Like A Charm

Author: Karin Slaughter

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 324

Desire leaves a man destroyed – a young girl's curiosity reveals secrets better left hidden – an accidental encounter on a train ends violently – ambition leads to a curious exchange – an uncanny likeness changes two lives forever. A novel in sixteen chilling parts, linked by a glittering charm bracelet which brings misfortune to everyone who handles it. In Like A Charm, the cream of British and American crime writers combine for a must-have collection. From nineteenth-century Georgia, where the bracelet is forged in fire, to wartime Leeds, a steam train across Europe, the violent backstreets of 1980s Scotland, present-day London, a Manhattan taxi, the Mojave desert and back to Georgia, each writer weaves a gripping story of murder, betrayal and intrigue.

Like a Charm

Author: Candace Havens

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 360

From the acclaimed author of Charmed & Dangerous comes a sassy paranormal romance about a gorgeous librarian who sees dead people. Of all the places Kira Smythe thought she’d end up, her hometown of Sweet, Texas, certainly wasn’t one of them. But ever since a woman died because of her, Kira’s high-powered job, along with her five-year plan, have gone right out the window. Now she’s right back where she started: staying with her hippie, tofu-obsessed parents, except that somehow she’s inherited the local library. At least there’s a gorgeous guy in town who seems quite smitten with the new librarian. So what if he’s obviously got a few secrets up his sleeve? After all, Kira’s got her own secrets. Like the dead people who won’t stop talking to her. Or the magical books on the shelves. Or the fact that someone who’s very much alive seems determined to push her over to the other side. Praise for Candace Havens “A delightful ride from the first page to the last.”—Romance Reviews Today “Simply bewitching!”—Jodi Thomas, New York Times bestselling author “Quick-paced [and] engaging.”—Booklist

Work Like a Charm

Author: Cate Martin

Publisher: Ratatoskr Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 974

Amanda Clarke knows she's a witch. She unleashed unstoppable magic to save her friends and catch a murderer. But she only did it the one time. And now? Back to powerlessness. Her friends insist that all she needs is proper training. Sophie wakes her before dawn for meditation and workouts designed to channel magic. Brianna buries her under books, so many books. Amanda longs for a distraction. But when the woman who lives next door to Miss Zenobia Weekes' Charm School for Exceptional Young Ladies turns up dead, and the murder weapon dates back to Prohibition, she gets more of a distraction than she bargained for. But who in 1927 would want her neighbor dead in 2018? "Work Like a Charm", Book 2 in the Witches Three Cozy Mystery series. If you're a fan of Amanda M. Lee, N.M. Howell, or Amy Boyles, this mélange of magic and murder mystery is sure to charm you.

A Charm Like You

Author: Sharla Lovelace

Publisher: Lyrical Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 179

Even in a quirky small town like Charmed, Texas, there’s always room for love to take you by surprise . . . Gabi Graham might have hit the proverbial rock in rock-bottom. Hitting the single scene after ten years is hard enough. Finding out that her cheating ex-husband and his new barely-legal fiancée are expecting—that’s enough to drive Gabi over the edge and into a neighboring town’s divorce support group. It’s not really her thing to listen to anonymous strangers bash their exes, but at least there are cookies. And a sexy fellow newcomer who ignites her long-dormant libido. Spending a few lustful, post-meeting moments in Hot Guy’s truck can’t hurt. Unless, of course, Hot Guy turns out to be Thatcher Roman—her best friend’s brother and Gabi’s silent business partner. Thatcher had no idea that the wildflower farm owner he’s been doing business with over email is the nameless woman who’s barreled into his life and his fantasies. He and Gabi have a new venture to run, a sister and best friend in the middle, and enough sparks between them to light up the entire town of Charmed. Given her past, it’s no wonder smart, gorgeous Gabi has trust issues. But maybe what they’ve found is more than just coincidence and chemistry. It might even be the beginning of one sweet, amazing second chance . . .

