain and wetland management, A Case for Wetland Restoration: llustrates the importance of wetlands and wetland restoration Debunks the notion that wetlands can't be successfully restored Describes the shift in federal public policy from the destruction to the restoration of wetlands Explains how Section 404 of the Clean Water Act has worked in the interest of the environment Analyzes landmark projects with sufficient history to yield reliable lessons
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