Business & Economics

Live Long and Prosper

Author: Paul Lewis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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Written by one of Britain's foremost experts on personal finance, this is the ultimate guide to the pensions minefield and provides all the information you need to plan now and avoid worry in the future. With an ageing population and shrinking state pensions, never has the question of how to prepare for retirement been more pressing. With practical, balanced advice that takes into account all the other demands on our pockets, Live Long and Prosper includes extensive FAQs, comprehensive and authoritative advice on where to get your pension and how to assess its quality, and help on what to do if you've been given bad advice.
Business & Economics

Live Long and Prosper

Author: Steve Vernon

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 512

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GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE In Live Long and Prosper!, Steve Vernon unveils a new way ofthinking that will truly help you live a more happy, healthy, andprosperous life. Based on the latest research and planningstrategies typically reserved for large corporations, it will helpyou answer these important questions: * Do you have enough money to retire? * How can you manage your income and expenses so you don't outliveyour 401(k) balances? * How can you invest in your health, so that you won't be wiped outby large medical expenses and are able to live a long, comfortable,and productive life? * What can you expect from Social Security and Medicare? * What's the best work/life balance for prosperity andfulfillment? Live Long and Prosper! will help you move beyond the traditionalview of retirement and begin planning for the rest of your life.
Social Science

Live Long and Prosper

Author: World Bank

Publisher: World Bank Publications


Category: Social Science

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Aging is a challenge which countries in East Asia and Pacific (EAP) regions are grappling with or will soon confront. It raises many questions for policymakers ranging from potential macroeconomic impacts, to fiscal challenges of supporting pension, health and long-term care systems, and labor market implications as countries seek to promote productive aging. The urgency of the aging challenge varies across the region, but it will confront all EAP countries in time and early preparation is essential to avoid the missteps of other regions. Live Long and Prosper discusses the societal and public policy challenges and reform options for EAP countries as they address aging. It aims to strike a balance between aging optimists and pessimists. On the one hand, the impacts of aging on growth, labor markets and public spending are not the unavoidable catastrophe often feared. However, minimizing the downside risks of aging and ensuring healthy and productive aging will require proactive public policy, political leadership, and new mindsets across society. The report reviews the evidence on demographic transition in EAP and its potential macroeconomic impact. It addresses the current policy environment including pensions and social security, health, and long-term care and labor markets to assess the risks of 'business as usual'. It also suggests policy directions to promote healthy and productive aging in EAP, and emphasizes that aging is not just about older people, but requires policy and behavioral change across the life cycle.
Health & Fitness

Live Long and Prosper:How Black Megachurches Address HIV/AIDS and Poverty in the Age of Prosperity Theology

Author: Sandra L. Barnes

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 242

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Are Black megachurches more focused on prosperity than people? Live Long and Prosper examines some of their motivations and programs in light of Prosperity or "Health and Wealth" Theology. It considers how Black megachurches address two pressing social problems among Blacks - HIV/AIDS (a "health" issue) and poverty (a "wealth" issue) - as well as influential church and clergy dynamics.

Torah 24/7

Author: Steven Ettinger

Publisher: Devora Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 348

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What is the relevance of the weekly Shabbat Torah reading to our every-day 'modern' lives? Using his own true life experiences, the author reveals how we can uncover the miracles that occur to each of us daily, if only we would understand the messages that the Torah readings bring to our lives. Many of these anecdotal stories can be used by rabbis, educators and laymen across the entire Jewish spectrum to highlight the relevance of the Torah to the modern experience.
Health & Fitness

Live longer

Author: Infinite Ideas

Publisher: Infinite Ideas


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 256

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Anti-ageing scientists believe that the majority of us die prematurely from what we've come to call 'natural causes'. In fact cell structure studies show that biologically our true lifespan is between 110 and 120 years. So what are you waiting for? Even if you feel that you've been dealt a bum deal in the genetics department you can still live a healthy life and it needn't be boring. All the advice you'll find in Live longer is achievable and can be fun too! If you want increased energy, strength and mobility for daily activities and hobbies use the tips in this book to give your lifestyle an anti-ageing makeover and you'll have a lot more to look forward to as the birthdays fly by than a free bus pass!
American drama

Rip Van Winkle

Author: Joseph Jefferson



Category: American drama

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Antiques & Collectibles

Star Trek The Collectibles

Author: Steve Kelley

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 256

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This book provides a wide-range of Star Trek treasures you can appreciate whether you're a devoted Trekkie or a novice collector of this epic American science-fiction franchise. Then the pages of this spectacular guide, you'll discover more than 1,500 color photos including memorabilia direct from Paramount Studios warehouses. In addition, you'll enjoy chapters covering more than 40 years of Star Trek action figures, lunch boxes, games, pins, posters, uniforms, original scripts and countless other items, all with identifying details and current market values.

NLT Life Recovery Bible, Second Edition, Large Print

Author: Stephen Arterburn

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.


Category: Bibles

Page: 1793

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The Life Recovery Bible 25th Anniversary Edition points to God himself as the primary source of recovery. Millions of people have been helped by this Bible. New articles provide a fresh perspective on recovery. Help for leaders is provided in a general facilitator's guide and a step-by-step meeting guide. These offer help to anyone starting or running recovery groups at church or in the community. Features: New inspirational Preface Article: A Word about Addictions Article: An Early History of Life Recovery Article: Thriving in a Secular Recovery Group Article: Life-Giving Recovery Groups in the Church Life Recovery Facilitator's Guide Step-by-Step Life Recovery Meeting Guide The 12 Christian Foundations of Life Recovery The 12 Self-Evident Truths of Life Recovery Resources page, directing readers to helpful books and online resources