The Charm Bracelet

Author: Melissa Hill

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 495

Take a trip through New York City this Christmas Holly O'Neill knows that every charm bracelet tells a story. Many years ago she was sent one with just a single charm attached. The charms have been appearing ever since, often at challenging times, as if her mysterious benefactor knows exactly when she needs a little magic in her life. As a result, Holly's bracelet is her most prized possession. So when she finds someone else's charm bracelet, she feels she has to try to reunite it with its owner. Even if the only clues she has to follow are the charms themselves. On a search that will take her all over New York City at Christmas, Holly becomes ever more determined to piece together the details of this other charmed life. But what she doesn't know is that her quest may also lead her somewhere she never, ever expected . . .

Llewellyn's 2014 Witches' Datebook

Author: Llewellyn




Page: 144

View: 339

Today’s busy Witches can stay on top of it all—the magical and the mundane—with Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook, now featuring enchanting illustrations from award-winning artist Kathleen Edwards. Add a little magic to each day and keep pace with the ever-turning Wheel of the Year with this indispensable, on-the-go tool. You’ll find fun, fresh ways to celebrate the sacred seasons and enhance your practice—inspiring Sabbat musings (Elizabeth Barrette), tasty Sabbat recipes (Magenta Griffith), Moon rituals (James Kambos), and animal magic (Lupa). For spellwork, there’s astrological information and daily colors. Also included are in-depth articles on charming jewelry (Ellen Dugan), a Witch’s mini herb garden (Deborah Blake), spontaneous divining (Autumn Damiana), spellcraft on the fly (Marion Sipe), and more.
Health & Fitness

This Time's a Charm

Author: Donald A. Wilhelm

Publisher: This Time's a Charm


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 115

View: 250

In This Time's a Charm, Donald Wilhelm tells his real-life story, from a patient's perspective, about surviving cancer four times. His intent is to give his readers a true depiction of what cancer, and its treatment, is really like. This book provides inspiration to cancer patients, survivors, loved ones and anyone else not satisfied with their life.Wilhelm intends his book to parallel an old Chinese proverb that says: "To know the road ahead, ask those coming back."Diffused with plenty of humor and riveting story line, This Time's a Charm is not a book that gets put down and forgotten about.Drawn from his five-year cancer career, Wilhelm meticulously describes the physical, emotional and mental journey that most cancer patients undertake. Through his experiences you will witness the birth and growth of his Positive Mental Attitude, (PMA) which he ultimately credits for saving his life.

Third Time’s a Charm

Author: Marquita Valentine

Publisher: Valentine Publishing, LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 349

View: 888

From New York Times Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, comes the third book in her contemporary romance series. From New York Times Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, comes the third book in her contemporary romance series. Holland Springs, Book 3 Single mom Rose Holland doesn’t have time for relationships, and certainly not with a smooth talking Englishman like Sasha Romanov. Only, Sasha isn’t there *just* to seduce Rose. He wants her land and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal… until that is, he falls under her spell. Can Sasha convince her to give him what he wants, or will she send him away once she learns the truth? Holland Springs Series: Drive Me Crazy Twice Tempted Third Time’s a Charm His Christmas Wish Just Desserts Not Over You Be Mine

The Lady of the Rivers

Author: Philippa Gregory

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 1000

When the death of Joan of Arc shows her the dangers faced by strong women, Jacquetta, a psychic descendant of a river goddess, studies alchemy and becomes the secret wife of Richard Woodville before returning to the court of Henry VI.

Three Times a Charm

Author: Jean Stone

Publisher: Bantam


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 143

Thanks to a high-profile wedding extravaganza for a media mogul, the wedding-planning business created by four longtime friends is really taking off. Not surprisingly, each of the friends is handling success in her own special way–and one is about to get her very own, very special second chance. . . . The irony of being a never-married wedding planner isn’t lost on forty-three-year-old Sarah. But that doesn’t mean the free-spirited single mom hasn’t known love–and, most recently, heartbreak. And while the butter- cream sweetness of wedding rituals strikes her as somewhat silly, work is a welcome distraction–as are her friends-turned-colleagues: pragmatic Elaine, dramatic Lily, and newly in love Jo. Yet Sarah is about to get even more distracted by a visitor from her past, one who holds the key to a mystery that has shadowed her life. But to face the truth, she’ll need a little help from her friends–old and new. From the Paperback edition.